So, I do love underwear! I used to wear all kinds: briefs, jockstraps, and thongs, but lately, probably around late 2016 and beyond, I have been focusing more on my love for thongs, specifically those with no wide elastic waistband and Lycra.

I started my love for underwear as a boy when I asked my dad to buy the colored and funky bikinis from Avon catalogs (yeah, they do sell clothes besides makeup!). And he would go and place the order: 100% cotton bikinis with fun prints: stripes, rectangles, polka dots, etc. I’d also buy plain and bold colors: red, blue, yellow and of course the basic black, gray and white.

I never cared for boxers. The furthest I went with those were boxer briefs, and I never really enjoyed them. I have thick thighs, so they would always end up rolling up, so uncomfortable.

As I grew older, I started buying my own underwear from regular brands like UCB and CK, mostly briefs since they were available locally in stores. As soon as I started talking with others in chat rooms, I discovered more brands: AC, 2Xist, Diesel, Aussie Bum, H&M, etc. I knew I wanted to try those and so, I did! My first lycra thong was a white CK some guy gave me as a present! Man, I loved that thong!

I remember my first solo trip; I went shopping at Macy’s, I bought beyond briefs, jockstraps, cotton thongs. I was hooked! From cheap Hang Ten and Joe Boxer to expensive CK, I at least owned 5 thongs, plenty of jockstraps, and briefs!

Later on, I realized I did love thongs the most and started wandering around sites like spandexguys and getting in touch with men who also enjoyed this fascination and thong fetish. Again, for me, it goes beyond a fetish since I do wear thongs regularly.

I started knowing about their brands, MuscleSkins, Joe Snyder, TM, JQK, Tendenze, Dory, iKingsky, Arroyman, Jovana, etc. Most recently, last year, I discovered Skinzfit.

That’s pretty much a summary of my journey with underwear.


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