Dead Good Undies


Our friends at Dead Good Undies, shared this video back in 2012. I always love working with them. They are some of the most amazing people in undies.

I chose this video because I have found and backing up photos from 2008-2012. During this process, It amazes me all the amazing pics we have run and also the brands that are no longer around. I’m going to start highlighting some of the best photography of the early days of UNB.

Only 50 men anywhere in the world will get to wear one of these astonishing men’s swim shorts – and in the UK has two pairs on sale.

The Limited Edition Olaf Benz BLU 1955 Beach Pant transforms in bright light from a diamond pattern in grey to a glistening holographic rainbow of colour. 

Online store, based in the UK, has numbers 19/50 and 28/50 to buy at GBP164.00 ( Each men’s swimwear boxer comes wrapped in black tissue in a box confirming its official number – complete with a certificate of authenticity. Number 19 is a size Medium and Number 28 is Large.

The multicolour effect of this remarkable male swimming trunk is created by microscopic particles of glass that only reflect certain light – as in bright sunlight or, if you want to shine indoors, under a focused spotlight.

The exclusive beach boxer is just one new arrival ( at DGU, which continues to work as normal, shipping around the world. As Adam Davies explains: “Parcels are generally moving more slowly than usual because of the Covid-19 situation as border restrictions are for travellers, not commercial shipments. We ask any international customers who are in doubt to check the situation with their local mail service or email before ordering.” 

He also stresses that DGU is following guidelines about health and safety: “Our staff are all at home on full pay, so there’s just me and my partner Jane Garner here each day. We are operating a totally contactless system with mail deliveries and collections and plan to keep serving the world with men’s underwear and swimwear for as long as the rules allow.”

News from one of the biggest dedicated men’s underwear retailers, which serves the world from the UK…Impetus thongs are an instant hit since the Portuguese fashion brand returned to DGU – especially the Impetus Expansive H40 Thong for men (GBP15.00) in  peachy cotton modal. The combination of ultra-soft fabric, a tagless smooth fit, the neat tanga waistband and low key capital I branding has already won repeat customers. One of three male string briefs from Impetus in stock already, two in seasonal prints, one plain black, with more lining up later in the year

Sometimes sensual underwear for men appears so low key it gets overlooked, but the male population of Britain are waking up this week to a whole new experience thanks to the specialist website

DGU has welcomed the arrival of three new Sloggi GO Allround designs, each available in a twin pack – a Sport Brief (£25.00), Hipster boxer brief (£28.00) and longer leg Short (£30.00) in black, graphite or Havanna brown (

At first sight, as DGU’s Adam Davies stresses, this looks like any other smooth male underwear, but Sloggi have developed undies that come in one size to fit S-XL in a fabric that is nothing short of heaven to wear. Breathable thanks to fine perforations, the natural Lenzing modal material is ultra stretchy, soft as chamois, totally flexible and unrestrictive.

As Adam, who was enrolled to help test GO Allround shorts and has worn them for several months already, adds: “These ‘body adaptive’ underpants manage to be supportive and totally unobtrusive, attractive and incredible tactile at the same time. What you can’t see here, you can certainly feel. If you love the sensation of wearing Sloggi GO Allround underwear from DGU, there’ll be no going back.”

As 2020 hurtles towards us, in the UK is pondering 2019 best-selling men’s underwear brands – and what makes them so successful.

Sensuality beats practicality hands down on DGU, but you can’t shift one everyday favourite from the top five, says founder Adam Davies.

“The holidays mark a seasonal hiatus. The end of the year seems to be all about Black Friday and Christmas, but underneath there’s an exciting undercurrent moving us quickly into spring. We’ve already taken delivery of new season colours and designs from the world’s leading male underwear brands on DGU.”

Without giving too much away, he lists Ergowear, Joe Snyder, HOM, Manstore and Jockey as Deadgoodundies’ biggest sellers in 2019. But Adam points out that the top selling favourites are always jostling for position. And the ‘new boys’ recently launched on DGU – Andrew Christian and Impetus – which epitomise the sensual vs practical contrast, are gaining ground into the new year.

“Nothing stands still in men’s underwear design and trends,” Adam adds. “This is why Deadgoodundies is dedicated to offering men one of the widest retail selections anywhere in the world. I would urge everyone to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about new arrivals (, which come and go very quickly, as well as other plans afoot for DGU in 2020…”

SHAPE – Ergowear is loved by its followers for the perfect balance of fit and feel. Their designers have responded to feedback to develop original briefs and thongs, and create totally new designs. The brand’s colours also mark it out as different. The secret to the success of Ergowear’s X4D Thong (£26.00) is a happy marriage of shape, support and feel. ALERT: when Gatsby pink is gone there will be no more.

VARIETY – Men who love the smallest men’s underwear designs with the biggest impact can take their pick from Joe Snyder at Deadgoodundies – the go to website for hugely varied shapes in thongs, briefs, cheeky boxers and jocks. The key to shopping Joe Snyder is to find a favourite shape. The top slot goes to the Joe Snyder Shining Kini 12 (£20.00) in black or white sheer mesh for the Kini 12 cut’s sexiest proportions of fabric against flesh…

HOM – DGU often hears from customers who have been loyal HOM followers for decades, lamenting the move away from sexy male lingerie inspired underwear fabrics and styles. Adam always stocks their most risqué designs in the Temptation line and still asks every season for more HOM thongs! A new temptation for spring is the HOM Canopee Boxer Brief (£38.00) in black or khaki, a transparent men’s short that mimics the look of camouflage in luxury sheer microfibre. 

FETISH – the Manstore collection is as close as it gets to true fetish underwear for men on DGU. Think lace and sheer looks, zips, clips, exposure and indulgence. Deadgoodundies wins hands down with Manstore fans because customer parcels are totally plain. The latest zipper styles come in M950 which features a string, brief, zipped pant and body with zips that open in just the right place, leggings with zips on the back of each leg, and a more demure zipless mini pant boxer brief. Pictured is the Manstore M950 Zipped String (£38.00)


The Jockey Aire Brief 2-Pack (£18.00) in two black or two white is a hot seller for DGU. A classic shape male slip for those days when you just want to slide into something silky and comfortable (and forget you’re wearing anything!)

ANDREW CHRISTIAN – new to DGU but a familiar favourite with UNB followers, Andrew Christian has added a dash more pizzazz to the website selection since the summer. What’s not to love about a brand that’s always adding sexy new lines? Steadily raising its profile is the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Prism Brief (£24.00).

IMPETUS – perhaps the Quiet Man of the DGU line-up in this report, Impetus men’s underwear and thermals have their place for travellers, outdoors guys and maybe the scientists out there. Alongside the consistent favourite seamless male briefs, Impetus have invested their boxers, long johns, briefs and tops with talents too numerous to mention. But rest assured you need them.

The Impetus Sport Long Boxer (£21.00) isn’t just a sporty short in black or electric blue, it’s also antibacterial and quick dry – and that pouch is quite something!

Lingerie is a lovely word. Consult a dictionary and it translates into intimate apparel, something to wear under clothes, to sleep in. But lingerie design embraces lace, transparency, sexiness, from boudoir to bordello via burlesque.

Deadgoodundies has always helped customers all over the world to indulge in the beautiful fit and feel of male lingerie… The enhancement, disguise and reveal of designs created to veil a masculine body with sheer or shimmering, translucent, see through or sensual fabrics. Now DGU has a Shop by Type section for Sexy Underwear ( for the latest and best products.

In the UK, there’s an uptick in ‘lingerie’ sales in men’s underwear towards the end of the year. DGU’s expert Adam Davies thinks some gents need an excuse to buy indulgent boxers, briefs and bodies.

“Halloween parties certainly provide an excuse for some of our shyer customers to experiment with daring looks. Others of course wear them whenever the mood takes, so we’re always on the lookout for new specials. The same applies in the run-up to the holidays when guys are looking for something dramatic to wear to a nightclub or festive party. Or maybe all that present buying for others triggers a ‘treat-me’ moment too?”

Adam has one piece of advice for anyone with a hankering for male lingerie, or perhaps a covetable collection already… Invest in lingerie wash bags and follow laundry instructions to the letter: “These designs should be handled with care, as you would with pure silk or cashmere – hand wash if you prefer and don’t dry this underwear on a source of direct heat like a radiator.”

Manstore M915 Hipster Short £41.00

This maxi brief men’s underwear is made extra special with silky lining panels that add to the glamorous retro effect. If you want to avoid transparency go for the Panty with the fully lined front or enjoy a bit of both in a midi Brief, both at the same price as the boxer.

Doreanse 3011 Full Body Suit £21.00

Something for the weekend… A strappy top and male boxer brief bottom. This men’s underwear one piece comes in fine, transparent decorative mesh. This is a brand to watch for neck-to-crotch male lingerie designs – have you see the Doreanse 3012 Body Thong (just £11.00), a silky masterpiece with an interesting opaque pouch design for ultimate comfort and sensuality.

Doreanse 1302 Thong £7.00

A very unusual fabric makes this sexy male string underwear something special. 

Don’t be fooled by the price, this men’s slip uses a delicately pleated translucent fabric sprinkled with shimmer – like rain falling against a midnight sky. Brief version same price.

Joe Snyder SK 03 Thong £25.00

True lingerie essence comes in the white or black lace versions of this minuscule men’s string underwear with the remarkable downward pouch. But if you’re feeling bright or shiny, there’s another option from Joe Snyder.

Sukrew Eagle V-Thong £16.50 

Lingerie entices with what is not visible as well as what is – a point proven delightfully by Sukrew’s new Eagle line of men’s underwear including this male string… with a difference. Enhancing Eagle male undies are also available as a Jockstrap £15.99 and V Brief £16.99.

Modus Vivendi Camo Marine C-Through Low Cut Brief £19.00

The model is just being shy! This net men’s slip is a real catch because it’s definitely transparent. The Camo Marine options are bright blue or khaki, and there’s a black version of the same design in the Animal range. If you love mesh male underwear don’t miss the other new arrivals from MV on DGU.


Today Deadgoodundies in the UK invites us to take a much closer look at their men’s underwear collections – because a picture doesn’t always tell the full story.

“Online sales rely on great photography but there is always more than initially meets the eye,” explains DGU founder Adam Davies. “Obviously customers can’t feel a product, so we ensure our descriptions explain as much as possible.”

Adam mentions several factors that warrant a closer look: “The depth of a side seam, the width of a thong or string, details of pouch shaping or enhancement,  depth of colour or transparency and fast dry fabric could all be important. But it can also be about what’s not there that becomes apparent from the description – for example no lining on a pouch, no back or side seams and no tags inside so the fit is totally smooth.

“Often very tactile or beautiful fabrics don’t come across clearly even with the best images of male boxers, briefs, thongs and bodies. We have to convey the feel of the material, whether it’s fine or substantial, technical or tactile, and explain the subtlest finishes and effects.”

DGU’s in-house writer partner Jane Garner who as a journalist has a way with words. She’s written and edited descriptions for tens of thousands of men’s underwear products for the website since 2004. Jane adds: “My job is to keep descriptions clear and consistent, to include the aesthetic, tactile and practical features of each piece as well as basics like washing instructions. We have to express the delight in touching a peachy soft material that makes you smile…”

Jane’s tip: if you want to check out the detail on a picture, choose the palest colour even if that’s not the one you want to buy.


How many different ways can you describe a divinely soft, translucent fabric? Jane writes that this men’s underwear thong feels as soft as an angel’s wing. The same microfibre is also used for a Brazil Brief and Rio Tanga, each £29.00, and a Mini Pant boxer brief at £31.00, all in red, white or black.


Looks like a standard men’s underwear brief doesn’t it? This male bikini is made using a fabric developed for NASA. Outlast is made from natural fibres but copes with extremes of heat and cold – as it did for astronauts in space. Absorbs and releases heat and helps with moisture management too.


Imagine the heavenly touch of seriously expensive butter soft suede and you have this men’s underwear slip just right. Modus Vivendi are famous for recreating nature’s most touchable fabrics in manmade yarns (they still do mohair) and this is their latest. Also available in a tanga brief – both styles in camel, brown or light blue.


The sexiest men’s underwear isn’t all about the bulge (though that helps) – it’s also about proportions. The balance between the depth of a waistband and the prominence of an enhancing pouch has to be right. British brand Sukrew has created its own pouch profile, used to superb effect in their latest silky brief, also offered in bright red and royal blue. DGU customers can’t get enough.


This is one of those fabrics that no photograph can do justice – the subtle surface is a fine snakeskin look created with matt and shimmering finishes on a silky single layer fabric. Also available as a Mini String (£27.00) in black, red or mint green.


Both snug, both seamless but a different shape, DGU’s new seam free male slips have to be worn to be fully appreciated. As the way these ultra smooth men’s underpants are made ensures an adaptable and very personal fit, Jane has advised customers to buy up at least one size.

IMPETUS COTTON SEAMLESS BRIEF £13.00 in black, white, grey or deep navy

MODUS VIVENDI SEAMLESS MINI BRIEF £23.50 in black, white, red or French navy

Men’s underwear fashion at in the UK is constantly changing. In the simplest sense this means fresh deliveries virtually every day, but in the case of DGU it also means updates and upgrades for best sellers, the disappearance of others, and this season the return of two international brands to the online store.

Deadgoodundies is very unusual in global sales as well as its local market, stocking many collections that have minimal, or zero, presence even in top city department stores. The website has a loyal following who rely on DGU to provide the latest designer lines, classic men’s boxers and briefs, and carefully chosen male swimwear and loungewear from their favourite names – all in one place.

This month Adam Davies reveals the latest developments, arrivals and returners… He says: “It’s not just the number of seasonal and permanent collections available on Deadgoodundies that’s a hit with consumers, they also appreciate the depth of choice from each designer and the constant refresh of our selection. 

“There are a lot of great new male underwear brands out there but not every one is right for the website (, usually because there isn’t enough choice in men’s micro briefs and thongs, sometimes none at all because the whole range is boxer briefs. Our customers trust us to find them the best men’s underwear in the world, in the shapes and fabrics we know they like.”


Sukrew is a British brand dedicated to sensual men’s underwear – and boy is it popular on DGU. This body conscious, enhancing collection develops constantly, most recently with the Bubble Thong in Lincoln yellow, Dover blue and Garrison red, followed swiftly by the Sukrew Lincoln, Dover and Garrison Jockstraps (also £15.99) using the same silky microfibre. Sukrew adapts rapidly to consumer demand, recently launching pure cotton designs which also received a warm welcome.


The original ergonomic underwear brand on DGU, Ergowear has re-engineered its best-selling X3D designs completely to create the new X4D bikini brief, thong and mini boxer (all in black, white, pastel Gatsby pink or divine Chrysler grey). Any ‘update’ can worry diehard fans of existing designs, but X4D has gone down well at Deadgoodundies because it is familiar but sufficiently different, with very body-friendly seams, the brief and thong are made from a single piece of fabric to guarantee absolute smoothness, and proportions in different sizes have been reworked to tailor the fit even better.


Always wickedly sexy, Manstore is a guaranteed hit in the UK and with DGU customers all over the world, for one-off designs and seasonal colours in favourite ranges. M800 has always led the way but the philosophy has changed – previously black and white were available all year round, topped up with fresh versions twice a year, but now all M800 is seasonal so it can run out! Silky translucent M800 shapes include a Tower String, Ultra Jock, Cheeky Brief, Hot Pants, Micro Pants, Ero Pants, Low Rise Brief and Hot String Pants. The latest colours are bright yellow along with a black and yellow print called Virus.


Andrew Christian’s instantly recognisable, sexy designs have returned to Deadgoodundies – and gained instant attention from current customers. First to the top of the favourites list is the Flare Lace Almost Naked Brief £24.00 ( but it’s still early days… 


Another brand revisiting Deadgoodundies is Impetus from Portugal, due to land any day now. One of the reasons behind this return is fond memories among many DGU customers of Impetus’s seam free underwear. So of course the new line-up will include the Impetus Cotton Seamless Brief (83% cotton, 10% polyamide, 7% elastane in black, white, navy or grey £13.00). Watch the NEW IN page for the first delivery of repeatable styles with lots more to follow for spring 2020.

Deadgoodundies’ customers know what they want and how to wear it – especially when it comes to low rise men’s underwear. The low cut look can be very flattering and designer collections much loved at DGU are delivering the goods in male briefs, strings and tangas, in both underwear and swimwear.

Brands like Joe Snyder ( and Modus Vivendi ( are the go-to names for ultra low set undies and swimmers, though there are also low-fitting shapes from Olaf Benz, Manstore, HOM, Doreanse and others.

Perfecting your personal low rise look and fit might take a little experimentation, according to DGU expert Adam Davies: “If you already know the sizing and fit of a particular brand, go for it. Your body shape and the width and positioning of side straps will influence the best choice. Do you want enhancement up front – maybe even ultra boost? Will your briefs or boxers, under clothes or on the beach, stay put in a horizontal position or angled to a V shape?

“And how low WILL you go…?” Adam asks… “Depending on how well you are endowed and groomed down below, you need sufficient cover and support to look good – without a thatched roof!”

Modus Vivendi Body Building Swim Tanga Brief £34.00

Now in NINE colours their low rise beach slip is the latest example of the Greek brand’s perfection of this style and fit. In glistening fabric, their luxury design is finished with a shiny MV signature disc.

Manstore M909 Swim Low Rise Brief £29.00

Prepare for plenty of attention in some of the brightest men’s swimwear online at Deadgoodundies this season. From a choice of tiny swimmers in Citro (yellow) or Poppy (orange)in the M909 collection.

Modus Vivendi Eggs Tanga Brief £19.50

Get horizontal in stretch cotton in gorgeous colours from Modus Vivendi men’s underwear range. With a 2.5cm branded waistband, the wording should sit in a straight line… Comes in unusual packaging that could double as a Christmas bauble.

Olaf Benz Pearl 1858 Rio Tanga £30.00

You kind of need to feel this one to understand why DGU customers have given it five stars – and when they buy one colour, they buy the other too… Olaf Benz Pearl designs are luxurious, extra special, occasion underwear for men. In this case in a silky filigree fabric in champagne or black, also in a Mini Pant boxer brief.

Joe Snyder Polyester Collection Cheek Boxer 13 £13.00

Not just this one, but the full array of Joe Snyder Polyester Collection men’s underwear has a sexy low rise fit that’s hard to beat. In black or five bright shades, this shape is low below the belly button and higher cut either side of the pouch and across bum cheeks.

Joe Snyder Line Blue Bulge 02 Tanga Thong £24.00

Go for it – and then some – in this super enhancing men’s underwear string that delightfully doubles as swimwear. Looks like cotton but feels like silk in summery marl and ‘lengthening’ stripes!


Unless you’ve got the right kind of mirrors, the hardest angle to see yourself in your new men’s underwear is directly from the rear. Which is why British website, which has been serving the world with male underwear and swimwear since 2007, shoots from all angles when new stock arrives.

In the second part of our Rear View review, DGU reveals new products (, colours and an updated favourite – all men’s thongs and strings that dress a man’s behind so delightfully.

As Deadgoodundies buyer Adam Davies tells UNB: “It has never mattered what’s been on trend, on the runway, or on the high street, men’s tiny strings and thongs have always, always been the top choice for DGU online customers. And the smaller they are, the better they’ve sold!”

The rear view isn’t just about a pair of peachy buttocks, it’s about how much fabric is visible, where that sits and how the design develops round the front. Male string underwear really does have to fit and support perfectly, and that fine strap between bum cheeks plays a vital role in making the pouch, and its contents, look and feel their best.

String aficionados know that the ultra sexy Joe Snyder collection always has more and something new to offer when it comes to male strings. Including the Sexiest line which lives up to the name with a shimmering silver design – contrast mesh fabric forms the thong back and lines an enhancing pouch.

Joe Snyder Tanga Thong SXT-02 £23.00

Adjust to fit – at the front. Manstore’s beautiful, glistening wet look men’s swimwear thong comes in black, silver or turquoise. This has a fine, fixed T-string back and a pouch you can narrow, or otherwise, as the mood takes you.

Manstore M861 Beach Micro Pouch String £30.00

Unlike many stores, stocks swimwear all year round. Including this beach thong, always available in navy blue, bright red or black, plus this season two summer colours that have sold out fast. This is an updated version of an Olaf Benz favourite, now with more stretch.

Olaf Benz BLU 1200 Sun String £35.00

Just when you thought ergonomic underwear couldn’t look sexier – along come three new colours in Ergowear’s super boosting string. Feels like silk, the waistband has a subtle shimmer and matt lettering, and the colours? Pastel pink Gatsby, darkest grey Soho and silvery Chrysler.

Ergowear MAX XV Thong £23.00

Something a bit different for HOM’s famous featherlight men’s underwear thong – new khaki and Bordeaux, taking the palette to eight colours. (The same new colours are also offered in the Freddy string which starred in Rear View Part I)

HOM Plume G-string £17.00

Camo as you have never seen it before – with tyres, skulls, computer code, handcuffs and lions on this silky male thong. Bruno Banani’s prints never cease to inspire.

Bruno Banani Wild Camouflage String £19.50

WANT MORE? Deadgoodundies’ informative Blog has a feature about buying and wearing men’s thongs and male string underwear:

This month we take the Rear View – the first of a two-part report from where male thong and string briefs have been a hit with customers since day one. Their buyer’s challenge today is to keep finding something new and restocking best sellers from international collections (

DGU’s partner brands offer everything from practical cotton via silky sheer to lace and see-through men’s strings. Your preference might be the finest straps or a wider thong back, but perfection is only achieved with the right size and fit. Take care with pouch shape and capacity – are you after prominence or a neat nest, a touch of control or a personalised, adjustable look?

Beyond that, the effect you want to create with that wisp of fabric between your buttocks is an open book…

HOM Freddy String £15.00

What IS it about this men’s underwear string that makes it unbeatable? Could be the 93% cotton fabric, could be the short string back, could be because it’s been around for so long and gents are loyal. Along the way HOM have updated the design and added a ‘d’ – it was originally just Fredy. This string has a particular fit, which means you might prefer a size larger than your usual.

Sukrew Stirling V Thong £16.99

New and very different – Sukrew’s Stirling design goes for the string-plus-jock look. In silky white microfibre this is one of the latest additions to the British collection. If you love a few degrees of separation up front and a marvellous picture behind, this is the one.

Olaf Benz RED1601 Mini String

Sometimes simplicity is also luxury. The Olaf Benz RED1601 range has five tops and four bottoms to co-ordinate, all in black or white cotton, including this carefully fitted thong.

Manstore M101 Tower String £25.00

Colour can make all the difference but DGU’s advice is to buy quick if you fancy a new shade – because they tend to be seasonal and unrepeatable. Like this turquoise in Manstore’s extensive M101 line. NEWS: summer 2019 colours are the last, this sexy enhancing string will be available only in black or white going forward.

Doreanse 1889 Boxer Thong £17.00

Whatever takes your fancy – Doreanse combine a string back AND boxer brief in their arty baroque pattern design. In a mix of modal and cotton, the fabric is delightfully soft.

Ergowear MAX Mesh Thong £19.00

If you prefer a deeper waistband, sportier styling and an aerated pouch and string, this is the one for you. Ergowear’s men’s underwear designers know about enhancement, comfort and making an impact, front or back!

Joe Snyder Shining String Body 27 £25.00

How much fun could you have in this? Erotic men’s underwear in ‘Body 27’ by Joe Snyder designs come in six colours in Shining, but also patterns like rainbow stripes and snakeskin from DGU. Personal adjustment essential.

Jude Law’s tight-whities moment while filming Sky Atlantic’s New Pope ( quite a stir in the UK. Brits’ views on whether men should wear tiny underwear or swimwear tend to be extreme – total agreement versus total denial, even calls for a BAN!

UK men’s underwear and swimwear – and male brief specialists – is firmly in the YES Camp. “Of course there’s nothing wrong with male bikini briefs and in terms of our sales, the smaller the better,” say DGU.

Britons’ (over) reaction to tighty-whities might be more shrill than in other parts of the world. In some cases the UK response wasn’t far short of hysteria. And the image of a 46-year-old actor in a male micro prompted one national newspaper to round up four ‘real’ 46-year-olds and picture them in minuscule underpants.

DGU’s response is frank: “The reaction to the Jude Law pictures was weird, that men’s underwear has to be hilarious/scary/hidden. But it’s simple. Snug micro briefs are best sellers, always have been, always will be, because men like wearing them. Yes, they need to fit well and cover essentials, but beyond that, there shouldn’t be any limit on what age or shape the wearer must be. Leave a chap alone! Let him try the briefs he fancies, whether they’re pristine white, black, multicolour, silky, mesh, red, blue or green.” (

Earning the name with every inch, Joe Snyder’s new Sexiest men’s underwear line is quite something, mixing mesh and shimmering fabrics to excite and enhance, as in this briefest of briefs.

Joe Snyder Sexiest Tanga Thong SXT-02 – £23.00

British brand Sukrew continue with their cotton fetish in fine style with the new Radcliffe enhancing brief. Their other spring pastels are Mortimer in icy blue and pale green Foxton.

Sukrew Radcliffe Brief – £16.99

Lighter than air, HOM’s Plume designs are the go-to underwear for men who want to feel naked without the drawbacks. Their ‘new’ Plume briefs have no branding on the waistband and come in white, black, navy, skin, bright red or blue.

HOM New Plume Micro Brief – £20.00

Divine denim – a fresh take on the jeans theme from Joe Snyder in red or blue denim effect fabric.

Joe Snyder Mex Capri 07 – £20.00

Another eternal favourite with DGU customers – Bruno Banani’s sleek Anti Stress Tanga brief celebrates the 2019 summer season with a lush kiwi green option.

Bruno Banani Anti Stress Tanga – £17.00

Men who love patterned underwear are always keen to find something different – and Olaf Benz deliver with this kaleidoscope effect print.

Olaf Benz RED1860 Brazil Brief – £30.00

Take a favourite and re-dress it… Manstore best seller M800 is given a makeover in a new Zigzag pattern.

Manstore M800 Low Rise Brief – £29.00

Thongs have always been a phenomenon with UK men’s underwear specialists “They’re our best-selling secret,” smiles DGU founder Adam Davies, as he explains… “Since we launched in 2007, male strings have been massively, and consistently, popular with customers around the world.”

Demand for g-string and t-string designs tends to be strong, but silent. Even avid thong wearers keep quiet about their style choice and only a handful of bricks and mortar retailers in the UK stock them. 

“This is where shopping online and DGU’s plain parcels are much appreciated,” says Adam. “We continue not just to buy the best thongs and strings from the brands we stock, but to push for more – though several collections feature fewer and fewer.”

Having said that, Deadgoodundies has a massive selection ( ready for spring, from ‘invisible’ nude thongs to bright and neon solids, colourful prints, lace, silky mesh, strappy designs, matt and glistening finishes. The thong theme goes beyond ‘bottoms’ to include string bodies and unusual designs combining a boxer brief and thong in one.

And a final bit of advice from Adam: “Our policy it to keep a handful of favourite thongs and strings permanently in stock, topped up almost on a weekly basis by new seasonal designs – but we only ever have a few of each so they run out fast. This way we can guarantee there is always something new for DGU fans.”

Anyone looking for impressive enhancement and superb comfort has to test Ergowear’s divinely peachy Suave fabric and pouch combo, now available in new Sunset pink.

Ergowear Max Suave Thong £20.00

Also from ergonomic experts Ergowear, their new line in modal makes the most of this ultra-soft fabric – and the biggest and best pouch option!

Ergowear X3D Modal Thong £16.00

A colourful thong – Manstore have refined a range of key shapes in their daring men’s underwear collections, including the shapely Tower String. This one has a 2.5cm string back.

Manstore M851 Tower String £28.00

Another Manstore favourite is the Stripper with quick-release clips for the full reveal. This version is dramatic in leather look fabric that feels wonderful against the skin.

Manstore M107 Stripper String £35.00

If you’re looking for the tiniest thongs and sexiest strings for men, then Joe Snyder’s huge offer is a constant delight. Their Polyester line comes in six colours including neon pink and yellow, and features a true T-string back. Fast dry so works as swimwear too.

Joe Snyder Polyester Hilo G-String 02 £18.00

Very low rise, minimalist, fast dry, excellent enhancement – what more can a man want from Joe Snyder’s famous Bulge designs? Will six colours do?

Joe Snyder Bulge 02 Enhancement Thong £24.00

What came after the Freddy string for HOM? The Plume string – now updated in new colours including bright red and royal blue as well as classic shades, with an unbranded waistband. The original Plume is still available from DGU but only in a Caucasian Flesh colour twinpack for £29.00.

HOM NEW Plume G-string £17.00

When it comes to male underwear bodies, Deadgoodundies brings in seasonal designs and has a couple of core classics – including this sheer example from Manstore with a 1.5cm thong back. Comes in black or white.

Manstore M101 String Body £38.00

Doreanse’s take on all-in-one men’s string underwear is, unusually, in cotton-modal mix fabric, offered in black or white, with a three-popper fastening at the gusset.

Doreanse 5003 String Body £27.00

HOT NEWS from DGU: Sloggi for Men is to discontinue their Sloggi Basic Tanga so Deadgoodundies has snapped up the last stock. This is expected to last for a few months, but SBT fans need to fill their drawers soon or look for an alternative.

In men’s fashion, cotton has long been considered the king of fabrics. But as note from the UK, there can be an improvement on nature’s best… Increasing use of modal, viscose and Lyocell yarns in male underwear, sometimes solo, often in a mix with cotton, is revolutionising the fit, feel and features of boxers and briefs. These cellulose fibres, made from wood pulp, are breathable, colourfast and feel like cotton or silk, depending on the finish. These materials won’t trap perspiration or odours, have great stretch-recovery, resist shrinkage and they’re up to 50% more absorbent than cotton alone. Purists, take note.

NEW LINE From the maestros of ergonomic enhancement – Ergowear’s new X3D line including this brief, a mini boxer and thong in black, olive green or a great shade of pink called Dusk. Made from 90% viscose 10% Spandex to fit like a silky glove.

Ergowear X3D Modal Bikini Brief £16.00

NEW COLOUR In 62% cotton 22% cotton 13% elastane, HOM’s luxury HO1 Mini Brief is an update and improvement on the original best seller. With an updated waistband and recently launched in a sixth colour (jeans blue) this men’s underwear is the right choice for gents who want a classic shape in a modern fabric.

HOM HO1 Mini Brief £22.00

HIGHLY RATED by DGU customers who give this simple men’s string a lot of stars in their reviews – many for the 95% micro modal 5% elastane fabric which is slightly ribbed and praised for being so tactile, comfortable and supportive. This T-back thong comes in black, white and navy blue.

Doreanse 1330 Micro Modal ECO Thong £7.00

COOLING Men who run hot generally or those who just love to run appreciate the fabric of Comfyballs’ sporty Wood underwear designs, including this one in 45% modal 45% cotton 10% Lycra. This is a technical fabric produced using a carbon neutral process so it ticks the eco-friendly box as well as providing maximum comfort.

Comfyballs Wood Long Boxer Brief £28.50

ULTIMATE Indulgent underwear for men who treat their genitals like royalty. In 47% silk, 47% viscose and 6% elastane this tanga’s pouch is lined and the deep waistband has a velvety finish. The result is a brief fit for a king.

Modus Vivendi Silk Tanga Brief £43.00

RETRO The S by Sloggi collection is the brand’s foothold in premium men’s underwear – this brief comes in a clever ‘drawer’ box which makes it a great gift idea. In 47% cotton 47% cotton modal 6% elastane and a deep sided cut with no back or side seams, this product is bought from DGU on repeat by gents who appreciate the quality and flattering shape, retained wash after wash.

Sloggi Simplicity Retro Brief £18.00

Find all these awesome pairs at Dead Good Undies.

The shape, colour and feel of spring… The NEW page at ( is the place to start if you want something fresh, different or a new colour in an old favourite. This is the place to browse arrivals, though they rarely hang around for long. As DGU founder Adam Davies told UNB this week: “With fashion lines we only order a certain number so stock can run out quickly. Then new colours can be added to continuity ranges, but seasonal shades are just that – for one season. Sometimes a new line or colour gets such a good response it’s moved into permanent production. Brands have to stay on their toes, adding newness but also refreshing familiar ranges to keep everyone happy. The best way to be first to know what’s landed is to sign up for the Deadgoodundies newsletter.”

Inspired artistry – HOM’s multicolour parrot print (also available in shades of blue) epitomises designers’ obsession with all things tropical for spring.

HOM Papagayo Trunk £26.00

South American aficionados of enhancement Ergowear are extending their palette for the new season with a daring scarlet – adding to lemon, raspberry and smoke grey in their divinely soft modal men’s underwear at DGU.

Ergowear Max Modal Bikini Brief £19.00

The 1804 line from Olaf Benz has won fans for the silkiest, slinkiest, sexiest fabric and fit, originally in black and silver, now also made in a beautiful soft gold and they’ve upped the ante with red.

Olaf Benz RED1804 Rio Tanga £30.00

DGU couldn’t resist this one – mostly because it’s the softest faux fur their testers have ever felt, plus it’s a great interpretation of the perennial big cat trend (also comes in a jockstrap and a short robe, but they’re selling fast). Along with camouflage and leopard spots, tiger stripes are joined for 2019 with several jungle themes in male underwear and swimwear.

Modus Vivendi Tiger Singlet £52.00

Stripe me! A favourite in four plain colours and now two new striped options, Obviously’s AnatoMAX styles are designed for chaps who require maximum capacity from their undies. Same great choice in a thong and hipster brief. Stripes are nothing new in men’s underwear, but they need to be just right to stand out from the crowd. These certainly do.

Obviously for Men PrimeMan AnatoMAX Bikini Brief £23.00

Slip into a colourful second skin with the famous Olaf Benz Sport Body leotard – with a new berry tone added to an already interesting palette.

Olaf Benz RED0965 Sport Body £59.00

Is it too early to think of spring 2019 underwear? We say never. This is what’s hot in the UK from our friends at

It’s spring already. When it comes to designer menswear, spring begins long before winter gets underway, especially when it comes to men’s underwear. New season collections sell fast when they land at in the UK and several early arrivals are already sold out. As DGU partner and fashion journalist Jane Garner explains: “Fashion seasons aren’t about the date, or the weather, they’re about selling patterns. If you want first choice for spring, the answer is to buy as soon as new lines are launched.” This month Jane is taking a look at what’s new for 2019 at Deadgoodundies.


PREVIEW: coming at the start of 2019 to DGU is Bruno Banani’s Flower Skull men’s underwear print on a tanga brief (£22.00) and boxer brief short (£29.00). Skull designs, like camouflage, never drop out of the male fashion line-up and new interpretations of both are coming in the new year.


Jockstraps, bottomless and backless underwear for men, originally developed for sport, have moved firmly centre stage in fashion collections for 2019. Whether you seek enhancement, sensuality or just the right strappy support, there’s a butt-baring design at DGU. Manstore have a new take on the jockstrap in M101!

Manstore M101 X-Cut Jock (£25.00)


Even classic colours like black, white and grey are given a fresh look for 2019 with Obviously’s new PrimeMan AnatoMAX anatomical thong, tanga, hipster brief and jockstrap. Each of the five colours – black, white, dark grey, royal blue and scarlet – has a different waistband design

Obviously PrimeMan AnatoMAX Thong (£21.00)


The feel of things to come… This fabric created by Greek designers at Modus Vivendi for their High Tech line (meggings, tank top, tanga, jockstrap, bottomless, boxer and classic briefs in black or white) heralds a strong trend for 2019. These are shimmery second skins imbued with luxury and sensuality.

Modus Vivendi Hi Tech Classic Brief (£33.00)



Doreanse is not a seasonal collection – this brand can be more reactive because they control production from top to bottom. This tanga thong is the first of a series coming in 2019. Insiders at DGU say the tanga now rivals classic narrow-sided bikini slip underwear for men as the top selling micro brief shape online.

Doreanse 1379 String (£11.00)


Those German masters of men’s underwear prints finish their 25thanniversary year with a flourish – and birthday underpants. DGU has the silky tanga brief shown here and the same B design is used on a boxer brief.

Bruno Banani Birthday Tanga (£21.00)



There’s this thing about colour in the underwear business. Bit of a Marmite thing with male undercrackers too. You love colour or loathe it. Men who wear black undies wear only black undies. Ditto white. But the appetite for true colour is deep and never quite satisfied. Sometimes a different colourway transforms the appeal of male briefs or boxers, some shapes just work better in colour and occasionally a colour is so irresistible even the Only Boys stray from monochrome., leading purveyors of pants in the UK, reveal their latest colour drops this week. The best ones are in and gone in days – sometimes hours – they tell us…

This Chilean brand’s X3D designs have a lot going for them in terms of fabric, shape, oomph… Now three new colours join the line-up for their ergonomic undies – Sunset (pictured), Night navy and Fog, a warm grey.

Ergowear X3D Suave Bikini Brief £23.00


FEEL from Ergowear comes in a dozen colours, but stock dwindles fast. Their newest trio of shades for the fab enhancing male slip are Dusk (pictured), deepest Night blue and Fog.

Ergowear FEEL Suave Bikini Brief £23.00

Sporty men’s underwear looks so much more dynamic in the right colours – check out Ergowear’s new Cooling blue and Boiling red on this athletic slip. The Mesh designs also include a Midcut short, Boxer Brief and Thong.

Ergowear Max Mesh Bikini Brief £20.00



Top of the range in the sultry M800 line is this fascinating two-in-one combo. Take a closer look – and fall in love because you get a boxer brief and string that work solo or together. Great in plain black or white, but in zebra…

Manstore M800 Ero Pants £57.00

Modus Vivendi know how to do indulgence, opulence and elegance – all in a single pair of Greek Lux men’s underwear in sleekest black with a gold waistband or cobalt blue topped with silver. Colour choice is a matter of personal preference, the effect is dramatic either way.

Modus Vivendi Greek Lux Tanga Brief £29.00

That’s not a misprint. This cheeky men’s underwear micro slip really is a tenner. You might not think of Doreanse for enhancing undies but they do a few (and well) – this one comes in purple, black or fuchsia. And if you love colour this is a go-to collection for constant colourful updates.

Doreanse 1377 Bulge Brief £10.00


One of the hardest challenges in selling (and no doubt buying) men’s underwear and swimwear online is knowing what it will feel like. If something is made of pure cotton, silk or, say, leather, you know what you’re getting. But what about mixed yarns or manmade fabrics, which not only mimic but often beat natural materials when it comes to tactile pleasure? Expert retailers like in the UK work extra hard to provide a solution, giving as much detail as possible in product descriptions. As founder Adam Davies says: “We do our best to convey what you see but can’t touch. We ensure all our product info is consistent and always mention specifics like a shiny or matt finish, texture, transparency and how snug the fit will be.”

Watch out for DGU’s new UK exclusives this month.

Modal happens to be made from trees, but it’s an ideal fabric for men’s underwear. The soft feel is divine, it can be fine and still fit like a dream, and modal holds colour beautifully. Every talent is epitomised in Ergowear’s rather special modal undershorts.



Silky and sleek, translucent and sexy – AND in six colours from black to watermelon and yellow. Joe Snyder’s Polyester Collection ticks all the boxes.



Seriously clever men’s underpants – you could never tell just from the picture that these sporty slips have smart temp fabric offering thermoregulation that actually switches on and off as needed.


Enhancing briefs for men? Easy to spot. Made from 95% cotton so wonderfully breathable? Good choice. In stunning orange (Saxon), blue (Roxwell) or pink (Newbury)? Noted. But did you know these are designed to cater for gents who need a little more room up front? Now you do.


At first glance this sultry male brief could be made from various fabrics. It has the glisten of wet look but feels like satin. DGU always details fit too – in this case the way a full central seam on the front creates a good shape.


Not entirely obvious until you look closer… This lovely male thong has quick release clips either side of the pouch. And the translucent fabric has to move to reveal the full effect of a red-green shimmer described so carefully by DGU.



It doesn’t happen often so when it does the sale is always worth a look. The top UK online retailer dedicated to men’s underwear and swimwear is having it’s first site-wide sale for… well, ages. DGU discounts only genuine original stock, end of line, last one left, discontinued ranges. DGU’s sale provides the perfect excuse to shop and stock up on old favourites, try something completely different and early Christmas shopping for the men you love most. Newsletter signatories are always first to get sale notifications and news of special offers, new stock and restocks. (Deadgoodundies can’t guarantee products here are still on offer, buying is fast and furious!)

Some men can’t get enough of the gorgeously tactile fabric of Ergowear’s Suave underwear for men. The sleek male slip in NINE colours is disappearing fast – and Suave is now discontinued.


Definitely date night undies – have a pair ready in your drawer in Rosso red, deep blue Night or Black. It would be a shame not to…

MANSTORE M709 CHEEKY BRIEF was £30.00 now £25.50

Just one example of this German brand’s famous and fabulous prints, used on men’s swimwear as here and on their male underwear. Always interesting, good as a quirky gift for him.

BRUNO BANANI CIGARS SWIM HIP SHORTS was £35.00 now half price £17.50

Farewell… Fancy flying the flag or celebrating the Special Relationship? Stocks of the very, very last Body Art underwear for men are dwindling daily at DGU.

BODY ART ALIKI MINI PANT half price was £28.00 now £14.00

Sometimes you just have to go retro and Jockey do it so well. These undies with a traditional opening come in cheeky neo orange or more muted black melange.


Pick your bulge potential, dear sir! Go for the max in this sexy design still available in lots of colours.

JOE SNYDER SHINING CLIP MAXI BULGE O2 was £25.00 now £19.00.