PAIR: Sunny Swim Thong 0427
COLORS: Black, Fuchsia, White, Grey Print, and Yellow Print
SIZES: Small  – XL
COST: $41.60

Rating: 8/10 (Average of the Rating Below)

• Daily Fit: 7/10
• Sizing 9/10
• Styling: 9/10
• Performance 7/10


• Love the styling-I have always been a fan of the thicker waist band look. I think the wide band style gives a little modesty to an inherently un-modest swimsuit. Sometimes little refinement and sophistication rather than overly strappy and loud styling can be a little much in a thong swimsuit for me.
• Colors- Love the arrangement of solid to print colors on the suit. I personally own the black and love the simplicity in wearing a solid black thong. However, the Fuchsia, or other prints brings this thong to another notch in loudness! Great to fit the personality of the wearer.
• Buns Factor- The wide bands make your behind look outstanding. Hands down my favorite back on any thong I own right now


• Center Strap design- What really stops me from wearing this suite every time is that darn center strap, or really string. Many of JOR’s thong swimsuits’ center strap eventually becomes a simple string that eventually joins the pouch. To be honest, I have learned to hate that feeling beneath my gonads. If you are just tanning for the day, it’s really not bad, but if you are at all active, or dare I say bend over, there really isn’t a lot of coverage to save you.

• Pouch size- While the pouch is luxurious and soft and the material construction is fantastic, the size is just ok. For me its slightly constricting and not a whole lot of room to stretch. Especially with that string…nothing to save you below that pouch…Have I mentioned I don’t like the center strap!?

• Big clothing tag on the back-strap. I guess I must be splitting hairs, but the clothing tag is huge for just a small swimsuit… I promptly remove the tag because it literally hangs out the side of your suit if you are not careful. But their goes your sizing, washing, and care instructions…

UNB Shawn Recommendations

This is a great first swim thong to purchase. If you are on the fence about this whole swim thong craze here on UNB look no further than this suit. It is easy to find, pricing not terrible, lots of colors, and fairly modest backside.

I have worn this thong a few times in the sun and in the water and it really is a thong built to last. Good quality construction and for the most part pretty comfortable…Maybe you will like the stringy strap, but it all reality it’s a great piece of clothing and I am glad it is a part of my collection.


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  1. I agree with you on the wider band around the waist, it looks solid and purposeful ( to keep your suit in place) and more masculine looking for those who want that look. I also agree with you on the “thong” the string that goes up the center back . . . Its not really comfortable . . . .I would hope for a wider strap to run the length from the back to the pouch underneath.

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