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Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard anything from me. I have been super busy with work and family and need to get my butt back into gear and write more content for the blog! I have recently had the opportunity to try out some new stuff from and I’m pretty excited to share it with you. I have known about for some time, and just haven’t put them in my drawer up until recently. Their website sells a TON of tiny micro bikinis for women, and they also feature some stuff for the guys as well. Many of their suits are featured with the same colors as the women’s, so you can match your suit to your partner (or just a friend’s) bikini.

The-Bikini sent me a handful of different styles to try out, and I’ll provide some brief (no pun intended) thoughts on each with more detailed reviews to come in the future. I was provided a men’s string in hot pink-for those of you that have been following me for any time you know that is my favorite color! They also provided an adjustable string and regular thong in nude, a teardrop thong in ???, a crotchless thong in brown, and a baggie tanning pouch in royal blue.

Men’s String

I was pleasantly surprised with this suit. Upon receiving the package from The-Bikini, I wasn’t sure if it would fit me well enough to keep on for an extended period. However, the fit was roomy without being so large that it was uncomfortable. The men’s string features a narrow front with a dart pouch that is joined to the rear by a tiny ornamental ring in the back. The side and bottom straps are a ¼” width and ride pretty low on the hips. In my opinion, this is a style well suited for tanning, and not so much for swimming or other vigorous activities. It will definitely draw plenty of attention!

Men’s Adjustable String

The adjustable string from The-Bikini is almost identical to the string, with the exception that the front pouch is adjustable. All design elements are almost the same, however, the front pouch on the adjustable string is a good deal larger. Guys who aren’t especially well endowed or just smaller in stature may not fill up the pouch completely. The one thing to point out is that the waistband is not sewn into place, so the front is not automatically centered to the rear. If you are conscious about your tan line placement, you’ll just need to be sure to adjust everything before you settle in. Once again, this suit is a better fit for tanning sessions, and not meant for a lot of activity.

Men’s Thong

The men’s thong is a very well rounded suit that could be worn almost anywhere. The front is joined to the rear with a roughly 1” waistband featuring an adequate elastic to keep everything in pace whether you are swimming, walking along the beach, or playing a game of volleyball on the sand. The rear thong coverage is moderate, and wouldn’t draw any unwanted or negative attention to you. In this thong, I would feel comfortable wearing to any family beach, or to the neighborhood pool without fear of consequence.

Men’s Teardrop

The men’s teardrop is without a doubt my favorite out of the lot sent to me for review. I like a moderate to small pouch on all of my undies and swimwear, so this suit fits the bill perfectly. Obviously being a teardrop design there isn’t an excess of room, and the pouch is just big enough to keep everything contained. This suit also features tiny ¼” side and rear straps, which are perfect for achieving those sexy tan lines we are all after! This suit also holds everything in place quite well, so I would recommend it for tanning as well as any other outdoor activities. Imagine the neighbor’s reactions when you wash the car or do your gardening in this!

Men’s Crotchless

So the crotchless designs have never been a big interest to me, however, after I slid this on I understand what all the hype is about! Obviously, this suit is meant to excite the wearer (and everyone else they are around) and not much else. It does exactly that, as soon as I put it on I was immediately transformed into another mood entirely. This suit could be worn as a sort of bulge enhancer under a more modest suit and would help to fill out any pouch quite nicely. Or if you are visiting a beach tolerant of extreme swimwear and have little to no inhibitions, you could wear it on its own and be sure to turn heads of everyone on the beach! As far as activity goes, I expect that you could wear this suit doing anything you would do in the buff.

Men’s Baggie

The men’s baggie is just as it is stated, a pouch to keep your bits covered while tanning. You could wear this on a private beach, pool, or in the tanning bed. The pouch is generously sized to fit a range of different size/shape combinations. It features a drawstring to keep it snugly affixed to your package while tanning. I would not recommend doing much more than tanning in this suit, as I don’t know how well it will stay put while walking around or swimming.

I will do a more comprehensive review of these designs once it warms up enough here to wear them out around the house and to the beach. I love the design and color choices available on and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us throughout 2019! If I had to ask The-Bikini to change anything I would say to expand the range of available sizes on the site. Guys come in all different shapes and sizes, just like women, and we need the same size options available to us! If you have the chance, cruise on over to their website to check them out. Buy a suit for yourself, one for a friend or partner, and check out some of the galleries of customers wearing their styles! Let me know your thoughts here or @unb_ryan on Instagram or Twitter!

Have you been thinking about trying out one of Joe Snyder’s suits? If so head on over to Joe Snyder and take advantage of the sale they have going on right now and November 11th for all of their print styles. Joe Snyder offers all of their suits in numerous color options and sizes for all men. If you are unfamiliar with Joe Snyder’s line, take a look at my reviews of the Bulge Bikini, Bulge Tanga, and Bulge Briefs. Let me know what you think if you try a pair!

Skiviez provided the Kyle KLI014 Bikini in Green for review in a size medium.

Rating: 6.6/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 6/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 7/10
  • Styling: 6/10
  • Daily Performance: 6/10


  • Low slung bikini design
  • So lightweight you can barely tell you’re wearing anything
  • I love the green color


  • It has a limited color pallet available…
  • Pouch is a bit oversized in my opinion

UNB Ryan’s recommendation:I am usually hesitant to try out a new style of underwear, but writing for the UNB blog has challenged me to change that.  I will always love thongs, and will not likely convert to bikinis or jocks but am at least willing to give them a try or put one in my rotation from time to time. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing this underwear in preparation for the review, and my wife even complimented me on them!  A new cut can be fun every now and then, and this color is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

This was my first experience with Kyle underwear, and I can’t wait to try another pair!  Today I am reviewing the Kyle KLI014 Bikini in Green provided by Skiviez.  This suit is a well-constructed bikini, and it was a welcome change from my normal thong underwear.  The only thing I wasn’t in love with was the pouch, which I found myself constantly adjusting due to it being much roomier than I am accustomed to.  I simply prefer the bulge pouches because they tend to hold everything in place for me with minimal adjustments needed. The fabric of this bikini was comfortable, stretchy, and felt really nice against my skin. I definitely recommend that you give Kyle underwear a try.  They offer a wide range of underwear, and anyone should be able to find a style and color combination that suits them.

I have only worn this pair of underwear one time, on a day-long outing with my wife.  We were in and out of stores while running errands and I was pleased with how they felt wearing all day long.  This pair features a simple flat front pouch with plenty of room for most guys.  The striking green color featured in this pair is my favorite feature.  I’m usually a fan of the brighter colors, but this one is just different!  Maybe it’s because I don’t have anything else in green, but I am in love with the color, and my wife likes it too!  This pair features a traditional bikini cut and bottom.  I’m sure you could wear this pair around anyone without any question or discerning looks.  There is a small mesh panel insert on the front, but nothing too extreme, and it is in the same green as the rest of the pair, so it blends in nicely.  The only other design feature to point out is the small logo on the rear.

The construction of this bikini is on par with most industry standards for men’s underwear.  They feature a small dart pouch to help align everything and a full bottom that frames your cheeks quite well.  I have to admit, I actually liked wearing the more conservatively cut bikini for a change (I know right!) The strong lines of the bikini paired with the exceptional color helped to keep my attention the whole time I had them on.

Kyle Underwear has proven to be a very well constructed pair of bikini briefs in my opinion.  The stitching is strong, yet unnoticeable while wearing, the elastic keeps the lines in place while hugging your curves, and the accents are stylish but very minimalist.  I think that these bikini underwear could be worn under anything, in about any situation, and would perform flawlessly.  These are also styled fairly conservatively but would surely be enticing once your partner sees you in them!

I’m not familiar with Kyle underwear and this was the first pair I have ever tried on.  I received a medium, which is a size up from my normal small.  Based on what I can only guess, the medium seems like they fit like a typical medium.  If I were to buy a pair on my own, it would definitely be in a size small.  I liked the way this pair fit with the exception of the pouch, which for me didn’t fit snugly enough to keep everything in place.

In conclusion, I have been pleasantly surprised with this pair and will look more into Kyle Underwear and their underwear line.  More color offerings and different pouch styles would definitely drive me to try out a few different styles from this manufacturer. They are also offering tremendous savings on most of their styles. You should be able to pick up these for a price comparable to most department store offerings.  Give Kyle Underwear a try and let us know in the comments below what you think.  You can also send me a message or question directly on Instagram or Twitter @unb_ryan. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

PAIR: Bikini
COLORS: This bikini is available in three different colors.  These include Green, Black, or Red.
FABRIC: 90/10% Nylon/Spandex blend

COST: $15.95-although at the time of review this pair was on sale for $11.99
Where to buy: Skiviez

Mensuas provided the Daddy DDK014 Thong in Turquoise/Black for review.

Rating: 7.4/10 (Average of the ratings below)

• Daily Fit: 7/10

• Sizing: 9/10

• Construction: 8/10

• Styling: 7/10

• Daily Performance: 6/10


• Super stretchy and soft fabric

• Large pouch for all day comfort

• Bright color combination


• It is see through, so if that’s not your thing…

• Two tone design isn’t for everyone

• Only available in three different color options

UNB Ryan’s recommendation: I love thongs and jump at any chance to check out a new style or designer. The way that this pair is constructed is unique in that it incorporates a see-through mesh front panel. I wasn’t sure about the see-through aspect at first (I know I’ll wear a thong on the beach in front of anybody but see-through underwear???) but ended up liking it just fine. The mesh used for the see-through feature is really soft, unlike some mesh features I have worn in the past. It may cause me to branch out a bit more in my fabric selections in the future.

I have not previously worn anything from Daddy Underwear, not for any particular reason but simply because there are so many different brands and styles out there. It’s hard to pick a new brand or style (hopefully the reason you are reading this article). The pair I am reviewing today is the Daddy Underwear Thong and was provided for review by Mensuas. I usually stray away from anything with a mesh design because I don’t like the way it feels against my skin, but these are surprisingly comfy. This suit was a tiny bit outside of my comfort zone for two reasons. First, the mesh panel is not something that I would typically like. Next, the front pouch is a more traditional, wider pouch that I am accustomed to it is not a bulge pouch that is my go-to pouch style. The cut, however, is very well suited for long-term wear, and is very comfortable! The mesh fabric insert also feels very soft which was a surprise for me as I have had some mesh styles in the past that were very uncomfortable.

As the Mid-Atlantic has been faced with the threat of Hurricane Florence over the past week, I have had the opportunity to wear this pair around the house while lounging, binge watching Ozark on Netflix, and I may have snuck outside for a few minutes in them to grill some burgers. The pouch design on this pair is pretty traditional, with the exception of the mesh panel insert. The pouch is a flat front design with a small forward dart, so they have plenty of room for all day wear with minimal adjustment. Another design feature is the two-tone pattern which features brightly colored solids paired with a mesh insert of the same color, with a contrasting color band. The waistband is 3/4’” and constructed of the same Nylon/Spandex blend as the rest of the underwear. The final design feature is a black panel insert on the front which does a nice job of transitioning into the mesh pouch and highlighting your package.

As far as I can tell, Daddy Underwear has done an outstanding job in the construction of this pair. If I had to point out one thing that I disliked about this pair I would say the same thing that I do with all thongs-smaller tags! I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing this pair over the last week, and will continue to keep it in my rotation. The cut of this pair is conservative, and could be worn under a pair of dress slacks without any concern of drawing additional attention, that is until you get undressed and want more attention. The see through detail on this pair will surely incite attention wherever you choose to show them off!

I don’t have any experience with the Daddy brand of underwear to compare this style and size too. Mensuas provided this pair in a size medium, which isn’t my typical size, but I’ll say that they are probably pretty true to size based on my experience with other brands and styles in the industry. If I were to buy another pair, I would definitely size down to my normal size.

In conclusion, I have been pleasantly surprised with this pair and will look more into Daddy Underwear and their new offerings. I would love to see more color options, and maybe see a bulge style pouch introduced, but overall the brand is delivering a sold product at a very low price point that should be affordable for everyone. Give Daddy Underwear a try and let us know in the comments below what you think. You can also send me a message or question directly on Instagram or Twitter @unb_ryan . I look forward to hearing from you soon!

BRAND: Daddy

PAIR: Thong

COLORS: This thong is available in three different color combinations. These include Turquoise/Black, Gray/Turquoise, and White/Yellow.

FABRIC: 90/10% Nylon/Spandex blend


COST: $17.60-although at the time of review this pair was on sale for $14.99

Where to buy: Mensuas

Joe Snyder sent me the Joe Snyder Maxi Bulge Thong in Royal Blue for review.

Rating: 9.0/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • Quick drying Royal Blue fabric
  • Roomy pouch accentuates your package
  • Small Joe Snyder branded tag on the front strap


  • Bring back pink!
  • Large care tag

UNB Ryan’s recommendation:The Joe Snyder Maxi Bulge Thong is a welcome addition to their Maxi Bulge collection, which already includes bikini, clip, capri, kini, and cheek boxer styles.  I love that they have introduced a couple pieces of new technology to this suit-this suit features their maxi bulge enhancer as well as a scrunched rear (more on those it a bit).  Anyone who has complained about smaller pouches in the past can rest easy, as this new pouch from Joe Snyder should accommodate almost anyone-if it won’t contain all of you we want to see. #picsoritdidnthappen

I always get excited to see a message from Joe Snyder saying that there is something new coming or a sale in the future. Knowing that they are sending me one ant want my opinion is even more exciting!  Today I am reviewing the Joe Snyder Maxi Bulge Thong in Royal Blue.  I am quickly becoming a huge fan of the brand, and if you were to take a peek ay my underwear collection you’d see that they take up a sizeable amount of space in my top drawer.  My only concern with reviewing this pair was that I wouldn’t be able to fill out the pouch.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this pouch is very accommodating, whether you are on the smaller side (like me), or if you have a very large package, this thong will make you feel much larger than normal.  I have seen a couple of guys on Instagram wearing these that are considerably larger than I am that look great in them!

As of this review, I have worn this suit on two separate occasions-once to a hotel pool and once around the house as my weekend loungewear.  I have been very pleased with the performance of this thong in both scenarios.  This pouch holds your package in a forward position-the Maxi-Bulge enhancement features a built in strap that surrounds and lifts your package and keeps everything in a semi-erect position and helps to fill out the pouch properly.  Anyone who has any self confidence issues owes it to themselves to try this, or one of Joe Snyder’s other suits featuring this technology because it will definitely give you a visible boost in the size department!

The styling of this suit is slightly different than Joe Snyder’s other thong styles in that the pouch is cut a bit higher and wider than the Bulge Tanga, and the rear coverage isn’t quite as skimpy either. There has been a scrunched rear added which nicely accentuates your cheeks, but is also a little larger than the normal Joe Snyder Bulge Tanga cut that I typically wear for tanning.  The side straps connect in the back into a true thong style rear rather than a “T” strap, which I love!  This would be a great suit to wear early on in the year to get your tan lines started, and then switch to something with a little less coverage to show off those tan lines (and cheeks) you have worked so hard for!  Joe Snyder has maintained many of the colors we are familiar with for this suit.  There are a few colors absent on this suit in particular such as the pink and purple that won’t be available in this cut (at least for now) and we can only hope to see them reappear in the future!

Most of the Joe Snyder suits I’ve worn are sized very similarly, and in accordance with industry standards.  The newer lines seem to be slightly smaller, nothing that would require us to size up, but fit a little more snugly than the earlier suits. I always wear a small in Joe Snyder, and didn’t feel out of sorts when pulling these on.  Obviously the pouch on the Maxi Bulge line is larger than normal, to account for a larger package, whether that be from the sheer excitement that this suit creates or the natural larger size of some guys!

To wrap things up, order one of these suits, wrap up your package in it, and get out with your friends and show off!  This suit is very well made, feels great, and will turn heads anywhere between the beach house and beach chair.  As always, my only complaint (if you can call it one) is the large care tag on all of Joe Snyder’s apparel.  Not a show stopper, as we can always cut the tag off with a pair of scissors, or have a friend do it for you once you get to the beach or pool party!  I can’t wait to see what Joe Snyder has in store for the future!  Like usual, let us know in the comments what you think about this suit, or if you like you can drop me a private line on Instagram or Twitter @unb_ryan

BRAND: Joe Snyder
PAIR: Maxi Bulge Thong
COLORS: Joe Snyder sent me a pair in Royal Blue for review.  Other colors available in the line include wine, white, turquoise, red, purple, black, navy, white mesh, black mesh, royal, white lace, and black lace
FABRIC: Royal Blue 80/20% Nylon/Spandex blend

COST: $32.00 through Joe Snyder online store

Where to buy: Joe Snyder

So it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen anything “new” from our friends at Joe Snyder and likely for good reason. They produce a quality product with their customers in mind. Joe Snyder recognizes that their customer base wants swimwear and underwear that performs in all situations and they like to show it off! As such, they always ensure that their products can go from a boardroom meeting under your dress slacks to the boardwalk on the beach in the blink of an eye!

Joe Snyder has released three new products-a “Maxi Bulge Thong”, a “Joe Snyder V Neck”, and a “Joe Snyder Sheer Lounge Pant.” All three are designed with maximum comfort (and exposure) in mind and are sure to turn heads wherever you choose to wear them.

Their new line may be accessed at Joe Snyder and be sure to be on the lookout for reviews of the new styles soon! Let me know if you’ve already bought any and how you like them! And as always-pictures or it didn’t happen! We love to see our reader’s pictures wearing their favorite gear!

Summer is in full swing for most of the northern hemisphere and that means one thing to most of us-swimsuit season! I hope that each of you are taking advantage of the pleasant weather and enjoying the outdoors in one way or another while wearing your favorite swimwear! Whether you enjoy leisurely activities such as tanning by the beach or pool, more active pastimes such as volleyball or hiking, or more unconventional activities like hosting bikini car washes or modeling your suit at the local strip mall, I hope you are having fun outside!

While on the subject of swimwear, why not take advantage of all of the summer sales going on to try a new style or pattern in a suit you’ve been eying? Many of the brands that we feature on UNB are currently hosting sales or will be in the future. Get out there and start shopping for something new, cute, and sexy for yourself. Buy a friend a new suit. Send me one. Whatevs.

A couple of sales right now to take note of include:

Joe Snyder currently has a 20% off sale on all thongs.

Cover Male currently has an up to 30% off sale on all thongs.

Andrew Christian has an additional 35% off discount on all sale items and swimwear.

I’m certain that everyone can find something either in their budget and comfort range! Get out there and find something new, take a friend shopping, or buy a new suit for a buddy! Let us know what you plan to buy in the comments below, and drop me a line here or on IG/Twitter with any questions!

Where do you shop for your underwear/swimwear? Do you buy directly from the manufacturer? From Amazon? How about eBay? If you answered yes to the latter, please read through to the end! I want to share a recent experience with you. First of all, I want everyone to be aware of all of the options we have in today’s age to buy ANYTHING we want online.

There are online underwear distributors, brick and mortar stores that sell online, and giant retailers (Amazon/eBay) that all sell underwear and swimwear at all different price points. All of these options have their specific pros and cons. If you buy directly from a manufacturer you may be able to sign up for some form of a rewards program. If you buy from Amazon and are a prime member, you’ll almost never pay for shipping. If you buy from an online store you may score some sweet deals on closeout products.

A few weeks ago I was browsing eBay for one of my favorite underwear brands when I saw a listing for a pair at a great price with free shipping. Additionally, the listing provided an option to “make an offer”, which I took advantage of. I made a lower offer than the asking price, which was quickly accepted. I waited a few days for the pair of underwear to arrive, carefully watching the tracking information online, and quickly opened the package once it arrived.

To my dismay, once I emptied the contents of the mailer envelope onto my bed, a simple printed invoice fell out along with a ziplock bag containing a pair of underwear emblazoned with the logo I am accustomed to seeing. I thought it was strange enough that I didn’t receive the normal manufacturer packaging that the underwear comes in, and even stranger when I removed the pair from the ziplock bag to examine closer. The underwear tag didn’t match the manufacturer! I quickly sent the eBay seller a message conveying my concern, and they quickly retorted with a “you should of read the listing closer” message and tried to pawn off the underwear as a product that was labeled differently as it had been packaged for international sale.

I did my research, and contacted the manufacturer (because I am an underwear reviewer right)? As I expected, the seller’s claim was bogus and the manufacturer stated the obvious-if you want an authentic product, make sure to buy it from the manufacturer’s website. Once again, I contacted the seller, explained that I had done some research and contacted the manufacturer, and indicated that I reviewed underwear. The seller immediately responded and told me that I was lying about being an underwear reviewer and made threats about reporting me for this or that on eBay.

I decided to just leave it alone and accept my losses. Until today-the seller sent me three more messages through eBay, making more and more threats, using profanity towards me (which is against eBay policy), and even using a number of racial and gender bashing slurs. My next course of action was to make another report to eBay who assured me that the seller had already been suspended from selling this item and if they continued to send me threatening messages their account would be terminated.

I have yet to see how this situation will conclude, but I felt that each of you should know how quickly an online transaction can change course. Please use good judgment when conducting online transactions, always deal with a reputable business, and use extreme caution when using platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, etc. There are too many variables in play to take chances dealing directly with another individual. Keep in mind that when you use a service like that, you typically make yourself vulnerable by either agreeing to provide your address or meet someone in person.

Above everything, I want everyone to be safe when you do your underwear shopping and not to put yourself in a bad position. Also, there are a TON of great sales going on with the Independence Day holiday this week, so get out there and buy something new and tell us about it in the comments! Stay safe and have a great Fourth of July whether you are celebrating with friends, family, or within your community!

So I wanted to build off of UNB Tim’s post from June 14 discussing a swim brief/thong challenge. I have had the opportunity over the past month or so to wear a few different styles of swimwear out on the beach. I know (NOT THONGS) you’re all wondering why I would do that, so I’ll explain a bit. A few of the beaches around the area are not thong friendly, and I have to either wear a regular bikini, a swim brief (speedo) or submit to wearing some form of shorts. Since I LOVE my tan lines, I tend to stick with something as close to my usual thong style as possible.

A few weeks ago, my daughter wanted to go to the beach while she was home from college, and we combined the beach trip with a daddy/daughter day trip. We did a couple of things and then hit the beach. As I already knew that the city of Virginia Beach, VA is not thong friendly, I packed my Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer in wet look black as I knew it would be safe for me to wear on the beach there. When we arrived at the beach and picked out a spot, I quickly set up our chairs and towels, and slid out of my shorts and settled into my chair. Nobody around us blinked or batted an eye as I sunned in the tiny suit. I even got up several times with my daughter, walking along the beach, and also took a dip together to cool off. Once again, nobody gave us the first look, glare, or made me feel otherwise uncomfortable.

A week or so later, after my daughter left to go back to school, I had a doctors appointment at the beach. I decided to try my luck and see how I did in the same location with a different suit. Once again, no thongs allowed-this time I picked out a more daring suit, my Joe Snyder Bulge Bikini in the new blue lines fabric.

After my appointment was over, I made my way to the beach, set up my chair and towel, and stripped down to my new suit. As it wasn’t a thong style rear, I knew I’d be ok in Virginia Beach again, but I’m not gonna lie, it still shows off quite a bit of your cheeks, so I was still a bit apprehensive about wearing it on such of a conservative beach. Once again I was very pleasantly surprised. Nobody paid the first bit of attention to me, neither by staring at me, making any rude comments/gestures, or complaining about my suit. I spent a few hours sunning on my front and rear without incident.

Fast-forward to today-my daughter is still away at school, and my wife hasn’t felt well, so I decided to head to a different spot to catch some sun. I chose to visit Buckroe Beach in Hampton, VA. I thought that it was also a no-thong beach, once again I packed my Joe Snyder Bulge Bikini in the new blue lines fabric since I had already had a successful trip with it. When I arrived at the beach park, I walked north of the pier and set up my chair and towel. I slid off my shorts and settled into my chair for some sunrays. Immediately I noticed the same lack of stares, comments, or lack of comfortableness many of us associate wearing a small suit on a public beach. I felt comfortable in this bikini today at the beach, even being amidst a large crowd of people. Nobody pointed, laughed, took pictures, or anything. I spent all afternoon today at the park, alternating between sunning and swimming in the water. I even felt comfortable enough to pull the suit up and expose a little more of my cheeks (to minimize the impact on my tanlines of course). When I got ready to leave for the day, I noticed a police officer parked watching over the beach. I have to complement the department on this gentleman’s professionalism as I approached him to inquire about the legality of thongs on this beach. He quickly informed me that there was no ordinance against thongs in general, that they saw a limited number every year, and that there was no parking rule prohibiting them. I even asked if it was ok for men and women to thong there to which he told me yes! I can’t wait to go back there and sun my cheeks in a thong!

I wanted to share these experiences with everyone because I know there are a lot of people reading the blog who are very apprehensive about wearing a swim brief or thong for the first time. I want to encourage each of you to try it. Maybe it doesn’t need to be around friends or family the first time, or in your front yard while washing your car or doing yard work, but if you are interested in wearing something out of the norm you should go for it. People, in general, are not anywhere near as mean as you think they are and will be much more accepting than you think. I have found that beaches that are mixed with various cultures will be much more open to different swimwear styles, and beaches that are full of the same type of people (big trucks, flags, board shorts) may be less accepting of what you decide to wear. Either way, be sure that you ask questions if you are unsure if a specific type of swimwear is “legal” at your beach do your research first. Ask a police officer, or if you’re anxious about sparking that conversation, either call or email your questions ahead of time. PLEASE don’t take advice from me as comprehensive legal council-do your own research! I mainly wanted to share my positive experiences over the past several weeks wearing minimal swimwear and interactions with others. Please don’t think that the police or beachgoers are out to get you ask questions, be friendly to others, and just act natural and nobody’s going to make a big deal out of your swimwear choices. Drop us a line here and let us know about how your first (or 100th) experience goes this summer wearing a new suit. I am also available on IG (unb_ryan) or twitter (unb_ryan) if you have any questions or wanted to tell me about your experiences there!

I purchased a Petit –Q Lace Thong Ornex Green for review

Rating: 7/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 6/10
  • Sizing: 6/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 6/10


  • The styling
  • The color
  • The lace fabric


  • The pouch size is too small
  • The lack of a form-fitting pouch
  • The strap connecting front to back is way too long

UNB Ryan recommendation: I thoroughly enjoyed trying the new thong line by Petit-Q and will be back in the future to try out some of their new styles. I really like the way the color of the lace stands out against my skin tone and the fact it is visibly see through for quite the surprise under your pants. I also like the dual strap design which isn’t seen too often in male underwear.

I ordered a pair of Petit-Q’s Lace Thong Ornex in Neon Green Lace because I was intrigued by the style and fabric pairing. This pair has a dual strap design that forms a thong rear that sits high on your booty and connects to a full coverage front. This was the first pair of Petit-Q that I purchased. I’ve been a long time stalker of the brand and their unique styles, but have been hesitant to purchase, as I wasn’t familiar with the brand. As I haven’t tried anything by them before, I don’t have a benchmark to compare them to, so I’ll have to just share my thoughts on these alone for now. I looked forward to this pair arriving in the mail as soon as I clicked the order button on the Petit-Q website. As I am an avid thong wearer, this pair wasn’t out of my realm at all and I felt it would be right up my alley.

I honestly didn’t do a whole lot while wearing this pair. I have worn around the house as loungewear, and under my slacks to work a couple of times, otherwise, I haven’t done anything very active in them. Once you get them pulled up and situated this pair feels very sexy due to the cut and lace construction. The dual strap design adds to the excitement I felt before and after pulling them on. While wearing them the only complaints I had was the way the strap connecting the front to rear is about an inch too long, and the pouch is a bit undersized and not as stretchy as I am accustomed to.

Petit-Q has done an outstanding job both designing and constructing this suit. The craftsmanship is world class and they have lived up to the expectation of quality I expected from a company of their stature. I was unable to see any shortcomings with the way this pair was put together. The fabric they chose for this pair is a brilliant neon green lace that is sure to stand out on any skin tone, and looks great with the dual straps that wrap around to the thong rear which leaves little to the imagination. And this is one of their more modest suits!

I bought the Thong Lace Ornex Green in a size small. Compared to industry standards, it is in line with most other size small underwear in the waist sizing. However, you need to be aware that they are a much higher cut than most men’s thongs, and will peek above your pants if you’re not careful. Also, the pouch is not very roomy (and I’m a modest average size down there) and is also connected fairly high on the front side. Your package will be pulled flat against your body rather than pushed out front like it is in a bulge pouch design.

In my opinion, this is a very well constructed thong that feels most at home in the bedroom. I would not want to wear this to the gym or for a run around the block because it was clearly designed to be lounge or sexy time wear. That being said, if this thong fits your description of a new, sexy style from an innovative designer, you will love this pair. Give Petit-Q a try whether it is with this pair or another of their offerings and you will not be disappointed!

BRAND: Petit Q
PAIR: Thong Lace Ornex Green
COLORS: Neon Green Lace
FABRIC: 92/8% Nylon/Spandex

COST: $16.90

Have you been thinking about trying out one of Joe Snyder’s Bulge bikinis or thongs? If so head on over to Joe Snyder and take advantage of the Bulgetastic sale they have going on right now! If you want something with that doesn’t show off quite as much they’ve got you covered there too with more modest boxer style suits. Joe Snyder offers all of their suits in numerous color options and sizes for all men. If you are unfamiliar with Joe Snyder’s Bulge line, take a look at my reviews of the Bulge Bikini, Bulge Tanga, and Bulge Briefs. Let me know what you think if you try a pair!

So you’ve been thinking about trying out a pair of lace underwear or perhaps finding a lacy swimsuit to wear to a private (or not) beach or pool. Well, Skinzwear has you covered this season with their various offerings in lace fabrics.

Skinzwear has offered all of their suits in the fabric of your choice for many years and now has several different styles on their website that they are advertising in several different lace fabrics.

A number of suits are listed in varying stages of coverage, from their skimpy g-string styles all the way to trunk/boxer styles. They are even offering beach/running style shorts you could wear as a cover-up or tights you could wear lounging around or for a run around the neighborhood if you dare!

In addition, you can customize any Skinzwear suit in a lace fabric, and they can also make matching suits for men and women! Go visit their website and check out some of the offerings in lace and let me know what you think.

To get these styles and more shop at Skinzwear.

I purchased a custom Skinzwear G-String Adjustable Pouch suit for review.

Rating: 8.6/10 (Average of the ratings below)

Daily Fit: 9/10

Sizing: 9/10

Construction: 10/10

Styling: 8/10

Daily Performance: 7/10


• TINY head-turning design

• Brightly colored fabric

• Endless customization options


• The only negative thing that I would say about this suit is that the fabric isn’t as stretchy as I would like

UNB Ryan recommendation: The Skinzwear Adjustable Pouch G-String was one of the first minimal suits I ever wore, and my wife actually bought me one to wear on our honeymoon many years ago.  This one, in particular, was a custom design I had made and have been more than happy with.  Skinzwear makes a quality suit that can be worn by anyone, almost anywhere (at least anywhere that they aren’t against the law!)

Today I am reviewing a suit that I had custom made by Skinzwear-the suit is their tiniest G-Sting available, the adjustable pouch G-String (M1R2U.)  I am a long time customer of the Skinzwear brand.  The first pair I bought was in my early 20s and my wife even bought me a Skinzwear G-String that I wore on our honeymoon in Jamaica.  I’ve always loved the fit and construction from Skinzwear, and every time I order a new pair I am amazed at the endless customization options available.  The pair I am reviewing was right up my alley, tiny and vibrant!

I have worn this suit out on the beaches of NC, and several times while on outings in our boat.  The suit is made of a fabric that isn’t quite as stretchy as I am used to, and as such it is better suited for tanning than more active undertakings.  The fabric feels wonderful against the skin and leaves very little to the imagination.  The Thinskinz fabric hugs super close to your skin, and shows off your package, especially when wet!  I have also worn this suit on a few occasions under my clothes while in transit to the beach, so I can also attest that they would work as underwear if you like!

Skinzwear has also offered exceptional quality in both the durability and style departments.  I have never had any problems with the suits I have ordered from them, and I have a few pairs that are 10+ years old that still look brand new.  The fabrics show minimal signs of fading or wear, even after using for multiple seasons.  The pouch is tiny on this suit, and also is adjustable for tanning.  I love that Skinzwear offers almost endless customization options on their website.  You can combine elements from one style to another, chose multiple fabric/color options, and they will even recreate an older style for you if you send a suit in to them, even if they didn’t make it for you.

As far as sizing goes, Skinzwear is a little bit on the larger side for me.  I normally wear a small, but in Skinzwear I could probably get into an extra small.  Also, many of their cuts are a little higher than the styles I am accustomed to wearing, so that could be why they don’t feel as familiar to me in the larger cuts.  Skinzwear does offer a larger range of sizes than about any designer that I’ve seen, ranging from an XXS-XXXL.

To recap, Skinzwear has something for everyone, even for the ladies.  You can have so much fun with their customization options, make matching or contrasting suits for you and your partner, and experiment with fabrics and colors that you won’t find anywhere else.  I encourage you to try one of their thong or G-String styles, especially if you are new to wearing minimal swimwear in public.  You will be able to find something in a cut you are comfortable in, even if you have never worn anything other than a pair of shorts on the beach before!

BRAND: Skinzwear
PAIR: G-String Adjustable Pouch
COLORS: WAY too many to list-see Color Palette
FABRIC: Nylon/Lycra Blend

COST: $30


I purchased a Narrow Push Out Thong from Beachndance in Metallic Mint Green for this review.

Rating: 9/10 (Average of the ratings below)

Daily Fit: 9/10

Sizing: 10/10

Construction: 9/10

Styling: 9/10

Daily Performance: 8/10


• HUGE color palette

• Customizable designs

• Frequent special offers if you sign up for their email


• The only negative experience I have had with Beachndance suits is that the brighter colors I have ordered tend to fade quickly and bleed onto other clothing when they are wet. It is not an issue unless you wear a light color cover up to/from the beach or pool.

UNB Ryan recommendation: Take advantage of weekly offerings at Beachndance’s website for closeout deals, 2 for $40 deals, and discontinued fabric styles. Whether you want to build up your collection of swimwear, plan to incorporate some of these styles into your underwear drawer, or need some new suits to spice up your stage routine, Beachndance has something for everyone!

I ordered a Narrow Push Out Pouch Men’s Thong suit in Metallic Mint Green for this review.  I have been ordering swimwear from Beachndance for the past few years and am very satisfied with my experience with the brand.  Beachndance offers a unique custom order experience with their suits and will work with you to design almost anything you can imagine.  The fabric selection is one of the largest I have encountered in a custom swim manufacturer.  My experience in wearing thong swimwear has prepared me well for wearing this suit out in public, so it was right up my alley as far as comfort levels go.  While ordering this suit I immediately began to think about where I would wear them, what I would do in them, and what type of tan lines they would leave!

As soon as I pulled them out I immediately fell in love with the fit and look of the fabric.  I have previously worn this suit around the house to do chores, wash our cars, and cut the grass. The way the sunlight shimmers off of this fabric is unreal and is an eye catcher.  The mint green color is a stark contrast against a deep summer tan and I can’t wait for it to warm back up so that I can wear them outside again!  This suit feels great against the skin, accentuates your figure, and has a simple design that will look great on all body types!

Beachndance has done an outstanding job in providing top notch construction on this and all of the suits I have ordered from them.  The only thing that I would say about the fabric used is that if you order a brightly colored suit (pinks and reds primarily) then they have the tendency to fade quickly and/or bleed onto other light colored fabrics.  Many times I will wear a pair of square cut or booty style shorts over my thong when walking from the car to the beach or pool, and a couple of the lighter colors have bled through once I got them wet.

The customization options offered on Beachndance’s website are endless.  All suits are offered with the choice of four different back styles (bikini, cheeky, shortie, and thong) and I obviously chose the thong!  The pouch styles offered include basic, push out, and missile, and are offered in two different widths-moderate or narrow.  The strap styles are also customizable from ½”-2” along with varying back and front widths and rises.  The pouch I chose was a Narrow push out and it holds your package in more of a downward than outwards position, which is nice, because it allows you to wear the suit in more locations than if it were more of a straight out pouch design!

I bought this suit in a small, as I do with almost all swimwear and to no surprise it fits me perfectly.  All of Beachndance’s suits fit very true to industry standards.  The pouch on the size small fits me snugly, and the fabric used is supple and stretchy enough to allow for stretch throughout the day (or night) while swimming and sunning.  I have only ordered one suit over the past several years that fit any differently (just a little tighter,) and I attribute it to the fabric being a little bit less stretchy than normal, so it’s not anything that would prevent me from ordering again in the future.

Give Beachndance a try for your swimwear this summer, and I am confident you won’t be disappointed.  Their suits have held up well for me, in both the ocean and pool environments with minimal elastic fade or fabric breakdown.  The customization options are almost endless, and they will work with you to come up with a suit that compliments you and your unique style.  Whether you want a sexy thong or bikini, or something in between, you will find something at Beachndance’s website!

BRAND: Beachndance
PAIR: Men’s Narrow Push Out Pouch-Men’s Thong
COLORS: Too many colors to list! I purchased mine in Metallic Mint Green

COST: $27.00
WHERE TO BUY: Beachndance


I found my love of thongs many years ago, both as underwear and swimwear.  For obvious reasons like many others, my interest started out as a rush that I would get when putting on a pair of sexy underwear, but it has become so much more than that for me now.  I wear underwear that makes me feel good, just as we dress nicely to make us feel better about ourselves.  For me putting on a pair of well-fitting undies is no different than when I put on a dressy shirt or slide on a well-crafted pair of shoes.  When something feels good, it makes you feel good.  Period.  And when you feel good, it makes others notice that you are confident about yourself.

I started posting pictures to social media sometime last summer, and for all the wrong reasons.  I began posting pictures to Instagram last year for attention, and not to share my love of thongs and other underwear.  I was quickly consumed with getting as many likes as possible instead of promoting brands, normalizing well fitting underwear for men, and talking and answering questions about what to wear and where to find it!  I met Tim from UNB over Instagram last summer who gave me an outlet in the form of blogging that has allowed me to express my interests and share with others without simply showing off pictures of myself in skimpy undies.  I now use a mix of personal and stock photos paired with opinions, brand awareness, and underwear reviews to share my interests with a very wide audience!

I have taken my leadership courses throughout my career and one of the things I have heard from many presenters as a tactic to conquer the fear of public speaking is to picture everyone in their underwear.  It is supposed to normalize everyone and make you feel more at ease.  I have taken that to heart and incorporated another step in that I use my underwear to boost my own confidence as well.  Knowing that when we get ready to go to a job interview or have a big meeting at work we all tend to dress to the nines that we are subconsciously doing so for our benefit and not anyone else’s wearing nice underwear is just like wearing a nice pair of socks, a sharp tie, or a polished pair of shoes.  It simply adds to the whole ‘put-together” look that is portrayed by many successful and confident men.  Feeling good about yourself is one of the first steps to showing others that you are confident in yourself and your actions!

I wear thongs almost exclusively on the beach and to the pool.  I absolutely wear them because I love being in the sun and the tan lines they leave!  Being as free as you are when wearing nothing but a thong outdoors is one of my favorite feelings in the world.  I don’t have any interest in being nude on the beach-I really enjoy the feeling of wearing a thong, as well as all of the different color and design choices we have to choose from to express ourselves.  Also, knowing that I am wearing something so tiny in public where it isn’t expected is quite the rush, but definitely isn’t the main reason I wear them!

To recap, wearing sexy underwear is the first step to building my confidence from the base level.  I enjoy the way that I look and feel when wearing a nice pair of thong underwear, and knowing that nobody but me knows that I have them on under my slacks at work is pretty fun too!  I know it kinda breaks up the monotony of the business workplace for me knowing that I am not following the “norms” of society.  I want to continue to share my love and interest of thongs with others and help to normalize guys wearing thongs and other types of sexy undies!

As we ease into 2018, the UNB Staff has each made a resolution to try a couple of new styles throughout the year. We all have our different likes and dislikes, and hopefully, you will be able to find one of us to relate to and reach out to for underwear advice. Read below to see if our resolutions are anything like ours, and don’t hesitate to let us know if we’ve missed something that you think we need to be looking at throughout the year!

 UNB Ryan:

Two brands I really want to try in 2018 are Body Aware and JOR. I am attracted to the variety of styles each designer offers for different reasons. Body Aware offers many styles that blur the line between male and female, as well as masculine and feminine. Body Aware uses numerous styles and fabrics I think would make any guy feel sexy. Jor offers a modern approach to underwear and swimwear with daring styles and vibrant color choices. I am particularly interested in trying out some of their workout wear. I love the feel and look of a sexy thong paired with a set of skin-tight leggings in the gym, and can’t wait to try some this year!

 UNB Tim:

The brand I want to try this year is L’Homme Invisible. They are a brand we have covered over the years. They have a unique design aesthetic. They are creating lingerie for men. Not that it’s all lace and such but it’s to make the man feel sexy. I have asked a few people about the brand and they all love brands. Men’s underwear is more than everyday wear. We need underwear that makes us feel sexy and fun. I think this brand will make me feel sexy and awesome. My goal this year is to try more brands outside the US. This will be the first of many to come!


Underwear Dude:

This year I am looking to keep doing what I’ve been doing for the last few years, keep trying new brands and getting more from my favorites. I don’t have any brands, in particular, I’ll have to see what catches my eye this year. Though I do have a Cocksox gift card waiting for me to decide what to get with it. As for styles, I’ve tried most of them already. I am thinking about wearing the few jocks I have more often this year to try and see if I actually like the style or not.

UNB Mike:

Brands and styles I want to try in 2018:

Cellblock 13 – I love the sporty/fetish look and the color combos are great.

Body Aware – They have some awesome lace pairs that I really want to try. There are also some cuts like their tangas that look super hot. I’ve never had anything from them so I’m up for trying any (and all!) pairs.

Modus Vivendi – There are so many great pairs and lines that I want to try here! The hip-hop 90s and Dali pairs look awesome, and they’re about the only brand that does lace in awesome masculine colors.

Colors – I’ve come to the realization that a lot of my underwear is black. I probably pick that a lot because it’s usually a default color option, plus it always looks sleek, classy and sexy as hell. But I’d really like to venture out into some more colors this year. The brands above all have great color options so I don’t see that being a problem.

Fetish/gear – Already covered somewhat with Cellbock, but I’m really drawn to the sporty and kinky side of some of the fetish and gear options. I love that most people consider it to be so outlandish and wild and they could never picture someone they know wearing it. There are so many options with leather, lace, neoprene, black, colors, sporty, super kinky, etc. Bring it all on this year!

The Bottom Drawer:

I’ve been eyeing some of the more expensive brands like Olaf Benz, Manstore, and Gregg Homme. They have some bikinis and thongs that look pretty nice. Plus I’ve heard positive things about the brands. I probably won’t be splurging on them though. A brand I may give a try this year is Modus Vivendi. Their low cut and mini briefs have been drawing my attention in both underwear and swimwear. I also like their unique take with their marketing photos for some of their lines. Last year I tried Bruno Banani for the first time. The fit of the thong I tried impressed me. Now I wouldn’t mind trying one of their tanga briefs. There are lots out there I’d like to try, but these are a few on my radar.

The Thonged Ginger:

I’m very happy with my thongs and a few other choices, but I would like to get a Brazilian cut bikini, those look pretty sexy.

Joe Snyder Bulge thong– I have heard a lot of good things about these thongs and i want to try them for myself.

Mckillop– these just look good to me for some reason and I want to give them a try.

These are the big brands the rest are smaller manufacturers.



I actually have tried one pair of Ergowear – a thong that was a gift.  However, it’s definitely a size too small so I’m not counting it as a real shot.  Their underwear looks nice and simple but the pouch is pretty unusual.  I like having room up front and have definitely become more particular about pouches over the past few years.  For me, I have everyday underwear and “fun” underwear and Ergowear seems like it might be a good blend of both.

The first pair I would try: the Suave Bikini.


I’ve been coming across JOR here and there for years and just haven’t pulled the trigger.  Next time they’re having a great sale, I will have to get a pair.  I have always thought their brand was fun, from the waistband to all to colors/combinations.  Again, most of their stuff is pretty simple in style/cut, but with a twist that might make an everyday pair just a bit more fun.

The first pair I would try: the Soft Navy Bikini & the Tayrona Bikini.


I do have some Bodyaware that I received for review through this site.  I’ve always told UNB Tim I’m open to reviewing any style – so he sent me something I’d never tried!  Let me say that I have an underwear obsession, but am not into women’s underwear.  I’ve meet many guys that are, and that’s cool, but it just isn’t my thing.  So, I never really thought I would like something from Bodyaware, but after wearing the Greek God, it definitely got me interested in trying more of their gear.  A lot of their stuff really is lingerie for men, and in a world of basic bitches who only wear black boxer briefs, I love that there’s a brand that will go WAY outside the box and create styles that clearly have a demand, but might not be as socially acceptable.

The first pair I would try: the Rare Earth Thong and the Glistening Satin G-String.

I hope that you are able to take some inspiration from one of us before we get too far into the year. If you have any questions about any of the styles above, or if you have a suggestion about a style you’d like to see featured in the future, please drop us a line and let us know!

IMG_0540Arroyman provided the RIB Bulge Thong in Metallic Silver for review. All opinions about the pair are my own.

Rating: 8.8/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • The silver color is super sexy and will surely turn heads
  • The pouch lifts the package up and out
  • Tiny brand tag on front of pouch


  • My only complaint (or suggestion) would be to offer suits in more color combinations

UNB Ryan recommendation: This suit is so SMALL! If you are looking to find a tiny suit to show off or be seen in, this will definitely do the trick. From the white waistband that accentuates a deep tan to the brightly colored pouch, the will certainly command attention from everyone on the beach, this is a suit for showing off that body!

I first wore an Arroyman thong a few years back after wearing primarily cheaply made suits on the beach or to the pool. Their suits are VERY reasonably priced and are TINY! From the very first time that I pulled one of Arroyman’s suits on, I immediately knew I had found something special. I knew that I wanted a suit with a g-string rear and bulge pouch which Arroyman’s suits definitely met. I have worn their suits on beaches from Hampton, VA to Pea Island on NC’s Outer Banks. Every time I wear one I have received compliments and questions, so when I was asked to review a new pair I was extremely excited! This suit and style are just up my alley and completely within my comfort zone (as if I even have one.)

I have worn this thong primarily around the house both under a pair of jeans and a pair of spandex tights. I’ve been cooped up in the house over the past two weeks due to snow here in NC, and I have taken advantage of it by lounging around in the smallest thong I could find. Arroyman’s RIB Bulge Thong makes you feel super sexy while wearing it. You just want to show it off as much as possible. I managed to make it through a workout session while wearing this thong under a pair of spandex leggings. It is not a subtle design and can very easily be noticed under a pair of tights, and makes a noticeable impression when worn under a pair of jeans. But why would you even want to hide it???

Arroyman’s construction is top notch, to say the least. I have several suits that I have had for two or three years that still look almost brand new. This suit is constructed with a very minimal ¼” waistband and rear strap which meet in the front to form a tiny pouch. Arroyman’s design allows for small to large endowments to fill it as the microfiber fabric stretches to fit all shapes and sizes. As soon as you stretch this pouch over your package, you immediately transform and feel like you are noticeably larger than normal. The pouch is certainly smaller than most on the market, so it is perfect for showing off in the locker room or on the beach!

Arroyman provides this suit to me in a size small pursuant to my recommendation. I have several of their suits in my drawers, so I was pretty confident they would fit me perfectly. As expected, the fit was exactly as I remembered, SNUG! Arroyman’s suits fit fairly true to size in my opinion, and their sizing is very consistent. The only thing that I have found with Arroyman with any variation is the pouch sizing. I’m sure it won’t matter for the larger endowed guys, but if you are on the smaller size it may be an issue, but they are very stretchy so it won’t pose any issues for the larger guys!

In conclusion, Arroyman has delivered a tiny thong with a bulge pouch that is very well suited for the guys who want to show off. The silver pouch accentuates your package while the white waistband showcases your booty while contrasting against a deep tan. I can’t wait until it warms up enough to wear these to the beach to work on my tan. Buy a pair of these and I’m sure you will be satisfied! Be sure to drop me a line in the comments and let me know if you have any experiences or questions!

BRAND:                     Arroyman
PAIR:                          RIB Bulge Thong
COLORS:                   Silver
FABRIC:                    Microfiber/Polyamide/Elastane/Latex Blend
SIZES:                        S-M-L-XL
COST:                         $18.00
FURNISHED BY:      Arroyman furnished the RIB Bulge Thong in Silver.
WHERE TO BUY:     RIB Bulge Thong



IMG_0361 copy

Joe Snyder furnished the Maxibulge Cheek in pink for review.

Rating: 8.4/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • Hot Pink fabric stands out anywhere!
  • Roomy pouch accentuates your package
  • Comfortable for all day (and night) wear


  • My only complaint is the large care tag (Sorry I can’t get past this!)

UNB Ryan’s recommendation: Joe Snyder’s Maxibulge Cheek boxer (if you can even call it that) is a sexy take on a boxer brief. This suit has a pouch that lifts and accentuates your package, making it appear much larger than it is and rear coverage that separates your buns and doesn’t quite cover them completely. If you like the cheeky boy short styles sold for the girls, then you’ll love this suit. The gathered rear coverage feels very similar to wearing a traditional thong, as it stays right in place all day long!

To restate my opinion on Joe Snyder’s line of underwear-they are made with a quick-drying fabric that can easily transition from underwear to swimwear. Also, all of their suits feel great against the skin and don’t feature elastic in the leg holes or anywhere else unnecessary. Joe Snyder sent me a pair of their Maxibulge Cheek Boxers in pink for review, and of course, I was thrilled at the opportunity to try something different! As you all know, I wear thongs almost exclusively and the cheeky style is not in my normal rotation. The Maxibulge line offers a suit for every body type and occasion, and you should be able to find one in a color that suits your personality. They are constructed with a high emphasis on highlighting your package, as they lift it up and out, and ensure it is the highlight of the suit!

While I have only worn this suit as underwear on two separate occasions and not in a public setting, I am certain that you could get away with wearing this cut at any beach, pool, or waterpark without fear of offending anyone. I will definitely be putting it to the test this coming spring and summer in some of the locations I can’t wear a thong! When worn under a pair of jeans, there is a very noticeable increase to the size of your bulge. I imagine that this will increase even more when worn under a pair of slacks in the office. If you are looking for a style to increase the appearance of your package, Joe Snyder has definitely come through with this line! Also, this suit is very supportive! If you are looking for something to wear while working out the pouch on this suit should keep you supported while going through your routine without pulling you out of place as some thongs have the tendency to do.

As expected, the quality and construction of this suit falls nothing short of Joe Snyder’s reputation of excellence. The only suggestion I have with this, as well as any of Joe Snyder’s other suits, is to shrink the care tag! The styling of this suit more than makes up for it, as there isn’t an inch of this style that doesn’t cling to your body. From the pouch in the front that silhouettes your package perfectly to the rear that clings to every inch of your ass cheeks, this suit is sexy. You would never have thought that a suit with this much coverage would feel so sexy when you pull it on! The bright pink that I received this suit in does nothing but add to the fun you’ll have while wearing this suit! I can’t wait until warmer weather to wear these outside washing our cars or doing other outdoor activities!

I have yet to find one of Joe Snyder’s styles that is out of line with the fit. Each suit I have worn from them is right in line with industry standards in my opinion. The one piece of advice I can offer is the differences in the pouch sizes. I have tried the normal Cheek Boxer from Joe Snyder, and it has a noticeably smaller pouch size that the Maxibulge style, for obvious reasons. If you need a pouch with more room, please give this or one of Joe Snyder’s other Maxibulge styles a try!

To recap, this suit is very well rounded (no pun intended) and may be worn in about any circumstance you could run into. You could comfortably and without fear of ridicule wear this suit anywhere you like, from the locker room to the beach and everywhere in between. I plan to wear these to work when I finally go back next week and look forward to filling out my dress slacks a bit more! I look forward to seeing what new styles Joe Snyder will offer in 2018 and will continue to shop with them. If you haven’t tried anything from them before, give Joe Snyder a try!

BRAND: Joe Snyder
PAIR: Maxibulge Cheek
COLORS: Joe Snyder sent me a pair in pink for review. Other colors available in the line include yellow, wine, white, turquoise, red, purple, black, navy, metal black, white mesh, black mesh, black lace, white lace, royal, rainbow, nude, and camo
FABRIC: Pink 80/20% Nylon/Spandex blend

COST: $40.00 through Joe Snyder online store

Where to buy: Joe Snyder





IMG_3663 copyJoe Snyder sent me the Joe Snyder Bulge Tanga in metal black for review.

Rating: 8.2/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 7/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • Wet look Metal Black fabric
  • Snug fitting stretchy pouch accentuates your package
  • Comfortable for all-day wear


  • Large care tag
  • Metal Black fabric not as stretchy as other fabrics in the line

UNB Ryan’s recommendation: The Joe Snyder Bulge Tanga has become my favorite thong over the past year!!! I usually gravitate towards suits with smaller sides and back coverage, especially for tanning. However, this suit is so comfortable I wore one for the second half of the past summer! Every time I have put this suit on I quickly forget that I’m wearing it. If you like thongs, either as underwear or swimwear you owe it to yourself to try one of these if you haven’t already done so!

Joe Snyder has quickly taken over my underwear drawer since I started wearing them a couple of years ago. Since they offer styling that is just as much at home under a suit as it is by the pool, they can double as underwear and swimwear. Today I am reviewing the Joe Snyder Bulge Tanga in Metal Black. When Joe Snyder asked if I would be interested in doing a review, I jumped at the opportunity! This pair was not outside of my comfort zone at all, as I have worn the same style in different colors on many occasions (Vegas, Miami, Outer Banks) and felt right at home in them! This style is very well suited for all-day wear, whether you are at the beach or the office. The fabric feels great against your skin, and the suit has just the right amount of stretch to keep everything in place without being overly restrictive.

As I mentioned earlier, I have worn this same style suit on many occasions. I’ve worn them to the pool in Las Vegas, on the Beach in Miami, on the beaches of the Outer Banks, and under my slacks in the office. They are perfect anywhere you wear them! I wish I would have had the Metal Black color in my rotation over the past summer-I’m sure it would of looked awesome in the sunlight! The pouch on this suit hold you in a semi-forward position, and is noticeable under a pair of dress slacks and even somewhat in a pair of snug jeans. The fit of the pouch is perfect for me, and I often forget that they are on instead of being constantly reminded that they are there because I’m constantly adjusting them! I want to buy this suit in every color available!!!

Joe Snyder has yet to fail to perform in either styling or construction for me and this pair is no exception. From the stitching to the color, their suits are always put together 100% in my opinion. The styling of this suit has had me since the first time I saw one. The pouch is cut daringly low, and the side straps can be slung low or pulled a little over the hips before meeting in the rear where they curve over your buns! I love that the rear of this suit forms into a true thong instead of a “T” back. The tanlines you earn while wearing this suit are sexy! Lastly, the soft feel of the fabric against your skin makes you want to keep it on all day and night!

All of Joe Snyder’s suits are sized average in relation to industry standards. I wear a small in almost every suit I’ve tried, and these are no exception! The waist size fits well without digging into my skin, and the pouch is the exact right size for me! If you’re above average size, you may want to size up (or not depending on the look you’re going for.) All of the various styles I have tried so far in a size small have fit very similarly.

In summary, you can wear this suit all year, right from the boardroom to the pool house. They are constructed very well, and I have seen no indication of premature wear. I will definitely continue to purchase underwear and swimwear from Joe Snyder. If I could ask for Joe Snyder to change one thing about this suit (and all others) I would ask them to make the care tag smaller! On some suits the tag is ok, but on the bulge tanga is actually shows underneath the rear strap. Not to worry, as a couple of snips with a pair of scissors can quickly remedy this, but if you don’t like taking that into your own hands then it could pose a problem! Give yourself (or a friend) a treat for Christmas and you’ll never look back!

BRAND: Joe Snyder
PAIR: Bulge Tanga
COLORS: Joe Snyder sent me a pair in Metal Black for review. Other colors available in the line include yellow, wine, white, turquoise, red, purple, black, navy, pink, white mesh, black mesh, royal, rainbow, nude, and camo
FABRIC: Metal Black 80/20% Nylon/Spandex blend

COST: $26.00 through Joe Snyder online store

Where to buy: Joe Snyder

IMG_5818 copy




What do you wear under your clothes every day? More so, how do you pick it out every day as you get ready? Do you lay out your clothes and underwear the night before? Or do you pick them out at the spur of the moment as you get dressed? Do you match your underwear to anything else in your outfit or do you pick them out based on your mood at the time?

I tend to pick out my underwear based on my mood every morning, and also like them to match my clothes as much as possible. For instance, if you see me wearing a pink shirt or sweater, there is a 100% chance that I am wearing a pink thong underneath! I also like my socks to coordinate as well, so there’s a pretty good chance that they will match what I am wearing.

Another consideration that I give is what I will be doing throughout the day. If I am going to be doing something active, I may decide to wear a more supportive pair of underwear. Conversely, if I know I am just going to be in the office all day I will usually opt for a slinkier style thong or g-string to wear under my dress slacks.

I’m curious to see if any of you follow the same routine as I do. If you have your own system for wearing your underwear, I would love to know! For those of you with sizeable collections, how do you rotate through them? Do you wear them all or just several of your current favorites? Do you and a partner wear matching pairs?

IMG_0200Drop me a line in the comments and tell me what you do to pick out your underwear every day. Maybe you can help me find a way to cycle through my entire collection again!

First of all its only a thong

If you are a fan of skimpy swimwear, then you’ll want to pay attention to my posts over the winter and spring as we start to gear up for swimwear season. I am going to be showcasing a new swimwear line that I have worn, and I hope to bring you a few posts each month sharing my experience with some brands you may not be as familiar with. As most of you know, I am primarily a thong wearer so that we will start with those. I will also add that I do not care for suits with wide, branded waistbands, so I will not be focusing on those. I will be structuring my posts into a series that focuses on the skimpier styles with string style sides, or at minimum smaller waistbands.

I am particularly fond of suits with g-string style backs, as I really like the tan lines they leave behind. My take is if you’re going to show off a little bit of ass at the pool or on the beach, then what’s really the difference between a g-string or thong? I have always had the same thought s about wearing a speedo style suit because what’s really the difference-I am one of the few converts that went straight from a pair of shorts to a thong! All or nothing right?

I am not as fond of suits with a flat front that do not accentuate your package. Instead, I really like suits that emphasize your package. “Push-Out” or “missile” style suits are my favorite because they give me more confidence in the illusion of a larger package. If you are smaller than average one of these styles may give you the confidence to wear a thong out on the beach or to your apartment pool. Conversely, if you aren’t shy and you just want to show off what you already have, a push-out style may be a lot of fun for you to wear on your next vacation. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

I do keep it legal and do not wear mesh or net style suits, as they are not legal on the beaches that I visit. I also enjoy having the tan lines that the side and back straps leave behind, and even being reminded well into the fall and winter of all of the time I can spend out in the sun during the swimwear season!

Please let me know if there are any styles that you would like to see my review in the future or if you are particularly fond of a specific brand or line! I look forward to trying out some new styles and old, and getting to experiment with new colors and fabrics as we get ready to move into the 2018 swim season!

I purchased the Jovana Design 4D Thong in neon pink for this review.

Rating: 8/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 7/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 7/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • Anatomical pouch accentuates your package
  • ANYBODY can find a color they like from Jovana’s extensive palette


  • Center/rear strap is almost wider than the side straps
  • Almost hard to get into because the pouch opening is so tight

UNB Ryan’s recommendation: This thong is TINY!  If you’ve ever wanted a true “micro” thong made specifically for men, this is it! It is truly a head turner anywhere you wear it, even when other guys are wearing thongs! I will add that if you are the least bit timid about wearing a thong swimsuit, you should probably try something else before venturing out in one of Jovana’s suits!

Jovana Design custom makes all of their suits to order, and it is evident with the thought that they put into their design options and color choices.  You can customize almost all of their suits to your liking, and they offer color choices to suit all personalities!  Jovana pays particular attention to detail and will craft your suit exactly how you ask them to.  They offer dozens of unique designs, some that are “acceptable” as swimwear, and others that may be better suited for more private occasions.  I am normally pretty bold in my swimwear choices, but this suits’ design, coupled with the Neon Pink fabric even made me a little uneasy the first time I slid my shorts off on the beach while wearing it!  Not exactly outside of my comfort level, but it sure pushed it!

I have worn this suit on several occasions over the 2017 swim season.  I frequently visit the beach on the Outer Banks of NC and a couple of places throughout Hampton Roads, VA where I have worn this suit.  The suit is comfortable to wear long term after you manage to squeeze into it!  The tiny (1/4”) side straps make you quickly forget that you are wearing anything at all (until you get home and see the tiny tan lines it leaves) and the pouch keeps everything in place all day long with minimal adjustments.  The pouch does hold your package in an upright and “package-forward” orientation, so you’ll have to keep that in mind when deciding when and where it is appropriate to wear!  I found that out the hard way last year in Norfolk, VA (more on that in another post.)  You have to manipulate the pouch to stretch everything inside, but once you have the fit is amazing!  There is no extra fabric, and the suit fits like a glove!

I have only purchased this one suit from Jovana, but will buy more from them in the future.  The construction is outstanding and has lasted an entire season without and noticeable signs of fraying or unraveling.  The elastic has retained its strength even with repeated exposure to sun and saltwater.  My only complaint has been the fabric faded fairly quickly.  It has still retained the base color but is nowhere near as vibrant as the day that they arrived.

Again, I don’t exactly have a long-standing history of the brand but feel they are fairly accurate in being sized in accordance with industry standards.  I wear a size small in almost everything, and these were no exception.  The only thing that you need to keep in mind with this suit is that it comes in two different variants, the 4D Thong and the 4D Thong micro (which is what I reviewed.)  The micro is exactly what you would expect, TINY!  The normal version of the suit has a larger pouch which guys who are more largely endowed would find better suited.  The pouch is VERY low and barely covers your package.  I have to pull it up from time to time to make sure nothing is showing that shouldn’t be.  The only thing I would ask for if I were to order this suit again is for the rear/center strap to match the side straps in width.  The center strap is about ¾” in width, which is still fairly skimpy, but feels a but out of place on a suit that is this small, to begin with.

I will absolutely buy more suits from Jovana Design.  I have enjoyed wearing this suit in the sun this year and look forward to replacing it with additional designs from Jovana’s catalog.  I would also like to purchase some underwear for more frequent wear as they have some pretty daring designs in that arena as well.  My big suggestion to Jovana Design (as would be with any other non-US companies) is that they find a way to work with a stateside distributor to make it simpler for ordering and shipping.

BRAND: Jovana Design
PAIR: 4D Thong
COLORS: I reviewed a pair in Neon Pink.  I’m not even going to attempt to list all of Jovana’s color choices here.  You’ll have to visit the website and find a color for yourself!

FABRIC: Neon Pink Nylon/Spandex blend
SIZES: XS, S, M, L, & XL

COST:  £22.99 through Jovana Design’s online store
Where to buy: Jovana Design




I purchased the Cover Male Cheeky Boxer in navy for this review.

Rating: 7.7/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 7/10
  • Styling: 7/10
  • Daily Performance: 7.5/10


  • Breathable fabric keeps your skin cool for hours
  • Pouch forward design accentuates your anatomy
  • Barely there design with no elastic in the leg openings


  • The only print available is camouflage
  • The screen printed label isn’t very flattering to the design

UNB Ryan’s recommendation: I love thongs, and you can’t get too much closer to wearing one than the cheeky boxer style from Cover Male!  I have bought this same suit in the navy and hot pink (my favorite color) variations. These are great for long-term wear, and also for times that you may want to wear a little more than a thong style. I have worn these while doing various activities, and can say without a doubt that they are well suited for anything you want to do in them!

Cover Male is a staple in my underwear drawer.  I have several different styles from thongs to boxer briefs, and I love all of them!  They offer something for everyone, and I mean everyone.  Cover Male provides boxer style underwear for the traditional male mindset, brief styles for the more adventurous, and thong/g-string styles for the wilder side of each of us.  This pair of cheeky boxers is much more akin to a thong than a boxer style and is definitely within my comfort zone.

I’ve worn this pair on numerous occasions, from wearing them under my dress slacks at work to wearing them while doing yard work, and they perform each time flawlessly.  I don’t find myself feeling to adjust anything or pulling them away from my body but rather forget that I have them on, which is really what should happen when wearing underwear!  The fit of this pair is very minimal in that they don’t exaggerate your anatomy in any way, but rather gently accentuate it.

Cover Male’s designs have been very well constructed in my experience.  I have never had any issues with seams coming unraveled, elastic stretching out, or fabrics fading or bleeding excessively.  All of their designs have adequate elastic to hold everything in place without being so restrictive that they cause discomfort.  The leg openings on this pair do not have any elastic, and the feeling you get immediately after pulling them on is evident of the thought that went into the design.  You can’t tell they are there at all!

Cover Male’s suits don’t all share the same fit, but these are very true to size.  I have found that Cover Male, like many designers, run a little bit on the small side when buying their skimpier suits.  The styles that have string sides are typically cut smaller around the waist but will share the same pouch size.  The cheeky boxers are pretty safe (in my opinion) to order in your typical preferred size.  I haven’t had any issues with these riding up excessively or the leg openings being overly restrictive.  I found that the pouch on this pair is very well constructed, and offers generous room and support for your package.

I am certain that I will continue to buy from Cover Male, and in particular, I may take advantage of the sale currently going on and pick these up in a few more colors.  I particularly like the camouflage and white colors as my next choices.  If I were to make one suggestion to cover male, I would ask them to go back to the fabric care tag found in some of their older styles instead of the screen printed instructions they are using on the newer designs.  It’s not so bad on the smaller suits, but for the styles using wider swaths of fabric, they leave an unsightly impression from the outside.


BRAND: Cover Male
PAIR: Cheeky Boxer
COLORS: I reviewed a pair in Navy.  Other colors available in the line include camo, orange, purple, red, white, yellow, black, sheer, turquoise, and royal blue
FABRIC: Navy 86/14% Nylon/Polyamide blend
SIZES: S, M, L, & XL

COST: $18.08 through Cover Male online store (They’re on sale!)
Where to buy: Cover Male




As most of you know, I am a huge proponent of wearing thongs, both as underwear and swimwear.  I wear thong swimwear almost exclusively, in both private and public settings.  I have gained a bit of experience over the years, which I feel is sage advice for any of you contemplating wearing a thong style suit to the local beach or pool.  I will focus on a few key elements you should keep in mind as you plan your first public thong outing!  You will need to plan on a number of things including knowing the laws, proper grooming, judging your audience, and practicing proper beach etiquette.

KNOW THE LAWS! I cannot stress this enough-whether that means looking for signage around the beach or pool, researching case law, browsing Internet forums, or calling/writing the local jurisdiction you plan to visit to ensure you can legally wear the particular suit you wish to wear.  Some areas have no laws restricting what you can wear as swimwear, provided that all of the essentials are covered.  Other places (or so I’ve heard) actually specify that the smallest part of a suit must be a certain minimal width.  Some places even go as far as to outlaw thongs entirely.  No matter which route you take, please ensure you don’t break any laws or offend anyone else. The laws are created for a couple of reasons.  First, local jurisdictions may impose laws that their citizens vote on, to uphold a certain standard of conduct that they want to form a community around.  Next, just as some of us may want to visit a thong friendly beach or pool, others may absolutely not want to see that view when they sunbathe.  Local laws can provide each group with a designated area they are free to do as they please without fear of repercussion.

As you prepare to step out into the public wearing a thong (possibly for the first time), take a moment to look in the mirror or ask your spouse or a friend to take a view of you.  Make sure of a few things before you share that same view with the public.  Ask yourself (or a friend) a few questions: Does this suit fit me? Is it too small or large?  Does anything hang out of it that wasn’t intended?  Can you see through it?  Do I need to groom myself before going out into public?  If the answers satisfy you, then go ahead.  If not, you may need to revisit your grooming routine to make sure everything is tidied up first.  A thong (in my opinion) will look best if you do some proper manscaping or outright shaving so that it is the focus of attention and not any unsightly body hair!  I’ll let you make your own decisions concerning that, but at least you know my opinion now!

Please consider the location before making the decision to strip down to a thong.  Just because it is legal to wear a thong in your city and they have provided a water fountain with benches around doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best idea to strip down for your suntan there.  Please take others activities into consideration-if you visit a park that is completely occupied by families with kids playing and you are the only person that will be in a swimsuit, you may want to rethink your idea.  I don’t at all want to discourage anybody from wearing a thong, but understand that we have to help build a positive ideal for guys who wear thongs.  Don’t be the creepy guy that gets on a playground swing (wearing next to nothing) next to a three-year-old and their mom!  As long as you are in a setting appropriate to wear swimwear, other people are (or have previously) wearing swimwear, then you should be fine.  Be a trendsetter-don’t wait for somebody else to show up in a thong.  If you do you will likely never wear one!  Wear your thong with confidence and be positive about it-you aren’t required to cover up every time someone walks by.  I have worn a thong in many places thongs aren’t the norm and places where I have seen dozens of thongs in a single day.  Do what makes you happy!

Learn proper beach etiquette!  Whether at the beach or pool, know that first and foremost safety is the number one concern.  Don’t set up your chair right in front of the lifeguard stand, or so far away that they can’t see you, especially if you plan on getting into the water.  After you have planned that out remember that you aren’t the only person on the beach.  The people who got there earlier than you earned the right to that view of the ocean or pool-don’t set up right in front of them!  Also, keep in mind everyone goes to the beach or pool for their own reasons.  Just because you are a social person and love talking doesn’t mean that everyone does.  Learn to read social cues and body language.  If you must approach someone to speak, pay attention and leave if you think they aren’t pleased with your presence.  The last thing we all need is somebody calling the police because “some guy in a thong” kept talking to them or wouldn’t leave them alone.  Plan on admiring the scenery from a distance.  Avoid approaching other people because you want to see what they are wearing (or lack of) or that you want to show off your new suit.  Most locales that don’t prohibit thongs could quickly revisit their policy if they find people are practicing exhibitionistic or voyeuristic behaviors in a public setting!  Be friendly to people if approached, and make sure you clean up after yourself.  When you visit the beach or pool, take a bag or container for your trash, and always make it a point to look around for trash others may have missed as well.

So now that fall is setting in in most parts of the country, you have several months to plan your perfect new beach day.  Pick out a hot new thong, research an area convenient to where you live, and maybe even plan on convincing a friend to come along and get out there and enjoy the sunshine. If you have any questions about where may or may not be an appropriate place to try out that new swim thong, drop me a line in the comments and I’ll try to provide you with some resources to form your own opinion.  I’m definitely not an attorney, but I’ll do anything I can do to point you in the general direction. In the end, do what makes you happy (within the realm of the law), forget what others think or say, and enjoy the freedom of wearing that new thong bikini.  If you’re like me, you’ll never go back!  Drop me a line in the comments below with your experience!