The only expression my mind can muster at the start of this article is…. Hallelujah! It only took 145 years for Jockey to understand that adult men’s underwear should fit adult men instead of 12-year-old boys. Additionally, adult men should not have to create pouches in their briefs over time by stretching them. I know there are plenty of pictures circling the internet of men with large endowments wearing regular Jockey white briefs and looking comfortable. To each his own, we tend to say. Where they can flop it over to the side and carry on with their day, many other men are more comfortable with their junk pointed downward and held tightly to their bodies with a material death grip.

We can now offer thanks to the designers at Jockey for introducing us to the Jockey® Chafe Proof Pouch Cotton Stretch 5” Boxer Brief. It’s billed as having a chafe proof pouch that’s “ergonomically engineered to wrap around and under your anatomy.” Trust that we at Underwear News Briefs know that this is not a new design. Other companies in the underwear game have been making a killing off this design for years already. It is, however, quite exciting that a mainstream underwear company like Jockey has realized this was needed. We’ve seen this kind of marketing from Hanes as the Total Support Pouch. They’ve marketed breathable material in the crotch, and they’ve marketed underwear that would stay in place and not bunch, but this is a different game. 

I’m happy that Jockey has designed underwear for men who don’t feel like paying $20 or more for a single pair. Granted, on the Jockey website, they are listed for $18, but with their almost consecutive sales events, you won’t be spending that much. I have bought two pairs already. The first pair was $18, but the sale price was added to shipping and taxes. As I write this, the latest pair that was just shipped from the warehouse was only $13. My first pair was red and black, and the second pair was a collage of colors offered in black, navy blue, and gray.

I wore these all day and couldn’t have been happier with the fit. The material hugged my thighs without moving during sitting or walking. The pouch hugged my junk with the care of a cloud while offering it a roomy area to breathe. Just the right amount of material was placed in the pouch to allow a material bucket to relax. 

I haven’t been able to wear my pouch briefs since gaining weight over the years. I’ve missed the opportunities to stand and wiggle the pouch playfully. I’ve had to wear boxer briefs to keep the fiery pits of hell from forming between my thighs. Jockey has now given me back the playfulness and the comfort I’ve been missing. My scoring of this underwear undoubtedly has to be “10s…10s…10s across the board.” If I could shake the person’s hand that designed these for Jockey, I would with the giddiness of a schoolgirl while offering a view of the pouch realness they created.


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