Underwear News Briefs is a blog dedicated to showcasing whats new and exciting in the world of Men’s underwear. We have forged relationships with some of the  big names in underwear. Although, we haven’t forgotten about the new comers and smaller brands.

Men’s underwear is very exciting now with all the choices in color, fabrics and styling. It’s becoming harder to keep up with all the new brands and styles. We will try to keep you up to date on whats going on!

Feel free to contact us about your ideas, concerns or if you want to write for us. Our email is info@underwearnewsbriefs.com


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  1. Stephen Tipps Reply

    For many years I purchased men’s thong underwear from Undergear’s Contour Collection. Since Underwear went out of business, though, I have not been able to find a satisfactory substitute. Does any other company sell Contour Collection thongs? If not, what comparable product would you recommend?

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