Fan-favorite Bike is back at it with some new jocks. The Pride jock is one of the newest. I believe this is the first time we have seen a pride jock from the brand. It’s great to see them embrace the LGBTQ+ community and make it part of their lineup.

Here is what Bike says about the pair:

Join us in celebrating PRIDE all year long! With every sale of the BIKE® PRIDE Jockstrap, a portion of your sale will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign (

Our comfortable, lightweight, moisture-wicking jockstrap is constructed to support you firmly and comfortably. The new comfort elastic band with the signature BIKE® logo, and the colors of PRIDE, make this jock a perfect choice for showing your PRIDE all year long. Great for a workout or under your everyday gear

I love the print they used as well as the Bike Logo in the Rainbow print!!! It’s a different take on the pride rainbow. The swimmer jock (smaller waistband) is perfect for this pair as well.

PAIR: Bike Pride Jock
COLOR: As shown
FABRIC: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex
SIZE: X-Small – 3 X-Large
PRICE: $30.00

Bike class white Jockstrap for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Bike Athletic.

Rating: 8/10 

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • A good pouch (not a cup pouch) made out of woven breathable material
  • The pouch is very stretchy, so plenty of wiggle room
  • Leg straps sit comfortable and don’t dig in 
  • It comes in multiple colors black, white, red, and blue 
  • Sizing goes from X-Small to 3 XL


  • The pouch is a bit narrow towards the waistband 
  •  2″ waistband is thicker than most brand

Erik recommendation: whether you’re into the classic or modern look in terms of comfort, this Bike jock is an excellent addition to any underwear drawer. If you’re looking for comfort, this jockstrap is excellent for both exercising and all-day wear. Looks wise, it definitely gives that classic jock look to make you feel strong or for an impromptu photoshoot.

This is my first time wearing Bike, and I must say I am not disappointed. This jockstrap has a much wider waistband than I am used to. It didn’t pinch or roll. While I usually only wear jockstraps at the gym, I could see this as daily wear as well.

I wore this during my cardio workout because I like the flexibility. The straps didn’t dig into my legs or ride up like other brands I’ve worn. This kept everything in place during my jog and time on the elliptical without having to readjust everything every so often. While I don’t usually wear jockstraps for all-day wear, I can definitely see this being a comfortable pair to wear.

The construction of this jockstrap is very well done. The pouch is a supporter pouch (not a cup pouch) and is a woven fabric that I felt would begin to fray after a couple of uses, but it’s held its shape for after multiple uses and washes. While I prefer a wider pouch, this one gets a tad bit narrow as it got up towards the waistband, which isn’t my favorite look on my body anyway. 

I received a large labeled 36-38 waist, which is the size I usually wear, and it fit as intended. Over this past year, my weight has fluctuated slightly, so I was expecting this to be super tight. It fit rather nicely even after adding a few extra lbs. It can be frustrating when not all brands use the same fit standards, but this jock was true to size. 

While not all brands offer, the classic jockstrap Bike has definitely set the bar on looks and feel. While this may differ from a modern jockstrap, this would be an excellent addition for any gym-goer or underwear enthusiast.

Product Details:

  • Fabric: 70% Nylon, 20% Cotton, 5% Rubber, 5% Polyester Supporter Pouch (not a cup pouch)
  • 2″ Comfort elastic waistband
  • 3/4″ Comfort elastic leg strap
  • Signature BIKE® logo displayed on a new, modern waistband
  • Price: $22

Bike Athletic furnished the Athletic Classic Jockstrap for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Bike 

Rating: 8.6/10 

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10


  • The classic is back! 
  • Super comfy throughout the day
  • Great for active day and the gym


  • I wish the pouch were wider at the top

I was excited to try the classic jocks by Bike. I have very fond memories of the jocks from my younger days. At the same time, this jock isn’t’ classic #10. It’s still a classic and produced after the initial #10 jock was retired. When I slid it on, there was one thing that caught my attention. The pouch didn’t fit snug as I usually liked, and I hoped this pair would live up to the memories I had. There was only one way to see, and that was to wear it for the day. 

Since I was wearing a jock, I decided to wear this on an active day. It was a lot of running around and lifting this day. As I got busy throughout my day, I forgot I was wearing a jock. That means I never noticed the leg straps or the pouch. Much to my worry, the pouch held up well. I guess I like a wider top to the pouch. I still would love it to be a bit wider at the top; that is my only complaint about this pair. As I moved through the day, everything stayed in place, and the legs didn’t roll, waistband bunch, or the pouch lost support. 

The Construction on both jocks I have reviewed for BIKE has been pretty good. There have been no issues with fabric or Construction.  I judge the jock by the leg straps. I have had jocks in the past rip the leg straps. After wearing, I always inspected, and I didn’t see any loose threads or stitching. Also, I haven’t heard anyone out there complain about the jocks either. This means they are doing a pretty good job at making these astounding jocks. 

Sizing hasn’t been an issue with me. I am an XL and size 42 right now. The XL wasn’t binding or constricting in the waistband. When I used to wear jocks to college, they would be so tight that They would drive me crazy halfway through the day. Running around and doing my job didn’t bind me and caused any restrictive motions when I was running around and doing my job. I’m kind of impressed by it. 

If you are looking for a classic jock that meets form and functions, the Classic Jockstrap. The new Bike isn’t quite like the old Bike, but it’s doing a great job recreating the classics. I’m happy because they are making the classics but wearable and functional for sports and every day. 

  • PAIR: Bike Athletic Classic Jockstrap
  • COLORS: White
  • FABRIC: 70% Nylon, 20% Cotton, 5% Rubber, 5% Polyester Supporter Pouch (not a cup pouch)
  • SIZES: X-Small – 3X-Large
  • COST: $20

Bike Athletic furnished the Mesh Jockstrap for review. . All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Bike Athletic

Rating: 8/10 

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • A good pouch made out of a nice mesh material. 
  • The waistband is tight but not too tight to bind and feel uncomfy
  • Leg straps feel great and never twisted or felt tight
  • It comes in green my favorite color. 
  • Sizing goes from X-Small to 3 Extra Large 


  • The pouch is a bit smaller, it could be a bit wider at the top but that’s my personal preference 
  • Some guys may not like it’s just in green (I think this is a pro) 
  • If you are big fan of the classic #10 jock you may not like the modern design. 

UNB Tim recommendation: If you are looking for a solid jock, the Bike Atheltic Mesh Jock is a great pair to choose. To me, it feels really nice against the skin. The pair lives up to the history of the Bike Brand and is a great new generation of jocks. It can be worn as regular underwear or as athletic wear. I def would suggest adding this to your underwear drawer if you are a jock fan or even a semi jock fan. 

It’s great to see an iconic brand like Bike back in business. For a while there it seemed the brand would be banished into the underwear wasteland. I grew up wearing Bike jocks and it was almost a rite of passage to get your first jock for sports. Even after sports, I would wear them under jeans and for fun times. Then in the in recent years the brand ended (or thereabouts). The new brand has taken the classic designs and updated them for modern times. 

The first pair I am reviewing is the Mesh Jockstrap in Olive. May I note that this is my favorite color! This pair had a leg up on every other pair just for that. I was going to be active and such but decided to have a low-key day and relax around the house. This won’t put it through the paces as athletic but will for underwear. Plus, most guys I know wear jocks for everyday wear and not just athletic. 

When I first slid the pair on I noticed the pouch was a bit smaller than I remembered and fit a little different at first. This gave me concern that the pouch may not hold up to a day’s wear. However, as the day wore on I was pleasantly surprised by the pouch. It may be cut smaller but it’s really comfortable, The mesh fabric felt tremendous and not like a cheese grater. Another thing I loved about this pair was it didn’t feel like I was wearing a jock, ok bare with me for a sec. When you wear a jock many times, the leg straps can dig in or twist and annoy you throughout the day. Or, the waistband can be tight and restricting. When I talked to Bike, they said this was one of their popular styles, and I can tell why, other than the color, it fits great, and the mesh fabric is breathable and comfy. 

Sizing is always different for each brand. It can run small or large. Overall I have to say Bike is pretty spot on. The waistband fits nice but is not too tight. I don’t feel like it’s digging into me. I received an XL, which is the standard size I wear, and it’s perfect for me. The older versions would always be super tight and sometimes bind; the newer ones seem not to have that issue. 

Overall, it’s a great pair. It’s a two thumbs up from me and a must for any jock lovers drawer. I don’t think you guys will be disappointed in the slightest. I will have more Bike Jock reviews soon, so stay tuned. 

PAIR: Bike Atheltic Mesh Jock – Olive
FABRIC: 89% Nylon, 11% Spandex Supporter Pouch (not a cup pouch)
SIZES: X-Small – 3X-Large
COST: $28.00

jock-fashion-functionJockstraps have been going through a renaissance as of late. Back in 2010 I proclaimed it the year of the jock. Before this most jocks were relegated to the locker room or fetish situations. There were basically two kinds of jocks. The traditional 3-inch waistband or the Swimmer with the 1 inch waistband. The perfect example of this is the Bike #10 Jock. It pretty much came in white. In the 90’s they branched out in to a few colors but the styles stayed the same.

We flash forward to 2010 and everyone started to make them in all sorts of fabrics and colors. In 2014 you can find a jock in any color of the rainbow and in just about any fabric. The design is changing as well. Many companies have taken the jock and made it their own. The perfect example of it is the C-IN2 Grip jock. Not only did they play with the design but they also made it in newer material that makes it perfect for working out or being active.

Each year more and more companies take the jock and put a new spin on it. I didn’t think in 2010 that the trend would last longer than a year or so. I was dead wrong on that. Second, the original jock had been around for decades with out real innovation. Would companies really design new jocks and experiment with fabrics? I really wasn’t sure, but they did and created a really great new category.


Some recent developments in the jock world are:

  • Baskit developed the first hybrid, the Jockbrief –As you know it’s taking a brief and giving it a jock back. This only fueled to the jock fenzy
  • N2N Bodywear created jock swimwear – You may say this sounds strange but the pair was very cool. I have two of them and while I never wore them as swim I have worn them as underwear. They were prob the best made jock I ever wore
  • Bike Discontinues #10 Jock – It was a sad day when I learned from Jockstrap Central the #10 jock was being discontinued. This is a classic that all guys should have in their underwear drawer.

There are too many more to mention. Just about every company has their jock. So no matter what your love you can find a jock in that color or fabric! So which kind of jock lover are you? Are you an old school guy? Or Do you love the new? Or a mix of both? Let us know!


It’s been a few years since I played softball, ok I admit I wasn’t very good at it. In fact I was really bad at it. But, I had a lot of fun while doing it. While I played I experimented with a few different jocks and cups. Not all of them are created equal. I guess you could say my love of undies carried over into softball. Granted this is not a complete list but ones I would recommend for the sport.

  • UnderArmour Men’s Performance Jock with Cup Pouch – $14.99 – This was my favorite jock I wore while playing. I would not recommend wearing it without a cup as the pouch is designed to be work with a jock. The reason I love this jock is it’s made for sports. It wicks the moisture away from your body. The material also made to stretch and move with you through the game. It really conformed to the cup and my body. Other cup jocks I tried either made it difficult to put the cup in or didn’t cover your package fully. (top left in pic)
  • Bike #10 Jockstrap – $16.95 – If you want to go old school then check out the Bike #10 Jock. It was the first one that all the other jocks are based on. During the 80’s when you said jockstrap you only thought of Bike. Today there are hundreds of jocks. This one was made for sports. It wasn’t made for fashion. Granted now it’s available in colors. (top right in pic)
  • Shock Doctor Supporter with Carbon Fiber Cup – $24.95 – This is a cup I would recommend to those who want a really cool cup. It just looks awesome. It’s form and function in one. The front part of the cup is made out of carbon fiber and can take an impact (but I hope you won’t have to experience that). Its not the cheapest but both the jock and cup look pretty cool. For those gear guys out there, who are like me, you want it to be fun and protective. (bottom left in pic)
  • Bike Protective Hard Cup Support – $12.99 – When I played I preferred the Bike brand cups. The main reason is they had enough room in the cup. If the cup is too small it won’t offer much protection since it won’t cover your package. This cup was so comfy that when I used to have to wear it all day, I usually forgot I was wearing a cup. These are getting harder and harder to find though. They are no longer sold at sports authority in store, and even searching on line proved problematic (bottom right in pic)

Up until now we have discussed traditional jocks. But with the advent of the jock brief it could definitely be worn under your softball pants/shorts. I wouldn’t recommend it with a cup. If you wear a cup I would say get a jock made for a cup. If you don’t the cup could move and not offer protection. But if you have a position like I did (right field) you can wear what you want.

I know many of you like to wear matching undies. Now with jockbriefs and fashion jocks you can get them in a rainbow of colors that would match your teams colors. Some brands you should check out would be Baskit, Timoteo/Cellblock13, Andrew Christian and Go Softwear. This is just a suggestion.

We hope you enjoy this short list Finding protective gear is not easy these days. I have tried all the ones listed above and if you are starting back check them out. If you get one of the non traditional jocks/jockbriefs, let us know which you wear! For protective gear I would suggest surfing International Jock, they have the best and easiest to browse selection. As for non traditional jocks go to the brands websites.


It’s time to vote in Underwear of the Month? Which pair should be crowned the winner? Unlike the current election, you get to vote more then once! We also encourage you to tell us why the pair you voted should be Underwear of the Month. We just may quote you in the winner post if your pair wins. If you want to include a first name or initials we will give you credit as well. Below if the Ballot and Vote!



To be honest, we’re not sure if this is a re-release of a old product or just a refashioning of an old classic, but when we heard about the Classic Bike Swimmer Jocks being produced in colors we knew we had to get them in pronto.

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Something to consider: The Bike #10s have been discontinued for the North American market and Jockstrap Central is fearful that their days may be numbered from their European supplier as well.

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The Bike #10 jockstrap is the one that started it all and for many, there simply hasn’t been a better jockstrap made since. The great news is that for the next 3 days, until Sunday, May 8th at midnight we’ve got them marked down 15%.

Something to consider: The Bike #10s have been discontinued for the North American market and although we import them in, we are fearful that their days may be numbered from our European supplier as well.

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The Bike #10 jockstrap is the one that started it all and for many, there simply hasn’t been a better jockstrap made since. The great news is that for the next 2 days, until Friday, October 15th at midnight Jockstrap Central has got them marked down 15%.

Something to consider: The Bike #10s have been discontinued for the North American market and Jockstrap Central is fearful that their days may be numbered from their European supplier as well.

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Jocks are always a style that many guys find hot. They can be used for both form and function. I was researching how jocks were invented and remembered that Jockstrap Central has a history of jocks. There were two stories on how they were invented, the first is a Finnish athlete invented them. The second and more probable one is the Bike company invented them in 1874. Either way we are glad they were invented.

Today’s jocks are really divided into two separate styles, Swimmers or Traditional. Traditional jocks have the 3 inch waistband, where as the simmers have the 1 inch waist band. This is kind of a crude dividing section because in the last few years jocks have really come into the world of underwear and is no longer something you just wear in the locker room. We now have mesh, spandex, colors and new designs.

We are going to profile a few of the traditional and new jocks that are out there today. Jocks are just as diverse as any other underwear style.

  • McKillop U/W No. 1.5 Jock – McKillop has taken the jock to the next level. They have added comfort and function in one. They are perfect for wearing to the gym or just as every day wear. They may look plain but designer Ryan McKillop wanted the jocks he designs to be free from padding and branding. McKillop only makes jocks and pouch (without straps), so their main focus is making the best jock available
  • Bike #10 Jockstrap – This is the classic jock many great up wearing. They were pretty much standard issue for any sports you played in High School or College. They have the 3 inch waistband and pouch made out of nylon. These used to be one of the few jocks and only in the white color. In the 90’s they branched out to black and then to other colors. When most people think of Jocks this is what they think of, but Bike discontinued these in the US and Jockstrap Central is the only place you can get them. Bike changed the design and made them more ergonomically for men. Some have said the newer jocks just don’t fit as well as this pair.
  • Nasty Pig Rubber Jock 2.0 – Jocks have always been part of the fetish world. Its part of the masculinity and also the design. Jocks have a full pouch and an open seat. Nasty Pig has done some interesting things with jocks. The one we are profiling is the rubber jock. It’s yellow with a black racing stripe on the pouch, and the pouch is made out of rubber. This jock is definitely made for showing rather then hiding under clothes. They have made this jock in many colors and continue to make better with each version.
  • Zakk Leopard Spandex Jock – The last Jock we are covering is one that is pretty wild. Animal prints are becoming very popular in men’s underwear. More and more companies are doing it. This pair is a swimmer jock with the 1 inch waistband, with a spandex pouch with a really cool leopard print. Its not one you would wear to the gym, but would definitely be more of a date night pair or something you could possibly wear under a suit to break up the conservative clothing with something sexy.

Jocks don’t have to be just for sports. More and more guys are wearing them for every day wear or at least a few times a week. If you have not ever tried one, then now is the time to get one. They can be a fun pair to wear under your suit or just to mix up your underwear pairs. Remember always try to step outside of your underwear box and try new pairs.

I want to thank Jockstrap Central for the pics in this post!

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  • His Room has the Brilliant from Giulio. They come in just that Brilliant colors. They include boxer briefs, boxers and briefs. If you like colors then you will love these! Check out the entire line
  • Wyzman has brand new styles from Ed Hardy and Candyman. Ed Hardy is known for interesting and fun designs. While Candyman has some really fun and sexy designs. So go have some fun with your undies.
  • For the next three days Jockstrap Central is  giving 15% off all new style Bike jockstraps. These already affordable jockstraps are even cheaper, but the sale ends in three days on Sunday, May 2nd (at midnight.) Bike redesigned their classics a while back to give you even more support and comfort. Improving on the waistband design, it now sports the Bike logo and is made of a softer plush backed elastic. Still as rugged as ever for sports but now comfortable enough to wear as regular underwear!
  • International Jock has new 2(x)ist Camo & Modal, LASC Swimwear and the DKNY Rugby collection. The cam look really fun. Its great to see some really fun styles coming back to men’s underwear. And with summer around the corner check out LASC swim and sportswear!
  • C-IN2U is giving you 25% off everything till May 3rd. They are having an inventory sale, the more they sell the less they have to count. Just make sure you use code “STOCKTAKE” at check out!

We continue our Buyers Guide today with 4 more great styles! We have one more day and then we will be done till Christmas!


Company: AussieBum
Style: Solider Brief
Cost: $27.19 (cost will vary due to exchange rate)

Prepare for battle with these babies. Inspired by military camoflague print these masculine looking briefs are combined with our wide-width metallic waistband for a unique and fresh strong look. “95% Cotton, 5% Elastane Gentle machine wash in cold water. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach or wring. Line dry in shade. Do not tumble dry. Do Not Iron”


Company: Jockstrap Central
Style: Bike #10 Bike Athletic Supporter

After over two years, we finally sold out of our original Bike #10 stock and we thought they were gone forever as they are no longer being manufactured, but we’re happy to announce… They’re Back! And for the first time in years in North America, Bike #10 Jockstraps are now available in colors.    It wasn’t easy to get our hands on them and we can’t tell you how we got them (or we’ll have to kill you – kidding!) but we jumped through hoops and now here they are.  We don’t need to tell you, but these are the ultimate jockstrap. They’re the one that started it all and for many, there just isn’t another jockstrap like it.

yhst-68678113255667_2072_134860978 yhst-68678113255667_2072_134697925

Company: Cityboyz Fashions
Style: Papi Motion Thong
Cost: $16.00

Papi is a term universally spoken, utilized and understood to celebrate the spirit, strength, and sex appeal of today’s young man. Papi Underwear is a premium brand that targets todays young consumer where luxury is important in all aspects of life. Enter the world of Papi where excitement has no end! Papi’s, famous underwear is available at your fingertips from New MOTION Collection from PAPI Sportswear. Collection features a stylish tribal print in cool contrast colors. The material mix is 95% Polyester/5% Spandex.


Company: N2N Bodywear
Style: Waistband Brief
Cost: $19.00

N2N is known for their really hot styles. They have done some really awesome undies this past year, but the one we are recommending is the N2N Waistband Brief. This brief has traditional styling with the great N2N fit! I think this brief shows the versatility of N2N as a company. We reviewed it here earlier this year. We recommend you picking one up!

The last installment of the Guide will be out tomorrow and look forward to something BIG for our Christmas Gift Guidde



Finally! Hard cup supporters from Flarico and Bike are now available on Jockstrap Central. If you need solid protection for hockey, baseball or simply from a good swift kick in the balls, these jockstraps will do the trick.

The Bike Cup Supporters are the true classics with a contoured molded cup constructed with durable co-polymer with a soft rubber gasket to prevent irritation and chafing. We also have Flarico’s classic molded thermoplastic polymer and rubber cup supporter which has provided protection to “the boys” since 1890. Also in stock is Flarico’s new Flex cup. This “modern” contour flex cup is a high impact resistant hard cup with flexible sides for better mobility and better fit. All three cups include athletic supporters with built in pouches to hold the cups firmly in place.

Of course, the new cups are presented Jockstrap Central style, oozing with sexuality and feature our latest model Christopher (who’ll you’ll be seeing lots more of in the upcoming weeks) and hunky Gabe. Enjoy!


11Here is an email we got from Brief Tales, its great if you’re looking for a jock!

This Season’s…Heatin’ Up-
And Our Testosterone Is RISING!
On the Baseball Diamond- in the Pool- on the Track or Cross-Country Trail…

Get Up!  Get Going!…Warm Up In A Fresh New Jock!

Active Man Jockstrap Last time we showed off our New Jocks from- ActivenMan! with a 3″ waist band,or the sleek Sport…

Bike Jockstrap – Kirk But Don’t Ever Forget About-Our Classic Bikes! …hard and soft options, go wide-or get in the swim!

And Stretch Out Even More In:SafeTGard Blue SafeTGard Red SafeTGuard!
…extra Color, Style, and Size options!

Options!  We’ve got ’em!
More Logos, Styles, Colors, Fabrics… even Leather!
Check out our other BriefTales Jockstrap Options: Baskit, RIPS, Activeman, Bike, CN2, Champion, GoSoftWear, Jocko, MalePower, SafeTgard, N2N.

So come on- STRIVE!  And… gotta say it:



When we saw the new camouflage fabric, we loved it so much we decided to not just bring in the jockstrap, but also the cheek boxer, jock-string, and thong. We had just met our new model Stefano (more on him later) with his good looks and slim athletic build and we just knew he was just the guy for this new gear. And we were right.

All the new gear is constructed with Joe Snyder’s signature s-t-r-e-t-c-h Plyamide/Lycra fabric that molds and forms to all your assets. Each of these four styles have unique design elements:

The Stretch Jockstrap has a peek-a-boo pouch design, convenient when you get so excited from wearing this sexy gear.

The Cheek Boxer has a contoured front pouch and the back side is cut high and has a rear center seam that clearly defines each cheek.

The Jock String marries the styling of a jock with it’s wider front pouch and dual back string straps, but with an adjustable loop that joins the leg straps and act more like a string keeping the straps centered between your cheeks.

And finally, the Thong has a classic thong back but has a very narrow front pouch perfect for those who like to point to the sky.


First we brought back the Bike #10 and now we’re happy to announce the return of the Classic Bike Swimmer Jock. There’s just nothing like the classics and we wouldn’t be the ultimate jockstrap store without them.


You saw it here first! This stylin’ new jockstrap from Activeman has a white ultra thin one inch waistband and a black pouch. Wear it to work or to work out, it’s perfect for both. Of course the best thing about an Activeman jockstrap is the price – just $8.95 (US)


The new hottie in the photo above and starting to appear all over the site and in a new “extras” gallery is model and Toronto fitness trainer Stefano. With his good looks and fantastic athletic build, he’s the perfect package. And speaking of, he’s got it going on in that department as well.

Interestingly, he told us he was comfortable with nudity, so we not only got him in a lot of upcoming mesh jockstraps but we also asked him to demonstrate the peek-a-boo feature of the Joe Snyder jockstrap. Well, as a testament to just how erotic that jockstrap is, when he pulled his wiener out he had a full erection. That’s how turned on he was wearing that jock. Want proof? Just check out the final product shot for the Joe Snyder Camo Stretch Jock over on Jockstrap Central.

10% DISCOUNT CODE: “ireadit”

From now until April 1st, please accept this discount code that will get you 10% off your entire order on Jockstrap Central.

To use this code, just place something in your shopping cart on Jockstrap Central, then on the shopping cart page, enter “ireadit” (without the quotes) in the discount coupon box and then hit the “Add Coupon” button. 10% will then be deducted off what’s in your shopping cart and anything you add to it afterwards.

Just want to let you know that we’ve extended our 15% off sale for one more day. You have until midnight (EST), December 29th to head over to Jockstrap Central and take advantage of this great offer.

How Do I Do It?

It’s easy. As soon as you put anything into your shopping cart on Jockstrap Central, on the cart page, you’ll see a box to input a discount code. Just type “allaboutme” (without the quotes) and click the “Add Coupon” button and 15% will be deducted from your total. You can continue shopping, or continue to the check out. Anything else you put into the shopping cart during that session will also have the 15% deducted.

Have a great New Years:

While there make sure you check out the #10 Jockstraps. They are back and we would recommend them!