Candyman is releasing their fall line in phases. The second phase is out! Candyman keeps producing bright, daring collections that encourage joy and physical exultation every year. By promoting bold colors, Candyman can stand out in the world of fashion thanks to the glitz and excitement of the underwear collection. Candyman’s underwear collections are distinctive, attracting customers constantly looking for something fresh and exciting.

You can walk on the wild side and wear something unexpected under your jeans, khakis, or suit.

Candyman is a brand that has really become more popular each year. Their mix of the masculine and feminine is something that is catching fire with guys and they are loving it more and more. Ever since the brand broke on the market they have played by its own rules and it’s paid off.

This new collection takes what they have created to the next level. The collection has been released in half and another half will be released soon. The collection that dropped has its take on the jockstrap, lingerie, and more!

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I thought all the Candyman for spring was out, NOPE, I was wrong! They just dropped the second part of the Spring collection. You have seen pics of some of these now you can buy them! The new pairs include bodysuits, thongs, and more! Not only is the collection available in regular size, but they have also released the larger sizes at the same time! You no longer have to wait!

Candyman is best known for mixing the masc and fem so well. The lace, mesh, and cuts really set them apart. These three features have created many loyal fans of the Candyman Line. In each collection, they seem to be creating wilder and wilder designs.

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Here are some of the new pairs on sale!

Candyman has always been a little over the top, but this new collection is HOT AF! They have gone full on sexy and brought it for this collection. I know Candyman isn’t for everyone but if you love mixing the masc/fem then this collection is for you. The pictures feature guys of all sizes (they dropped the larger sizes around Christmas), and now the rest of the collection is out. Here are just a few of the new pairs.

Candyman Lace Thong

The new Lace thong comes in two colors, black and Pink. The wide lace waistband is capped off by the ribbon lace-up back. It’s a hard decision to figure out which you want more!

Candyman Lace Heart Bikini

Love Skimpy and lace? The new Lace Heart bikini will be perfect for any date night or under a suit. The front has a nice pouch and the side ties make this pair super sexy. However, the biggest surprise is in the back there is a heart made into the lace back. So it’s not a thong but not quite a full back either. The Lace Heart Bikini comes in Black and Burgundy.

Candyman Chain G-String

One of my favorites is the Chain G-String. This small g-string has chain sizes and will fit you just right and show off everything you have to offer. I love how the color is included on the hips, the chain is in the front and back. This super sexy design comes in Black, Red, and white

Candyman Mesh Bodysuit

Last pair we are covering is the sexy bodysuit. Candyman has always taken the bodysuit to the next sexy level. This one is mesh, lace and a thong back, What’s not to like about all three of those. Only available in black.

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Candyman just dropped their newest collection for bigger guys, like me. This collection takes the sexy Candyman undies and makes them in larger sizes. I know many out there, like me, have seen undies only to look at the sizing and see it goes up to 36 inches or less. We deserve to get some amazing sexy undies as well.

This collection takes what we love about Candyman and makes it more accessible. The sizing goes up to a 42-inch waist. This extends the regular sizes of Candyman by 4 inches (up from 38 inches). It’s great to see that they are continuing this line. Last year they released the first extended sizes, and now they are updating them.

Now let’s talk about the pics; these pics are HOT. The pics mix some of the regular-size models with a bigger guy. Not only did they go over the top, but these pics are just HOT. They definitely encourage you to walk on your wild side. Check out the entire Candyman collection in extended sizes.

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OMG how much do I love Andy? I can’t count the ways, he’s just one of the most amazing people I ever met. I am honored to call him my friend. He’s part of my growing underwear empire and he got the Candyman Unicorn Crop top because, why not? It’s a freaking unicorn. I think the set would be better with a thong rather than a trunk but that’s my opinion. I think he looks amazing in it and you can get your own Unicon Crop top at the UNB Store. BTW it comes in black as well.

If you love men’s lingerie and Candyman you have a treat coming your way. The newest collection of Candyman Just dropped. It features so many lingerie for men including full body and stockings along with the amazing thongs and g-strings you come to know from Candyman. Here is a quick look at the new collection but there is so much more! At the UNB Store you can get 20% off with code Candyman2 at check out.

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