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Joe Snyder furnished the Maxibulge Cheek in pink for review.

Rating: 8.4/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • Hot Pink fabric stands out anywhere!
  • Roomy pouch accentuates your package
  • Comfortable for all day (and night) wear


  • My only complaint is the large care tag (Sorry I can’t get past this!)

UNB Ryan’s recommendation: Joe Snyder’s Maxibulge Cheek boxer (if you can even call it that) is a sexy take on a boxer brief. This suit has a pouch that lifts and accentuates your package, making it appear much larger than it is and rear coverage that separates your buns and doesn’t quite cover them completely. If you like the cheeky boy short styles sold for the girls, then you’ll love this suit. The gathered rear coverage feels very similar to wearing a traditional thong, as it stays right in place all day long!

To restate my opinion on Joe Snyder’s line of underwear-they are made with a quick-drying fabric that can easily transition from underwear to swimwear. Also, all of their suits feel great against the skin and don’t feature elastic in the leg holes or anywhere else unnecessary. Joe Snyder sent me a pair of their Maxibulge Cheek Boxers in pink for review, and of course, I was thrilled at the opportunity to try something different! As you all know, I wear thongs almost exclusively and the cheeky style is not in my normal rotation. The Maxibulge line offers a suit for every body type and occasion, and you should be able to find one in a color that suits your personality. They are constructed with a high emphasis on highlighting your package, as they lift it up and out, and ensure it is the highlight of the suit!

While I have only worn this suit as underwear on two separate occasions and not in a public setting, I am certain that you could get away with wearing this cut at any beach, pool, or waterpark without fear of offending anyone. I will definitely be putting it to the test this coming spring and summer in some of the locations I can’t wear a thong! When worn under a pair of jeans, there is a very noticeable increase to the size of your bulge. I imagine that this will increase even more when worn under a pair of slacks in the office. If you are looking for a style to increase the appearance of your package, Joe Snyder has definitely come through with this line! Also, this suit is very supportive! If you are looking for something to wear while working out the pouch on this suit should keep you supported while going through your routine without pulling you out of place as some thongs have the tendency to do.

As expected, the quality and construction of this suit falls nothing short of Joe Snyder’s reputation of excellence. The only suggestion I have with this, as well as any of Joe Snyder’s other suits, is to shrink the care tag! The styling of this suit more than makes up for it, as there isn’t an inch of this style that doesn’t cling to your body. From the pouch in the front that silhouettes your package perfectly to the rear that clings to every inch of your ass cheeks, this suit is sexy. You would never have thought that a suit with this much coverage would feel so sexy when you pull it on! The bright pink that I received this suit in does nothing but add to the fun you’ll have while wearing this suit! I can’t wait until warmer weather to wear these outside washing our cars or doing other outdoor activities!

I have yet to find one of Joe Snyder’s styles that is out of line with the fit. Each suit I have worn from them is right in line with industry standards in my opinion. The one piece of advice I can offer is the differences in the pouch sizes. I have tried the normal Cheek Boxer from Joe Snyder, and it has a noticeably smaller pouch size that the Maxibulge style, for obvious reasons. If you need a pouch with more room, please give this or one of Joe Snyder’s other Maxibulge styles a try!

To recap, this suit is very well rounded (no pun intended) and may be worn in about any circumstance you could run into. You could comfortably and without fear of ridicule wear this suit anywhere you like, from the locker room to the beach and everywhere in between. I plan to wear these to work when I finally go back next week and look forward to filling out my dress slacks a bit more! I look forward to seeing what new styles Joe Snyder will offer in 2018 and will continue to shop with them. If you haven’t tried anything from them before, give Joe Snyder a try!

BRAND: Joe Snyder
PAIR: Maxibulge Cheek
COLORS: Joe Snyder sent me a pair in pink for review. Other colors available in the line include yellow, wine, white, turquoise, red, purple, black, navy, metal black, white mesh, black mesh, black lace, white lace, royal, rainbow, nude, and camo
FABRIC: Pink 80/20% Nylon/Spandex blend

COST: $40.00 through Joe Snyder online store

Where to buy: Joe Snyder






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