IMG_3663 copyJoe Snyder sent me the Joe Snyder Bulge Tanga in metal black for review.

Rating: 8.2/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 7/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • Wet look Metal Black fabric
  • Snug fitting stretchy pouch accentuates your package
  • Comfortable for all-day wear


  • Large care tag
  • Metal Black fabric not as stretchy as other fabrics in the line

UNB Ryan’s recommendation: The Joe Snyder Bulge Tanga has become my favorite thong over the past year!!! I usually gravitate towards suits with smaller sides and back coverage, especially for tanning. However, this suit is so comfortable I wore one for the second half of the past summer! Every time I have put this suit on I quickly forget that I’m wearing it. If you like thongs, either as underwear or swimwear you owe it to yourself to try one of these if you haven’t already done so!

Joe Snyder has quickly taken over my underwear drawer since I started wearing them a couple of years ago. Since they offer styling that is just as much at home under a suit as it is by the pool, they can double as underwear and swimwear. Today I am reviewing the Joe Snyder Bulge Tanga in Metal Black. When Joe Snyder asked if I would be interested in doing a review, I jumped at the opportunity! This pair was not outside of my comfort zone at all, as I have worn the same style in different colors on many occasions (Vegas, Miami, Outer Banks) and felt right at home in them! This style is very well suited for all-day wear, whether you are at the beach or the office. The fabric feels great against your skin, and the suit has just the right amount of stretch to keep everything in place without being overly restrictive.

As I mentioned earlier, I have worn this same style suit on many occasions. I’ve worn them to the pool in Las Vegas, on the Beach in Miami, on the beaches of the Outer Banks, and under my slacks in the office. They are perfect anywhere you wear them! I wish I would have had the Metal Black color in my rotation over the past summer-I’m sure it would of looked awesome in the sunlight! The pouch on this suit hold you in a semi-forward position, and is noticeable under a pair of dress slacks and even somewhat in a pair of snug jeans. The fit of the pouch is perfect for me, and I often forget that they are on instead of being constantly reminded that they are there because I’m constantly adjusting them! I want to buy this suit in every color available!!!

Joe Snyder has yet to fail to perform in either styling or construction for me and this pair is no exception. From the stitching to the color, their suits are always put together 100% in my opinion. The styling of this suit has had me since the first time I saw one. The pouch is cut daringly low, and the side straps can be slung low or pulled a little over the hips before meeting in the rear where they curve over your buns! I love that the rear of this suit forms into a true thong instead of a “T” back. The tanlines you earn while wearing this suit are sexy! Lastly, the soft feel of the fabric against your skin makes you want to keep it on all day and night!

All of Joe Snyder’s suits are sized average in relation to industry standards. I wear a small in almost every suit I’ve tried, and these are no exception! The waist size fits well without digging into my skin, and the pouch is the exact right size for me! If you’re above average size, you may want to size up (or not depending on the look you’re going for.) All of the various styles I have tried so far in a size small have fit very similarly.

In summary, you can wear this suit all year, right from the boardroom to the pool house. They are constructed very well, and I have seen no indication of premature wear. I will definitely continue to purchase underwear and swimwear from Joe Snyder. If I could ask for Joe Snyder to change one thing about this suit (and all others) I would ask them to make the care tag smaller! On some suits the tag is ok, but on the bulge tanga is actually shows underneath the rear strap. Not to worry, as a couple of snips with a pair of scissors can quickly remedy this, but if you don’t like taking that into your own hands then it could pose a problem! Give yourself (or a friend) a treat for Christmas and you’ll never look back!

BRAND: Joe Snyder
PAIR: Bulge Tanga
COLORS: Joe Snyder sent me a pair in Metal Black for review. Other colors available in the line include yellow, wine, white, turquoise, red, purple, black, navy, pink, white mesh, black mesh, royal, rainbow, nude, and camo
FABRIC: Metal Black 80/20% Nylon/Spandex blend

COST: $26.00 through Joe Snyder online store

Where to buy: Joe Snyder

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  1. This was the first thong I ever tried and now have several pairs that I wear regularly to work under slacks or just for hanging out at the house. The fabric and support are great but I’d recommend getting one size up. I’ve also worn this on the beach when feeling adventurous. My girlfriend thinks they’re fun and sexy, too.

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