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This was a brief that I wanted as soon as Tim sent me the Clever Spring ’13 catalog. Clever was another brand that I hadn’t previously owned, so I was anxious to receive this, wear and review it.

The brief I am reviewing is the Desire Latin Brief. The “Latin Brief” is a name given to Clever’s most popular brief design, and because the company is based out of Central America. The  “Latin Brief” seems to be aptly applied. While Clever has a reputation for size fluctuation based on design, this XL pair (36-38) fits my 37″ waist fairly well, but they certainly don’t run big.

These briefs are made from 92% sheer nylon and 8% spandex. The cut of these briefs is somewhere between a traditional “boxy” cut and a bikini cut, not super high-rise but certainly not uniform either. The pouch is fairly contoured but not majorly so, and I prefer a larger contoured pouch generally.

These briefs are much more comfortable than I thought they might be. The sheer nylon is very wearable and the logo waistband sits nicely on the waist without any pinching or binding. Additionally, the elastic outlining the brief is very sturdy and “frames” the wearer in flattering ways, which I appreciate.

Style-wise these briefs are certainly out there. These come in two colors, black and white and I would say they are about 98% sheer with only a horizontal pattern among the nylon to “distract.” If you want to equate sexiness with style then these knock it out of the park. I tend to grade on how the cut of the brief looks on me when they are worn, not just the visual aesthetics, though I like the contrasting gold waistband with the black nylon, and I also like the silver waistband on the white version. I wish they had offered this in the color scheme of another pair in the collection of a nautical blue with a gold waistband

On the whole I think Clever really does well with the Desire Latin Brief, and I look forward to exploring more of their collection.


  • Good Fit
  • Supportive
  • Breathable
  • Sexy


  • Not for the everyday gentleman
  • Only two color options


  • Fit – 4
  • Materials – 5
  • Construction – 5
  • Look – 5
  • Daily Wear – 4
  • Overall – 4.5

Clever furnished this pair for review.


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