I was surfing Tumblr, yup, you heard me right, Tumblr, and I ran across someone posting beefy boys in some skimpy undies. I was intrigued and noticed the PPG logo on the briefs and waistbands. I Googled PPG underwear, and a Japanese Brand came up called Propaganda Underwear. At first, I was a little let down because I know many Japanese brands don’t go past 34/36 waist. However, when I looked up the size chart, it goes up to 108 CM, aka 42 inches! I was ecstatic!

I love super skimpy bikinis and briefs. They are what I grew up on and love. However, being a beefy guy, a lot of the simple stuff that I feel sexy and most comfortable with doesn’t come in my size. As you can see, Propaganda comes in larger sizes and has a hot beefy guy modeling it. I want to order EVERYTHING.

Not only does Propaganda make bikinis, thongs, and boxer briefs. They have several singlets that I am so here for and think are super cute. They take the unique Japanese style and make some of the best undies. The Lifeguard brief with the pink or orange (I can’t tell by the pic) is super fun. I want to try out some of these styles. I feel I won’t be let down and will love them. Please go check them out!!! If you do, let me know what you think!

This weekend I had a chance to talk to Eric, the founder and CEO of Neude. Neude just recently launched a Kickstarter on Wednesday. As I write this, they are already halfway to their goal of $10,000 and will reach their goal of $15,000 eof asy!

Our talk I found out that Eric has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years, including being a stylist for many A-list clients, which many of you may have seen on the red carpet. He’s taking this experience and channeling it into to his new brand Neude.

When I talked to Eric, he said one of his primary goals was to focus on sustainability. This includes the packaging and the items he produces. I know that more and more guys are looking for sustainability in their underwear. Outside of sustainability, here are some areas his brand is going to offer:

  • A comfortable fit
  • Breathable fabric
  • Supportive & lifting features
  • Neutral styling options
  • Versatility for any outfit

Lastly, one thing that struck me about him is he’s going to make a brand for all men. He’s not focused on guys with abs who are 20 years old. This first line will be small, but I expect him to grow his line into more colors and styles! Go check out the Neude Kickstarter and when they go live for sale, we will let you know.

I was browsing my Instagram feed and saw a video of guys ripping off their shorts to reveal swim briefs. Initially, I thought it was a new brand coming on the market doing something fun to gain attention. However, I was wrong. It’s the brand Chubbies. You may know them from their shorts and swimwear. Everyone I know who has tried them loves the shorts and swim.

I was a little taken aback that Chubbies were making swim briefs. They are a more “mainstream” brand with a broad audience and physical stores. That means they will be exposing any more guys to swim briefs. Yes, some of these guys will get these as a joke. I can see many drunken pool parties where bros rip their shorts off after a few drinks, but I would like to think that some of these guys will try them and go, “damn, these are comfy; I need more of these.”

There are just two styles the Electric Cowboy (the one pictured at the top) and the Wedding Crasher. It appears the briefs and shorts come together as one. But it’s not clear in the writing that the briefs are included. The briefs appear in product pictures so you would assume that. As for sizing, Ryan from the podcast brought up a good point, what if you wanted a Large short but a medium brief? There is no way to mix and match sizes.

I haven’t tried Chubbies, in my swim shorts search last year it was out of my price point for swimwear. When I asked for recommendations I received more replies featuring Chubbies. This combo is $85 for either style.

Are you a fan of the N2N Bodywear’s Raider line? If so, rejoice; the line is back for a brief time. They have just dropped the brief (pictured above) and the thong (which is selling fast. They are already out of mediums as I write this.) The Raider is a sexy line made of a semi-transparent fabric that teases just enough skin without giving it all away. The only color for these is black, so get them now.

If you’ve been dreaming of finding soft fabrics, classic designs, and modern trends in one brand, Clever 2023-2 has new and exciting concepts. You can select from boxers, jockstraps, briefs, leggings, and swimwear thongs; a style suits every body type and preference. If you have never experienced this pleasure, don’t be afraid to try them.

This new collection is on sale until Tuesday with code Clever32 at check out at the UNB Store. Shop the entire collection at the UNB Store.

Ergowear just dropped a spring color update to the Max SE line. The new fresh colors are lilac, light blue, and mint. Get 20% off this line and other Ergowear at the UNB Store with code Clever32.

Every MAX SE Bikini is manufactured using our polyester-elastane microfiber, that is soft, fast-drying and also highly elastic.

Polyester is one of the strongest artificial fibers, but thanks to its construction as a microfiber, it becomes extremely smooth on the body. Elastane is blended in to make it adaptable to the body. Moisture can easily evaporate through the fabric, making it fast-drying both on the body and after washing.

The WorldPride kicked last Friday – best occasion to feel the sexiest at the beach or in parties.Teamm8 released the most sustainable swimwear ever with 100% recycled polyester. But also, the BASS Collection has two new swimwear styles : the bikini and the thong.Go high, go low and back it up in the body confident Bass Swim Collection. 

It’s all about the Bass!

THE BASS swimwear collection: 

It’s Jockstrap Wednesday. I love sharing a new jock I found with you guys! When I first decided to relaunch this segment, I wondered if there were enough jocks to choose from. There are many to choose from, from classic jocks to fashion jocks. This week I chose one of my favorite prints, Giraffe.

With 2(X)IST’s SLIQ Jock Strap, every season is party season. It is ideal for showcasing your assets and will draw attention due to its low rise and nearly-naked fit. With this incredibly silky fabric, you’ll always look your best and feel fantastic. Party all day long, guys!

The design of this fashion jock has super slim leg straps. Perfect for those who don’t like the wide-leg straps of classic jocks. The waistband is a traditional underwear waistband about an inch wide. The fabric of the Sliq jock is a 88% Polyester / 12% Spandex blend. Making this a jock that will be comfy for all-day wear to the office or hanging out. Could you wear it to the gym, sure, but expect many looks from others because of the design and print.

Get this pair at the 2(X)IST website.

I love drawing, and when I’m stressed or anxious, I sit down and draw. I’m getting so much better at Procreate. I wanted to update some icons this past month, so I sat down and started to draw. The one thing I focused on was the pouch/bulge. My ideas returned to the pouch (we know I love a pouch.) The first pair I created was the bikini and then the classic jock. Then I was inspired to go through and redo all the different pairs. I know this isn’t everything, but it’s a good selection of the pairs most guys wear.

I didn’t stop with underwear; I drew swimwear (I’m missing the swim shorts), spandex workout wear (tights and shorts), and a whole set of singlets. Those will be coming out soon. You may notice that the thong on here is a little different from the Thonger tees I have created.

Feel free to take this and share this on your social media. Also, tell me which one of the pairs you like to wear! And make sure you tag me at @UNBTIM when you do! Stay tuned for a 101 series as well!

My first weakness is bikini briefs, and my second weakness is singlets! N2N Bodywear puts out more singles than any other company out there. I would be broke in about two months if I bought every singlet they put out. But I’m glad they are making them because it shows you guys love them as well! They are just fun and feel like a spandex hug.

This singlet is interesting not because it’s an N2N Bodywear singlet but because College wrestler Spencer Lee inspired it. I had to Google him, and he’s quite an accomplished collegiate wrestler. I don’t know this story, but I will get it for you guys.

As you can see, the Spencer singlet is more of a competitive style design. It has longer legs and a higher cut on the chest. I love these because one of the first singlets I ever bought was exactly like this! I would suggest that if you are a singlet fan, you have one of these in your collection. You can wear it to the gym (if your gym lets you) or throw a sweatshirt over it in the winter.

Check out this singlet at N2N bodywear.

Hut, hut, hike! Get the game started in top form with our all new collab with model, trainer and fitness author, RYAN GREASLEY. Taking athletic style to it’s sublime best, The Ryan Jock features all the support you’ll need while pushing yourself to the absolute limit! Superior construction and quality materials elevate this sports Jock to iconic status. Available in Navy, Red and White at

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