Matador Meggings provided the Navy/Blue Meggings for review. The opinions are that of the reviewer.


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall – 9.8


  • Unique and thoughtful details
  • Variety of designs
  • Comfortable and functional


  • Some issues with the tights sliding down
  • Higher price point

Call them tights, call them leggings, call them whatever you want. They are a growing trend in the world of athleisure wear, and I am here for it! I was excited when the opportunity presented itself for me to try Matador Meggings.

When I first slipped the tights on, I immediately noticed that they really molded to my body in a good way. They aren’t as tight as some compression pants I’ve tried, but hugged my body more than traditional tight. I found it to be just the right balance and great support for a workout.

The second thing I noticed was all the small details, which really help Matador Meggings stand out from their competitors. As someone who loves to wear tights to the gym, it can be annoying to figure out what to do with the things that I typically have in my pockets when I wear shorts. Where do I put my phone, wallet, keys? Matador has thought of all of these things and provided not one, but two pockets! One pocket has a zipper to keep valuables such as your wallet or keys secure. The second pocket was perfect for holding my phone. There is also a loop in the back where you can run a towel through so you’ve got it handy to wipe down your gym equipment. These details make the tights ideal to wear to the gym or to run your errands, or both!

So how did these hold up to a workout? Pretty good! The only issue I had is that I did find they slipped down through my workout. This is not uncommon for me as my butt is on the big side, but there were moments where I definitely knew my thong underneath was on display. I decided to try working out without anything underneath and found that the slipping didn’t happen as much. I’ve also been informed that a new design will be launched soon which includes a drawstring, which will eliminate that issue.

You might be thinking, wearing nothing underneath your tights? Can you do that? What about VPL? No worries! Matador Meggings thought of this and has provided a soft cup in the crotch to prevent visible penis line. I really appreciate this feature because even though I don’t mind showing off online, sometimes VPL is a bit much for Midwestern suburban gyms. For guys who wear shorts over their tights, it’s time to ditch the shorts and wear tights with pride, without worrying about showing it all off. If you are a guy who likes to be more on display, you can easily remove the crotch cup and let it all hang.

Overall, there’s little that I don’t like about these tights, and the issues I did have are going to be rectified soon with a new design. I do hope that future product releases include full-length tights (the current design is 3/4 length) and shorts. I know the higher price point will be of concern to some guys, but I feel these tights offer a lot for the money. The attention to design details and their sustainability efforts help Matador Meggings stand out from many other brands. I’ve already got my eyes on some of the other designs!

  • PAIR: Matador Meggings Navy/Blue
  • COLORS: Variety of colors & patterns
  • FABRIC: Feather-weight, sweat-wicking, 4-way stretch, polyester & lycra mix fabric
  • SIZES: Small – X-Large (27″-36″)
  • COST: $88.00



  1. Kev Wonfer Reply

    A “crotch cup” ? Oh lord. No straight guy is gonna buy this or stop with his shorts coverup.

  2. Mark McMenamin Reply

    I bought a pair of these and like them. But I have to say the slipping down is an issue for me, with or without a thong. I look forward to the drawstring. Until then I just wear a longer shirt. They are great.

  3. A cup to hide VPL? Come on. Instead, how about we quit body shaming men for having penises? Nobody asks women to duct tape their boobs down. It’s just stupid and toxic. Get over it, people. Men have penises. It’s no surprise. Nobody should have to hide.

  4. These tights are great! Performance at its best. Fit, style and detail off the chart and they feel so damn comfortable. The VPL cup is comfortable and no one should feel indifferent about it. Would like to see less prints and more solid colors. Thank you from one very satisfied customer.

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