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MeUndies has been one of the most innovative underwear companies of the past few years. And, just a few weeks ago, they announced a huge update that I personally couldn’t be more thrilled about: they are now selling jockstraps and thongs. Yes, you heard that right.

I don’t think the brand gets nearly enough acclaim on this blog and among folks in what I would call “the underwear world,” but this hopefully will change that. This is a win/win for the brand. More guys who love jocks and thongs might try out the brand, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets a lot more guys who are MeUndies fans but who have never tried a jock or thong to branch out. 

As with their boxer briefs and trunks, which are some of my personal favorites, both of these styles feature a no-roll waistband and MicroModal that is breathable and comfortable. 

Both are available in four colors and from S to 4XL. Knowing MeUndies, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a bunch of new colors and patterns over the next few months. 

20% off coupon using this link. Definitely try out a pair (or ten).

One of my favorite people on social media is Gus Kenworthy. He is an Olympian who seems down to earth and using his celebrity to do some great things. He’s also an out Olympian, which to me is secondary to who he is as a person! He’s a great guy! He has teamed up with Meundies and their Celebrate Yourself line! Where $1 for each pair will go towards the Los Angeles LGBT Center. UNB is about equality and comfort for all. So I fully support this campaign!

MeUndies is a brand that I think doesn’t get nearly enough acclaim as it deserves. There have been a total of five articles about MeUndies on this site in the six years since it was founded. One was about socks. Only one was an actual review.

One thing that attracted me to the brand was its simplicity. They sell only boxer briefs, briefs, trunks, and boxers in one style each. Each of those styles comes in classic, bold, or adventurous colors and patterns. The classic and bold are solid colors such as Dark Sapphire or Spring Green. Adventurous, on the other hand, comes in bright and unique designs such as Desert Daze, and my personal favorite, Pizza. The waistband is free of any obtrusive logos and adds to the minimalist design.

The pair of boxer briefs I own from them is unquestionably one of my top five favorite pairs of underwear. I can’t say enough about their attention to detail and innovative design. They claim their fabric is three times softer than cotton, and I definitely concur with that assessment. It’s a blend of 92% MicroModal and 8% elastane, which gives it a lightweight feeling and prevents pilling. The pouch is also a highlight, as it provides just enough support without being too roomy or tight. Though I’ve been fooled by brands who say the legs don’t ride up, this has been true thus far for MeUndies, and the quality has not decreased as I’ve washed it more.

You also can’t go wrong with the trunks. The length really hits that sweet spot in terms of trunks, with just enough coverage on the leg. It perfectly conforms to the shape of your body and is especially good for guys with larger butts.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the same type of infatuation with the briefs they sell, as they’re a bit too high cut and square cut for my tastes. This is, of course, a personal preference, so it’s still worth a shot to try in my opinion. The briefs still have the same supple fabric and cradling pouch that makes me love the boxer briefs.

There’s literally no risk to trying MeUndies, since they have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so definitely consider trying out this “ridiculously comfortable underwear.”


I was surfing Facebook and there was something that caught my eye. It was, of all things, a Facebook ad for the new MeUndies Valentine’s underwear. It is a limited edition of Keith Haring. Who just happened to be one of my favorite artists of all time. In his most popular period was the late 80’s and early 90’s. He died in 1990, but his amazing art lives on.

MeUndies has taken his art and turned into amazing underwear. “In true Keith Haring style, this print is a bold celebration of love, featuring his classic work, “Haring Heart”. ” It really has been a while since I have seen much about him and his art. Back in the day he used to get political and was one of the first to really do art to bring attention to the AIDS epidemic. Which is in fact what he died from.

His art has always been something that has spoken to me. It may not be for everyone but it takes me back to my younger days and just makes me smile. His art has always spoken  to me. and this is a pair I MUST buy! Its too good to pass up. Keith Haring’s art has always focused around a heart. It’s one of the common themes that runs through his work.

Ok enough of the Art lesson. I get geeked out when I see his stuff. This is very unexpected from a Valentine’s Day pair. You think  of red, black or something with hearts. But I wouldn’t have thought of using an art print. It shows the creativity of the gang at MeUndies. They are thinking outside the box with the print. They score major points from me!

Now we have a great selection of undies. The collection is for both men and women. The three men’s styles are a boxer brief, trunk and brief. All pairs retail for $24.00. Also, sizes run from small to 3XL. You can join their club and save or just buy the pair. I hope you will go check out this amazing pair before it’s gone! It’s only at the MeUndies site.

The pair I get to review is the Me Undies Euro Brief. I know I hear a lot of you asking, who? But Me Undies is a company that came to our attention and they do undies that have classic cuts, which feature a Boxer Brief, Brief and Trunk. They have taken the classic undies and made them a little more stylish with color.

The first thing you notice is that all the pairs are a solid color. There aren’t any patterns or prints. The cuts are pretty classic in design. The brief was a little bigger then I like. I would have preferred a little smaller cut.

I wore these to work to see how they would do. Granted I don’t have a too strenuous job. It’s more office work and not too activity taxing. The briefs fit well and follow the sizing chart. The color I got was green. I did this because it’s my favorite color, and I don’t find too many green pairs.

If you are looking for classic but colorful underwear, these would be perfect for you. If you want something a little wilder then these definitely aren’t for you. They are affordable, comfortable and a nice pair of underwear. My only other complaint is I wish they had a better pouch. They weren’t bad but I like a little more support in front


  •  Great Color selection
  • Classic Styling
  • Affordable


  • Prefer a smaller cut
  • Wish they had a bigger pouch










Daily Wear


Overall *Out of 5*


This pair was furnished by Me Undies for $16.