Hiya, Everyone! My name is Dan, and I am a project manager and freelance PR/communications consultant living in the Hoosier state. I’m a young, gay male on the brink of turning 30 (but we won’t discuss the impending switch-over from the 2s to the 3s). I’m a relative newbie to the wonderful world of underwear, but boy am I happy to be here!

I like to think of myself as a born-again underwear consumer. Throughout the majority of my life, the biggest role underwear played was throwing a relative fit when I outgrew the days of finding tighty-whiteys to be acceptable in those angsty pre-teen/teen days where you are required to change in front of others during P.E. From then on, I was always a boxer-briefs kind of guy. Then I met my husband, and I was introduced to a whole new world of options. I’m still a boxer-brief guy through and through, but I love what wearing different styles can do for my self confidence and feelings of self empowerment when sprinkled in throughout my days — specifically, thongs and jocks.

 My current favorite brand is MeUndies trunks (seriously have you felt the fabric? It is life changingly soft), and any-and-all “pouch” varieties from Andrew Christian, Cocksox, or the like. They provide a whole new level of support and comfort, while enhancing the natural goods–and what is there not to love about that?

Overall, I still feel I’m relatively new to this world, finding and exploring brands, styles and options that make me feel empowered and sexy while not giving up on comfort and support. Hope you will join me on this journey, and my story will both resonate with you and inspire you to take a step outside of your comfort zone! 


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