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Tell our readers/listeners a little bit about you if they may not know you?  

I currently call Galveston Island Texas home, and have for the past 12 years. I don’t have too many hobbies, I have turned what might be traditional hobbies into opportunities. I can rarely be still, so I am either working at one of my jobs, or creating something for another. Whether it’s my paid writing gigs, managing call centers in Galveston, doing remodeling or construction work, my work as an adjunct instructor or modeling, I don’t like idle time. 

When did you start your social media accounts? And did you start off showing your love of underwear and gear? Did you create an account just for underwear? Did you join and discover the underwear world and create a separate account or did you just dive right in? Also, list your social accounts. Do you have more than one account (across social sites such as Twitter, IG, TikTok, etc)

Started with MySpace back in college, transitioned to Model Mayhem, Instagram and now Twitter is where most of my stuff is posted due to IG’s unfriendly male model restrictions. The modeling stuff just evolved around underwear and swimwear since I am not a tall or typical model.  @dwchasemodel on Twitter is where I post multiple times daily. IG: modeldwchase you will mostly just find stories or redirects to Twitter. 

Where you hesitant about starting your underwear/gear social account? This could be either body image or other issues. Such as did you think you were too big, too skinny

Self-esteem is something that’s promoted on social media for many, not something I have that much in real life. For my “DW Chase” persona, no hesitation, not at all. I have been modeling in underwear and swimwear for so long it seems second nature. I am always trying to gain more muscle. 

Does your account specialize in a certain type of underwear or gear? Such as thongs, spandex or do you like all kinds. 

A friend of mine from Australia really pushed me toward Jock Straps for workouts, so that’s something I have embraced over the past few years and really gotten into. I like the variety of mixing things up and often take suggestions from fans on what they would like to see more of. On my FanClub Website you will see a plethora of thong, jock, underwear, sheer, spandex, swimwear, and everything in between. 

What was the initial response to your account(s)? Did it take off right away or did it take time to grow? If it took time to grow, how did you grow your accounts? 

My original Instagram was closed at 34k, but that was years of promoting and posting. My Twitter is slowly growing, but honestly I don’t pay much attention to the numbers. I just post what I think looks good, or what fans request and let the numbers be what they are. I think when you pay too much attention to followers you lose sight of the purpose. 

What type of content resonates with your followers? Is it pictures, videos, stories? 

The more skin the better, that the main type of content. My MO has always been about the tease, and while I have certainly shown more on than I ever thought I would (videos, photos), I think the older I get the more comfortable I get. 

What is your favorite thing about showing your love of underwear/gear on social media? Have you met great friends, do you like being an exhibitionist. Met a significant other? 

I have certainly met some cool people, and while I am not much of a public person, I have enjoyed getting to know fellow underwear and swimwear enthusiasts, as well as brand designers and fans of the same things. 

Do you work with brands? If so what have been some of your favorite collaborations? If not who would you love to work with? 

Over the years yes, I have developed a very good relationship with Rufskin, their stuff is just fantastic. When you buy something from them, the longer you have it, the more you appreciated it. I am certainly not the first person any brand is going to turn to, but sometimes they are nice enough to send me stuff, other times I like their products so much I just pay what I need for shoots, travel, etc. I am really intrigued by what KVRT is doing, interested to see what they do next. 

Tell our readers about you:

My name is Stephen, 35 years old, married + 2 kids, living in the Czech Republic. I would describe myself as straight and bicurious (although I never had a romantic or sexual relationship with a man (yet), I found hairy men very attractive and sexy). I am 100% sure people would not think I am an undies fan at all. I guess it is because of our old-fashioned Czech society.

When did you first discover underwear? 

Well, to be honest, I don’t know how to answer this question. It was never my interest at all. As a relatively young man, you kinda know that even men wear thongs (bodybuilders, dancers), and I have never paid any attention to that at all. You know that both of these are usually handsome muscular guys, so the thongs look naturally great on them, but never ever think about it more, and 100% times, my answer would be, “those must be so uncomfortable.”

What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair?

What made me buy my first pair of underwear? That is a kinda funny story… On my wedding day, after the ceremony, our friends prepared those silly wedding games. One of those games was chores notes hidden in balloons, where you pop the balloon read the chore out loud, and either do it right away in front of everyone (if possible) or do it during your marriage. And on my turn, I popped a balloon with a funny chore (apparently intended for my wife) “sweep the floors in your house wearing only thongs.” Everybody laughed, and we moved on. After few years, you kinda forgot about that, but at the beginning of 2021, we had a minor crisis as our sex life was just so dull and almost non-existent (which for me as a guy is just brutal, and even that you know that your wife is super tired because of the kids, intimacy, and sex is so important to you and the relationship so I could not move on). So I tried all different things to spiced it up, and at that moment, I remembered that silly chore from our wedding game. So I went online and looked for man thongs. After few hours, I found a pair of lowrise, skimpy bright red thongs from some company JQK. After our kids were asleep, I put them on, took a broom, and started cleaning the floors. And at that moment, I was so ashamed of myself for being so judgemental and blind as I found them so comfortable and sexy.

How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear?

So as mentioned above, my first pair was JQK lowrise thongs. Pure cotton and I kinda liked them, so I bought a few more pairs of the same style with different colors. But after a very short period of time, I found them to be very uncomfortable to wear for a whole day. I tried to break them in (stupid idea) by sleeping in them and stretching the butt string, but nothing helped. I come to a conclusion that this is not the right size for me even based on the charts it should be alright. But I was not willing to give up. So I tried other different non-branded thongs until I decided that it was all waste of money one day. But I still wear thongs.

What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most?

My absolute favorite style is thongs; I wear them exclusively every day. Also, I love low-cut swim briefs.

What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer?

As a relatively new to the undies world, I am still learning, but I am very strict about the style, cut, colors, and materials, so once I find the brand and style that fits me, game on. My absolute and so far only favorite brand is CockSox; I love the feel, the simple colors, cut, the pouch, the support. It is just heavenly. So I owned many pairs of the same style of thongs from CockSox, and a few months ago, I made an exception and bought a g-string Slingshot by CockSox, and honestly, they might be my favorite pair for hot days. 

Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner, do they encourage your love of underwear?

Well, my wife supports me; she often jokes about the strings up my crack, etc. which is amazing because I am just comfortable wearing it and walking around in front of her, and even though she might not liked that in the beginning now I think she loves it, as it is more revealing she constantly stares at my cock. She recently helped me pick new colors, and she told me she couldn’t wait to see them on me, so yes. So far, I have only talked about that to one of my friends that wearing thongs, changed my life. But I feel it is still taboo, which is such a shame. I grew up in an era where everyone is wearing boxer briefs, and you stick with that because everybody wears that, and it is expected. And I struggled with that for so many years. I used to have rashes from the underwear; I was constantly scratched and chafed on my thighs. And all of a sudden, everything is gone. I truly regret I did not found out about thongs earlier in my life.

Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence

Oh absolutely. I found wearing thongs the most masculine thing ever. My confidence raised so much even though I am a big guy. I was never a skinny or athletic guy. I was always a big guy, not fat, just a big healthy guy with broad shoulders, strong legs, and a belly. It still amazes me how that tiny piece of fabric can give you such a confidence boost, so you feel like a completely new person. Wearing thongs made me like my body; most of the time, I looked at myself as an ugly and fat guy with a beard but now, I somehow embrace how I look; I learn to love my body.

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Tell our readers about you:

My name is Matt and i’m a 39 year old gay male from PA who has been happily partnered to the same goofball for 14 years now. We are extremely opposite in the underwear department, he is a 3 pack hanes boxer brief kind of guy and I have a new package of thongs, jocks and fun briefs arriving in the mail at least once a month! The hubby likes to tease me in front of some of our closer friends about my obsessive underwear fetish and shopping addiction, and overstuffed dresser drawers of undies but I have become very comfortable with it in recent years & I welcome the attention. In recent years I have also started sporting speedos around close friends and public beaches and have gotten more comfortable in my own skin the older I get.

When did you first discover underwear?

I probably first discovered underwear when I was 14 or so. I remember going “back to school” shopping with the fam and seeing a 2xist y-back thong that I shamefully stole at the time as I was too embarrassed to ask my parents to buy and was before I had a job and could drive and buy my own things. I also remember the first time an International Male catalog came in the mail around the same time period and flipping thru all underwear and swim suits, it made for good “material” back then as the internet was just evolving, and any porn site on dial up modem took forever just to download pictures let alone videos lol. I also would flip thru Mens Exercise magazines gawking at all the muscle guys in their posing straps and short shorts :p

What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair?

God so hard to remember but I think one of the first pairs I can remember buying on my own was n2n titan jock & thong with the snapping pouch. So hot and still have both to this day! I got the thong in black and the jock in beige. I think the erotic design made be gravitate to them. I am a HUGE fan of having sex while wearing underwear, and these were perfect for that wether you are a top of bottom ;p

How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear?

Very early on I met an underwear bud in an aol chat room back in the 90’s who was big into spandex and told me about I have not been on that site or posted in years but I started trying more and more spandex/lycra brands like joe snyder, n2n, & malepower at the time.

What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most?

I am mainly a brief guy for every day wear but do wear jocks a good bit too. My thong pics on IG seem to be some of the most liked but I actually own fewer thongs and wear them less than any other type except for boxer briefs. I think I own like 4 pair of boxer briefs and rarely wear them. Calvin Klein and 2xist are some of my go to basic every day briefs. The steel micro hip brief Calvins are one of my favs, so comfy.

What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer?

Right now I am a huge fan of Andrew Christian’s Massive collection. I love all the fun prints, fabrics and anatomical pouch. The buck buddy print is my favorite for now. I’m really digging Skull & Bones right now too. I only have their jocks and have yet to try some briefs but they are on my shopping list. I’m a huge fan of Nasty Pigs jocks and singlets, the look and persona of the brand is hot to me. Have quite a few snout caps too.

Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner do they encourage your love of underwear?

The hubby is well aware of my underwear fetish and enjoys it very much. I don’t really talk about my love of underwear with most friends but there are always those few close gays friends who somehow know everything about you ;p

Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence?

Underwear is all about how it makes you feel. I tend to feel confident no matter what kind of underwear I’m wearing. I think confidence comes more in your body than the underwear but I definitely like to keep things exciting and fun with my underwear choices and love always feeling sexy with fun undies

:Where can our readers find you on social media? 
IG handle @scruffyunderwearjock

Tell our readers about you:

My name is Alec, and I’m a 30 year old Engineer living in Germany

When did you first discover underwear?

Undies have always been clearly visible throughout my life. I was born in a hot and humid region of México, where wearing light clothes is a must in order to survive the high temperatures. At home, this meant that walking around in undies was not so extraordinary. Going for breakfast, working on home assignments or sometimes or watching TV in briefs was something that sometimes happened and was never an issue.

As every other kid, my Mom bought me my underwear: always multipacks with cool Marvel and DC characters. My dad was a swimmer, so he bought us our swimwear: always speedos. And also, like every other kid, when I hit puberty, I switch to boxers and board shorts. 

What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair?

It wasn’t until I moved to Germany to study that I switched back to briefs and speedos. The main reason was my “Nobody knows me here, I don’t care” attitude. So I started buying briefs and speedos again. The first pair of nice underwear I bought was a 2(x)ist Essential Cotton No-Show 3 Pack. I twas the first time I bought clothes from the internet and the first time I had designer underwear with a pouch in front. It was a night and day difference from all other Fruit of the Loom things I’ve ever had. So I was hooked forever.

How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear?

Buying my first designer underwear made me realise how much I had missed out. So I started checking online stores with discounts to try out other brands. There I found Jockey, HOM, Aussiebum and all the others. Since I was a student I couldn’t really afford the high prices, so I focused on buying off-season and on sale.

What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most?

My all time favourite style is the low rise brief in solid colors. It looks elegant, feels comfortable and provides the right support in all the right places. It also looks good enough to lounge around the house and will not scare other people when they see you. 

What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer?

My all time favourite style is the low rise brief in solid colors. It looks elegant, feels comfortable and provides the right support in all the right places. It also looks good enough to lounge around the house and will not scare other people when they see you. 

Its hard to pick one favourite pair, but I see myself always going back to my “Intimissimi Slip aus Supima®-Stretch-Baumwolle mit Logo” and “Slip mit Logo aus Mikrofaser”. I think that they look timeless, classy and fun at the same time. 

Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner do they encourage your love of underwear?

To the public, I’m open about briefs in swimwear. Other than the comfort and simplicity of a speedo, and I think that the style complements the male profile really well. Im not public about underwear, since no one in history ever said “Hi, welcome to this meeting. My name is Alec and I’m wearing briefs today”. But also, I do not hide the fact that I wear them. If Im in a trip with friends and we share a hostel room together, they will see me in my briefs. If we go to the gym and we are in the locker room, they will see me in my briefs

Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence?

Its going to sound stupid, but yes: underwear helps me boost confidence and I have a pair for different boosters. Its like every pair helps me display a different personality. Classic white Calvins bring up the grown up which is useful for “life milestone moments”. Microfiber briefs make me feel sportier than I really am, something that’s very useful at the gym. And wearing a speedo in public is a real confidence booster for me: “Look at me, I dont care what you think, I’m doing my own thing”. I guess everyone has their own talismans and amulets for different occasions, mine just happen to be my underwear

Where can our readers find you on social media? 

Instagram – alec.casjan

  • Tell our readers about you: I am a 25 year old Irish guy living East in the Netherlands (almost 4 years now). I work as a Merchandiser for a US company based in the Netherlands. I am 100% gay. I feel like people wouldn’t necessarily think I am a guy whos into undies but my closest friends who say I am a very sexual so they may or may not think I am into undies.
  • When did you first discover underwear? I first noticed underwear I guess when I was in high school. When you do sports in school, of course guys change and see you the wide variety of underwear on display. I remember distinctly my dad always wore briefs so I started wearing briefs growing up and right through to adulthood. Personal experience made me discover underwear but also ads in stores and on TV. I myself loved the physical display of masculinity so.
  • What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair? My first underwear purchase was a Sloggi Tanga brief. Only had a back and a front pouch with an almost thin waistband. I got it because I thought “This is super sexy”.
  • How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear?The first underwear purchase definitely projected me into the world of undies. Throughout school and college, I was a total boxer brief guy but never ventured out to explore more options. When I moved (at age 21), I got my first jockstrap in a shop in Amsterdam and my love of the world of underwear was opened up. Keeping my underwear fetish to myself, I changed from boxer briefs to briefs only and then in the last year, changed back to boxer briefs.
  • What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most? My favorite style has got to be a jockstrap. I think its a beautiful creation for a man to have a pouch to cover his “meat” but the openness of a bare ass on display. To this day, I have over 20 jockstraps, ranging from sport jocks (like Bike) to more fashion ones (Diesel and Calvin Klein pride collection).
  • What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer?
  1. Diesel pride collection
  2. Mister B
  3. Nastypig
  4. Addicted
  • Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner do they encourage your love of underwear? I am not open to my friends about my underwear fetish but I am with my partner. I am single right now (hehe) so I would expect my partner to be supportive in my love of underwear. My ex was a major fan of thongs so we both took enjoyable in underwear shopping.
  • Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence? I have been to many underwear dance parties in Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brussels, etc and I have never felt more confident, sexier and manly. I feel with a great pair of undies on display, you feel amazing. You are comfortable in your own skin and you are proud to display yourself to the world in whatever style you choose. Monday to Friday, I am a boxer brief business guy…. at the gym; I am a sports jock guy… and in my private life; I am a proud wearing jockstrap guy.

What was the catalyst into discovering your love in underwear?

I’ve been into underwear so long, that I’m not sure what the initial catalyst was.  I remember always enjoying “fun” boxers that were double entendres, maybe with a cartoon that drew your attention to your crotch.   When I was in college, I was in a dance company.  I realized I couldn’t wear baggy boxers underneath whatever skin tight outfit they put us in.  I started buying “skimpy” underwear so I didn’t have to wear a dance belt.   Additionally, growing up, I was a butter face, or so I was told (seriously, I was rudely told), but my body looked good… and in underwear, it looked great. 

Did your first pairs shape your preference for underwear? 

No, my first pairs were whatever I could get my hands on.  I bought thongs, which I don’t have an affinity for, and tight boxer briefs, but ones that went way too far down the thigh.  I know what I love now and that evolved with time, it’s still evolving

What brands did you first buy and do you still buy them? 

I bought whatever TJMaxx had available, and they were very unknown named brands like “Rips”.   2xist existed at Macys, so I had some of their stuff.  To this day, I still enjoy 2xist.  Once I started buying on the internet though, it was a whole new world.   I started at and got no-name brands again like “Kyle” or “iNtense” or anything I could get that was inexpensive.  Later on, once I found Nasty Pig, Aussiebum, it was game ove

Were there people who influenced you? (friends, tv/movies, celebrities?)

My second boyfriend liked underwear and had a drawer full.  It made me realize it was ok to own an exorbitant amount.  His drawer was all white, grays, and blacks though.   I knew that I wanted more color and more variety than just a drawer full of tightie whiteys.   I didn’t really get influenced by models/celebrities because I knew looking like that would never be in my cards.  While I loved looking at them, it didn’t make me want to get them.  Almost the opposite, sexy underwear belonged on men like them, not boys like me

What is your style of choice (bikini, brief, thong, jock, boxer brief, etc)

Briefs and jocks are my go-tos.   Before I had body confidence, I was always proud of my butt.  I had been repeatedly told I had a great butt and calves, but those were the only things I ever got complimented on (remember the butterface).  I started buying more jocks with the mindset of “if you got, flaunt it”.  Briefs feel the best on me, and I love these the most.  

Hello UNB Readers! My name is James and I am currently a freelance IT professional by day and underwear enthusiast by night. Just kidding I’m an enthusiast 24/7. I’m 28 and am a proud gay Hoosier. 

When did you first discover underwear? (when did you first notice underwear? Where did you discover it (online, catalog, store)? What about it intrigued you?)

My first big discovery in the underwear world was when I was about 8 and my Mom had taken my siblings and I to Sears for family pictures. After we were done, I snuck off to the men’s underwear section (as I so often did to sneak a look at the packages) and found a rack of boxers. Sticking out was a something super shiny that stood out from the rest of the bland and dull pairs. I went over and grabbed it and found satin black boxers with Taz on the leg. Having seen satin across the aisle many times all I could was lust that one day I’d be able to feel that wonderful fabric against my own skin – and finally that day had come. Fortunately I was smooth and it was an easy sell to get my Mom to buy them, although she probably was ready to kill us all at that point so it was more of her saying yes to get us out of there quicker. Either way I claim it a victory, as I was obsessed with that pair of underwear but yet still had this feeling I wanted/needed more. 

One night when I was 13, I saw an MTV or VH1 special on men’s underwear. Naturally I did a quick check to make sure no one was around and once cleared immediately glued myself to the front of the TV. In a moment of what I can only describe as nirvana, the show flashed a page up of an International Male catalog and on the one side sat a chiseled hunk on the beach in a pretty wide mesh thong. *Insert montage of explosions, pupils dilating, etc* That one moment in time ignited a fire so large that it has only gotten bigger to this day. Never before had I realized men’s swimwear or underwear could be cut like that, in fabrics like that, or that there were even frickin’ catalogs for men’s underwear!!! 

What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair? (Not talking Hanes or FOTL six packs but a pair of “designer underwear”. Tell the story of what made you buy it and purchasing )

My first legit pair of underwear came from Male Power. I was just getting hit and heavy into transitioning from trunks to bikinis and I found a pair called “Very Bikini” that while not a thong, might as well have been. But it was enough that I figured I could convince someone, if confronted, I wasn’t in a thong in public! It was just a smaller bikini that’s all. Funny going back and talking about this story too because now if I’m not in a thong, or something with a small footprint, it feels unnatural lol. 

How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear? (Did this pair make you try other pairs and styles? Did you stick with this style? Do you still wear the style (thong, bikini, boxer brief, etc).

This first pair had a heavy influence not only on the style of underwear, but sent me down the forbidden fruit path if you will. Of course I’d fallen in love with styles and colors that were no longer made. Was I deterred? Absolutely not! If anything it made me open to trying more pairs of underwear out searching for brands that could fulfill the void left by the styles of the 80’s. To this day I cannot get enough high cuts and bright, neon colors. And like I said earlier, it’s a rare occasion when I’m not wearing at least a tanga these days. 

What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most? (bikini, thong, jock, boxer brief, etc)

I will always have room in my drawers for thongs and bodysuits. My passion for thongs should be pretty apparent by now but what I haven’t dived into is my other true love – bodysuits. And oh boy, when I can get my hands on a good thong bodysuit you’ll see me wearing it every other day! But in general I love bodysuits for their versatility. I can throw one on with some jeans and a button up and it gives me a clean, modern day look while keeping everything in one place. I have a closet dedicated to just bodysuits and one pieces that range from full coverage to strappy and leather. 

What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer? (list brand name and line if possible)

I’ve got a ton of BodyAwareUSA’s satin line but one pair I go back to and wear at least once a week is the mini thong in satin. Oh. My. ‘Lanta. Not only is the quality and durability some of the best I’ve seen from BodyAwareUSA, but in general that thong is a beast. It fits so perfectly and has the added bonus of giving the goods a nice lift so in a tight pair of jeans or even loose shorts you’ll be noticing everyone’s eyes pan down for a glimpse!

Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner do they encourage your love of underwear? (are you open to friends about undies? Or do you keep it to yourself?)

I am an open book when it comes to sharing my love and passion about underwear. Although not many of my friends share the same burning desire, I still love to be open and discuss the types of underwear I like with them. Especially living in a state that seems to play catch up with societal norms, I’ve made it a mission to be more open and out there when it comes to underwear. Underwear can be an awkward conversation with most people, but just like with any change it has to start somewhere. And at least for the folks in Indiana I’ve picked up that mantle!

Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence? (When wearing great underwear do you feel more confident or the same?)

100% will a great pair of underwear boost confidence – as a matter of fact it works both ways in my world. If I’m feeling blah or moody, my underwear tends to match. On the flip side I truly credit the moment I started wearing thongs as the moment I started to believe, no matter what other people told me or what I thought I saw in the mirror, I was ok just the way I was. This helped build my courage and inner strength until the day I was ready to fully accept myself and love me for who I am. 

I got interested in underwear in middle school when it was suggested that we get a jockstrap for gym class. I did not know what a jockstrap was but I was told I could find one at the drugstore. A short time later I asked my dad for some money so I could ride my bike down to the local drugstore and buy a jockstrap. He smiled and gave me $10.00. I rode my bike to the drugstore and found the jockstraps. My first one was an Ace brand, white with a red ACE label on the waistband. After I got home I tried it on in the bathroom and thought it was weird but I did find it unusually comfortable and supportive. Not all my friends bought jockstraps but some of us did and I was hooked. Until then I had always worn whitie tighties but now I was curious about this new undergarment. My family was pretty conservative so although I started to notice different styles of underwear at stores like J.C. Penney I was stuck wearing boring white briefs.

It was years later when I met my wife that my love for underwear was encouraged. My wife encouraged me to buy some “sexy” underwear and surprise her for our honeymoon. I didn’t know where to go so I ended up at the local adult shop and found plenty. I bought a pair of front lace up leather briefs and 2-3 pairs of thongs. We had a great time and my wife really enjoyed me in my underwear purchases. Over time my wife bought me thongs and we shopped for sexy underwear for her as well. Soon we began getting suggestions from one another as to underwear purchases. After children, I sank to colorful boxer briefs from Hanes and we kind of got into a rut. When we began to start searching for our “spark” again I started looking for great looking underwear again. I ended up finding the “Underwear News Briefs” website and that lead to “The Underwear Expert” underwear club. I started to get some great underwear and became a fan of 2xist, Jack Adams and Garcon Model and Obviously Male. In addition to this, I started working out. I had always worn jocks when working out and I had a couple in my drawer that my wife had never seen. One day I put one on and was getting ready to head out to the gym when my wife saw me. Her positive reaction surprised me and she thought they were a fun undergarment for me to wear. I had never considered wearing them as a sexy pair but she got me thinking about it. After reading articles on “Underwear News Briefs” and other blogs I recently started to purchase them as regular underwear. I just ordered a few pairs from Sukrew. Other jock brands I like are PPU and Safetgard but I am still in the process of collecting new brands.

I love underwear! They make me feel sexy and desirable and I really like the way my man parts feel and the support.

I’m a black male, 34, married to a beautiful woman and father of one son with another son on the way. I have been wearing thongs, bikinis and string bikini underwear off and on since 2001, during my freshman year of college before the start of my sophomore year. I started incorporating these styles of underwear in my daily wear in 2012 and haven’t looked back.

Like most pre-pubescent adolescent boys, I liked looking at the section of the catalogs that showed women’s underwear and have always been interested in wearing minimal/sexy underwear that was made for men.I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s when it was almost normal to see the athletes, actor or musician/singer wearing men’s bikini or skimpier. These men weren’t viewed as gay or feminine and women wanted them and men wanted to be like them.

I knew of men in my family, uncles, cousins etc that wore bikini briefs and string bikinis which were pretty normal underwear to wear during this time period. One of my uncles, in particular, was in his early 20’s when I was around 12/13 and stayed with us for short period of time after getting out of the Air Force. During this time we had to share a room until he got his own place and naturally by sharing a space I saw his underwear. This is when I knew bikini briefs and string bikinis were the underwear for me.

My uncle was so cool, he was masculine and had lots of different beautiful girlfriends and I wanted to be just like him and wore what he wore. He had different styles and patterns, mostly animal prints like zebra, snake, and cheetah, this was intriguing to me as my dad wore those ugly brown military briefs.

During this period underwear for men began to change with boxers then boxer briefs being what men were to wear. I was in high school during this period, was heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture and began to wear boxers and occasionally boxer briefs. I did this up until halfway through my freshman year of college.

During college when I was searching for underwear that provided extra support but was minimal under my clothes. I happened to stumble across thongs for men while a freshman in college shopping at Target and happened to stumble across Jake Taylor thongs for men. I was intrigued and bought a pack from then on I was hooked. This discovery of thongs for men reopened the door for me to wear bikinis and string bikinis that intrigued me at 12/13 and I began to wear this style as well. I would wear them in secret and no one I dated, friends or family knew of my underwear choice.

Fast forward to the present, I typically wear thongs, g-strings, string bikinis, bikinis and pouch brief underwear daily to work and boxer and trunk briefs occasionally. Some of my favorite brands are Obviously, Ergowear, Cocksox, and Gregg Homme. I like to think of my underwear collection as a buffet that can satisfy my appetite for the day. Currently, I have over 100 pairs of underwear that take up two drawers.

I really have to give kudos to my wife for embracing and not ridiculing me for wearing the styles of underwear that I wear. She was the first women I dated who knew of my style of underwear and when I wore a g-string in front of her for the first time her reaction was very positive! By my wife not minding me wearing the styles I like it makes me feel good and feel as though I don’t have to do it in private. To those husbands/boyfriends who are concerned with their wife/girlfriends reaction, be confident when she sees you in the underwear and you might be pleased with her reaction! Hopefully, my story and experience can inspire guys like me to look at bikinis and thongs as a great option for men’s underwear.

One of our newest writers is Sawyer. This is his journey into how he discovered underwear.

My story started when I was about 19 and was in need of some new underwear. I was tall and skinny, which I still am. The whitey tighties didn’t fit well because they would come up to my belly button or higher. I lived in what some may call a rural area and still do. This was before e-bay and the internet so the options were limited to Meijer,

Wal-Mart, and JCPenney, I went to search my options and bought a 5 pack of Faded Glory bikini style underwear from Wal-Mart. They were the first pair of underwear that had a decent fit for someone of my build. Then I tried the string bikini cut Fruit of the Looms and my appreciation of better fitting and feeling underwear began. After a few years of wearing the bikini style underwear, I got up enough nerve to buy a thong to try. Since then I have also tried boxer briefs and boxers.

The first pairs of underwear I bought did change what I like and look for in underwear. I want a pair that fits well. A good fitting pair of underwear can change your mood, give you confidence, makes you feel sexy, and so on.

Faded Glory and a few other brands have disappeared out of the big box stores. Sometimes they have a replacement brand depending on what city you are in. Until I found UNB, I was unaware of the various brands of underwear. I only knew of a couple and the imports from China on ebay. But, I have since moved from the big box store brands to other brands like Bodyaware and Cocksox. UNB has opened up a whole new world of underwear to try that I never knew existed..

I had a friend in college that I knew wore bikini style underwear. Knowing that he wore them gave me the confidence to try something other than whitey tighties. Once I ran into a friend while buying some new underwear when I first started buying something other than whitey tighties and she gave me her opinion on what she liked to see men wear. So that has always stuck in my mind.

I still normally wear the bikini cut underwear similar in style to the first ones I bought. But I will wear most any style of underwear depending on what I will be doing. The only style of underwear I don’t care for is boxers.




Hi, my name is Keith, and I’m addicted to underwear.

Truthfully, I don’t think I’ve crossed into addict territory yet. But my wallet has been groaning a bit the last couple months. I am as new to the underwear scene as I am to this site, and it has certainly been an interesting experience. I’ve never given underwear much thought– until age 18. My mom generally stocked that drawer in my dresser. Usually with the back-to-school special from the local supermarket. Once I hit college, money was scarce, bills were aplenty. When I had an extra buck or two, it usually found its way to the beer fund. New underwear wasn’t even on the radar, let alone premium underwear with a premium price tag.

I’m now 28 and have a grown-up job, grown-up bills, and a grown-up relationship. My partner and I moved in together one year ago this month and as many do, share a dresser. It was evident we have very different taste in underwear. For my birthday this past November, out of love (or disgust), he gave me my first two pairs of nicer underwear. They were simple Stance boxer briefs with fun prints. As I am easily amused, this was a bit of a home run. I flew home for Christmas wearing underwear with reindeer on them. Win. What blew my mind, was how comfortable they were. Light, smooth, airy, and I almost forgot I was wearing them. Double-win. That was really the tipping point. Once you wear something like that, you really can’t go back the all-white Haines boxer briefs. Before my trip home, I placed an order for an exorbitant amount of underwear on the 2(x)ist website (they were having a New Year’s sale, and it was the only brand I had recalled hearing much about).

Since I didn’t know much about underwear fit and my personal preferences, I ordered it all. Boxer briefs, briefs, jock-briefs, jocks, bikinis, and trunks in a mix of cotton and various poly-blends (it really was an insane order…). Having tried them for a few weeks now, I tend to gravitate towards the boxer briefs, trunks, and briefs. These are definitely a bit more conservative, and for getting my toes wet, much more comfortable. Also as a bigger guy (~6’2’’, a 36 waist, and solid 250lbs), I prefer a little support and the comfort of knowing I’m not hanging out in all the wrong places…

Which leads to this. A classically-trained pianist by night, and Immunologist by day writing for an underwear blog (folks, they truly are for everyone). I’m looking forward to starting this journey and sharing my experiences with the readers. I’ll give you the good and the bad, and look forward to suggestions. There are a lot of underwear out there, and I’ve got a few years worth to catch up on.


I attended a boarding school in Florida during the 1970s and while there was a dress code, I discovered that I could express myself with underwear, and consequently found very early brands that used color and fabric that weren’t the typical white briefs that I had worn my entire life. I recall having a package of Hanes that were colorful, trimmed in contrasting colors, were soft, and cut in a very short boxer brief or trunk style. I literally wore them out!

During my college years, I lived in Chicago and discovered that some of the trendier department stores had more adventurous styles of underwear — Elance and Poco — and I started wearing colorful bikinis and briefs. Again, a similar theme, my exterior was either dictated by a work-related uniform or dress code; yet I could enjoy my freedom of expression with the layer closest to me! Plus…it made me feel sexy as hell! Still does! Hence, the REAL reason I love underwear — it’s fun to get dressed and it’s often the first thing I pick out! The ads with Jim Palmer and Marky Mark were huge incentive to expand my selections and they contributed to the idea that good men’s underwear was a mainstream commodity!

My first venture into high-quality underwear was Calvin Klein (no surprise!) but then discovered 2XIST, CIN2, N2N, Andrew Christian, Cocksox, and Obviously, which today, are my “go to” everyday underwear. I usually wear briefs but love to mix in a thong (CK and N2N) or a jock (N2N, Aussiebum, AC). I love quality, design, color, and pouch. I also like supporting brands and designers that are trying new things, pushing styles and fit.

NOTE: UNB Sandy is one of the newest members at UNB. He will be speaking to guys over 50, showing them no matter your age, you should wear great undies.

Hey guys, my name is Mike and this is my first post for UNB! Anyone that meets me would think I’m your normal, 30s(ish) straight guy next door. But on any given day if you had x-ray vision you’d see that I’m probably wearing what most would consider to be pretty crazy underwear: tiny briefs, bikinis, maybe a thong. Any color or style is fair game, and a lot of days I base the rest of my outfit on the color and style of underwear I pick first.

I can’t think back to a specific moment when I realized I loved underwear; it’s just always something that interests me. I remember being in high school and seeing the Calvin Klein underwear at Macy’s. It seemed so adventurous, so adult to think about buying briefs like that. I mean, each pair came in a box! Everyone knows the fewer pairs per package, the better it is. It was also such a thrill to finally get the nerve to buy a pair of CK hip briefs and have to take them up to the checkout. I also remember the time I bought a CK thong and tried to ‘hide’ between others pairs so it didn’t seem so obvious. Which I’m sure it was! To this day I get a rush out of buying fun underwear in person and seeing if I get any reaction from the cashier.

After high school I found the world of online underwear retailers and the floodgates opened for me. I started with the big players like 2(x)ist, CK, and C-IN2. Then I branched off into the wonderful world of Andrew Christian and cheapundies. It turns out I’m very partial to briefs, especially anything with a good pouch. I’m also a sucker for sales, so I’m always willing to pull the trigger on something fun and new.

The fact that I found great fitting anatomical underwear, fabrics that feel amazing, and perfectly fitting cuts like briefs means I’m never going back to ‘regular’ underwear. Add in things like jock briefs and thongs to the mix and the best part of my day is in the morning when I get to pick what to wear.

To me, the best part of underwear is the amount of variety available and how it always makes me feel amazing. As a straight guy, I know the typical stereotype about guys’ underwear is the image of string bikinis, probably leopard print and sold in a tube of 3. But I guarantee that any straight guy that would try a modern pair of briefs with a good pouch and an awesome fabric would be an instant convert. That’s what I hope to accomplish here at UNB. I want to share my experiences with new brands and underwear to straight guys that are either intimidated or hesitant to dip their toe into our wonderful world. There’s no shame in feeling great from what you’re wearing. You’ll get a thrill knowing that you’re the only one who knows you’re rocking red briefs today. And who knows, maybe your coworker sitting next to you just happens to be a fan of Thong Thursday too!

NOTE: UNB Mike is one of the newest guys on UNB. We will have a lot more from him soon!


add-headingWe are showcasing some of our amazing readers. This post we ask Jayinca about his love of underwear. Here is his story on how he fell in love with underwear and some of his favorites currently.

Tell our readers about you:

If you saw me walking down the street I would seem unremarkable.  Just your average married 30-something business professional going about his daily business. And in part, that is who I am… in part. But just below the surface, literally, lies a stark contrast to the dress slacks and button-up shirt you see on the outside. Below the surface where one might expect to find your run-of-the-mill black/gray/white boxer brief that you got at Costco in a 3-pack for $20 you might find a ruby red Joe Snyder thong, or perhaps a funky designer Olaf Benz thong.

I’m a straight red blooded American man and I love men’s underwear. I love football, the outdoors and drinking beer as much as the next guy, but I also love underwear. And I’m perfectly ok with that.

When did you first discover underwear?

My discovery of underwear came at a time of great self-exploration.  I was in my late 20’s, single, freshly graduated from college with a job with good benefits. On paper, I was off to a great start to this thing called life. Checking all the important life checkboxes. But something was missing. It was during this time that I really put some thought into what I wanted from life besides a college degree and a job to pay the bills. What are my passions besides pizza and football? This question led me on a wild journey exploring things like kink, relationship dynamics, gender norms and open-mindedness.

My exploration into underwear began during this time period suddenly and without reason.  I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my laptop on my lap and suddenly I was struck with the curiosity of what it would feel like to wear thong underwear. So, I Googled “male thong underwear” and the rest is history.  I was introduced via Google to the many men’s underwear sites online and to all the designer brands that make them. I was completely enthralled.  My eyes were glued to the male models on my screen for hours as I browsed countless sites and the underwear within them.

The guys in the pictures looked awesome! I thought to myself, ‘their butts look amazing! Just as good as women do in thong underwear or swimwear.’ This was a concept I had to get comfortable with.  Is it ok for a straight guy to say that? Am I really straight? Over time I answered these questions definitely. Of course, it’s ok to say that and yes, I’m really straight. I do admire the male form almost as much as the female form. The big kicker is that there is no sexual aspect of my admiration. Then I wondered why I let a pair of underwear make me question my own sexuality? That’s just ridiculous, and so an exploration into society imposed gender norms occurred and so on.

What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair?

I knew I was looking for a thong. I wanted to experience one. I believe it was on that I found my first thong (actually it was a g-string). The brand was Gigo and it had a wide dark metallic blue waist that wrapped all the way around.  It subtly delved into the classic v thong shape in the back and became a string that attached to the pouch.

How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear?

I had been tracking my package all day and I knew it had been delivered and that it would be there when I got home. Would it be in my mailbox or would it be on my doorstep? What if it’s on the doorstep and my roommates get home before me? What if it says on the label? These questions started running through my mind and the thought of being discovered brought feelings of shame and embarrassment.

I got home and there it was, right on my doorstep and to my relief my roommates weren’t home yet.  I ran into my bedroom like a giddy child sprinting into the living room to see what Santa had left in the night. I ripped open the package and there it was. Wow, it was so small! Such a tiny amount of fabric were my initial thoughts. There was only one thing left to do; I stripped off my clothes, including the black boxer briefs I had on and put on my first thong (g-string. I was intensely excited, a) about finally getting to have this experience, b) it was just so damn naughty! And that was exciting to me. To clash against what society said I should be wearing under my clothes and to be ok with it. It’s my secret anyways and it’s nearly in plain sight, and finally c) the sensation of the string splitting my cheeks was hot. I looked in the mirror with the stupidest looking smile I think I’ve ever worn and was very happy with how the underwear looked on me. I had always been told by girls that I had a nice butt and the underwear just accentuated that.

One thing to note here: body image issues.  I have them. While I will admit I’m not fat, I most definitely look nothing like the male models who I had been staring at in the week prior to my special delivery. So feeling like I looked good was huge.

What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most?

My current favorite styles are the thong of course, followed by bikini’s and briefs. I guess I’m a minimalist when it comes to underwear. For one, I feel sexy in them and secondly, I find them more comfortable. I don’t like the feeling of the fabric from boxer briefs rubbing against the inside thigh of my pant leg. It makes things feel claustrophobic.

What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer?

My favorites are an Olaf Benz thong. I don’t know the particular item name, but here is a photo:

And my other all-time favorite is my Turquois Joe Snyder thong:

Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner do they encourage your love of underwear?
My friends do not know about my underwear preferences. I just don’t want to deal with them having to get over that fact and really, we never talk about what kind of underwear we wear so it’s not a difficult subject to avoid. Think football team type of guys.  Those are my friends. Oddly.

However, my wife loves me in thongs. In fact, she nearly demands that I wear them.  Most recently, she took advantage of a sale on and quite significantly added to my collection of briefs.  She then covertly got rid of all my boxer briefs (except the ones I wear to the gym).  Her enjoying me in sexy underwear really reinforces the love I have for them myself because now wearing them takes on a whole new dynamic.  Not only am I wearing sexy underwear for me, but for my wife as well.  All her comments on my sexy bum and the sweet swats she gives me on the butt feel amazing.

Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence?
Wearing sexy underwear has definitely boosted my confidence.  I feel a sexy swagger that I don’t feel otherwise.  Knowing that I am one of the few men who get to enjoy what wearing thong underwear feels like makes me feel grateful truthfully but the sexy under-secret is thrilling as well. I walk down the halls at work truly a man on a mission when I can feel that extra boost of sexy confidence.

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unbtmg-brieftaleAs a gay man, I have loved underwear as far back as I could remember. As a child of the 80’s, before the internet, the only sexual outlet I had was the J.C. Penny’s catalog, turning to the underwear section. I would stare at the pictures for hours and always looked forward to the new catalog coming out.

Growing up, I was stuck wearing the cheapest tightie whities my mother could find. I hated them lol. I drempt of the day I could wear something colorful, sexy and fun. To this day, Droopy tightie whities are a boner killer for me.

I remember the very first pair I purchased. The drug store in town had mens bikini briefs on sale. I had the money and for a several day I would go in and look at them. When I looked at them my heart raced, because to me, it was like buying a porn movie. (I was 8 or 9 at the time). Finally I worked up the nerve to purchase a pair. I selected a grey pair. I was flushed and my heart was pounding. Looking back at it, I really had no reason to be scared, but I was. I snuck them home and couldn’t wait to put them on.

I remember putting them on and was looking at myself in the mirror, admiring them on me, and how “brave” I was. Just then there was a knock on the bathroom door, I was being told we were going out for dinner. I immidiatly put my pants on and raced out for dinner. The entire evening all I could think of was the sexy grey bikini briefs I was wearing.

After that, I started my first “collection”. I would buy any underwear I could find, that were not tightie whities. Colored briefs, bikinis and boxers. I hid my collection in an old car my father had, thinking it would never be found. My “collection” was maybe 25 pair and I loved them.

One day I came home and found that my father had sold the old junker, and worse yet, found my “collection”. He was mad and I was scared. All my brothers and I got yelled at about the underwear he found and the box with my treasures disappeared.

As time went on, and I got my own place and started to buy my own underwear, there were no cheap tightie whities to be found.

Now, my collection numbers more than 200 pair of underwear. I have every type made now. Depending on my mood depends on what I wear. Some days boxers are the right choice. Sometimes briefs and even thongs and jocks.

My new “collection” takes up three drawers in my dresser. I also love swimwear and lycra/spandex gear. Tight running pants, leggings, compression shorts and wrestling singlet’s are a separate part of my “collection”.

Over the past 25 years, I have purchased at least 1000 pair of underwear. A lot for me, but also as gifts for boyfriends and friends. I have tried countless brands, styles and cuts and I’m always looking to try new brands and styles.

Most of my friends ask me for advice when it comes to buying underwear, and I am always willing to take them underwear shopping. It’s kind of scary that there are gay men out there who don’t put much thought in the MOST important piece of clothing a man wears.

The single most attractive thing about a man, in my opinion, is seeing a man in his underwear. It never gets old to me. When I am out and about and see a hot guy, my first thought is “what underwear is he wearing”. I always look for a hint of his choice for the day. A brief line along his butt, a boxer line on his leg, Or a hint of the waist band if he bends over.

I am glad you asked for people who follow and enjoy your website to say why they love your website, underwear and how it all started. Even if I am not part of your focus group, I just want to say thank you for having the best blog on the web.

I look forward to your future posts.

thumbnail-213When I think about my first memories of underwear, I immediately recall being terrified of those classic tighy-whities that it seemed like all my friends were wearing. In the moment, I think it was about the tightness of them; I was always a shy kid growing up so the thought of wearing something that accentuated ANYTHING made me cringe. Boxer briefs seemed like a much more conservative choice, and I was always fine with the Fruit of the Loom multipacks my mom bought for me. I didn’t think anything of it for a long time.

Come high school, underwear actually played a big part in my realization that I was gay. All too often I would find myself wandering the underwear aisle, staring at all the nearly-naked male models in various pairs and finally one day, I got up the courage to ask my mom to buy me a pair of those tighty-whities I had fought off for so long. My reasoning? “I get hot when I sleep mom, they’ll be a lot more cool to sleep in.” She bought my feeble excuse and more importantly, bought me some new tighty-whities. The rest is as they say, briefstory.

When I started making my own money, it seemed like I was always spending it on new pairs of underwear. I haven’t always had a lot of money so I found myself buying a lot of the lower-end pairs. Getting some in the mail was so exciting, and I still love the feeling of slipping on new pairs for the first time. At work, I really prefer the boxer briefs from brands like Equipo and Calvin Klein, since I feel like they work better when I’m moving. When I’m out on the town or out at night, I return to my favorite pairs of briefs from brands like Ralph Lauren and Teamm8. I’m excited to be a part of the UNB community, and I’d love to hear from readers! Let me know what you’re thinking, what you’re wearing, and what you’re interested in reading.

NOTE: UNB Paul is our newest guy. We will have a lot more from him soon!


I grew up much like many middle-class North American boys. Suburban neighborhood, public school… and tighty whities purchased in bulk from the nearest department store. It wasn’t until I was 13 that I was first introduced to the existence of alternative forms of men’s undergarments (aside from my knowledge of boxer shorts). Going into middle school, my dad spent time one day showing me his jockstraps (as well as old ones from when he was younger) and explaining their use to me, and the importance of sports protection during physical activities. That’s where it started.

Over the years of middle school I would occasionally wear a jock simply for how it felt and fit, and I gradually began to wear boxer briefs as my daily undies rather than briefs. Going into high school I wore only boxer briefs, mostly to avoid harassment in the locker room. Throughout high school I began to experiment with different types of underwear. I bought my first thongs and bikini briefs, and ended up transitioning back to wearing briefs on a regular basis.

University is where I really began to make the foray into the world of men’s underwear. I was working at a clothing store at the time, and I would try various brands and styles. There were a few occasions where I would trade undies with guys that I had met online. I always felt a little weird being a straight guy with an underwear obsession, but talking to other like-minded guys and finding my own confidence over the years has made me comfortable enough to wear what I want. I’m also thankful that my wife loves the underwear I own.

I wear jocks, thongs, or briefs on a typical day-to-day basis, though I do own some trunks and boxer briefs that I use mostly for sleeping (when I sleep with anything on of course). Some great brands to check out: CIN-2, 2-xist, Calvin Klein, Papi, Clever, and N2N Bodywear.

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Sometime around middle school I became very interested in the ad circulars in the Sunday paper. Sears, Dillard’s, JC Penney, and K-Mart were always having sales on men’s underwear. Often the photo was just five boxers in a package, but if you were lucky maybe they’d show an empty pair of briefs floating against the background. Then there were those times, those lucky Sundays, when if you’d hunt long enough you’d find a photo of an actual man in underwear. Maybe he’d have a towel around his neck like he was about to take a shower or a mug in his hand like he was just waking up in his nylon store-brand bikinis that came in a five color assortment. He was always staring off in the distance confidently, masculine, yet sexually inert.

I began to imagine stories behind these images. Did the model feel silly stripping down in front of the camera crew? Does he normally wear nothing but striped briefs the house? Did they let him keep the underwear, and did he put them on for his girlfriend later that night? Why couldn’t he be holding a beer and winking at the camera? Why wasn’t he sitting at the edge of a bed, leaning back on his arms, face downcast, vulnerable, yet offering himself to the viewer’s gaze?

I had developed a thing for underwear. I had grown up wearing Hanes and Fruit of the Loom tightie whities. In my adolescent mind it was something no one else saw, so why would you go out and buy special ones? Like those ones that were tomato red and barely covered your hips and probably showed the outline of your penis and probably felt so light and yet so snug…

When I went off to college I began buying underwear for myself. It was always a nice little charge of energy when I put one of my special pairs on. This felt right. Over the years I’ve tried more and more kinds and brands and cuts and I still can’t wait to get home and open a new package. Recently I decided to put my love of underwear out there a bit more (in an anonymous internet kind of way) and embrace what I’ve spent years thinking about. My collection continues to grow and I love hearing other guys talk about underwear.

Underwear, to me, signifies a man’s assertion that he is a sexual being. A guy may be a mild-mannered desk jockey, but those leopard print jockeys under his pants tell otherwise. They mean that he tries harder than ratty boxers with the elastic worn out. They mean he thinks about what it’s like to undress in front of someone, to invite someone to look and to touch. It means that he opened up his drawer this morning and thought, “I want to feel sexy today”. He headed out the door with that little extra charge of energy in his step. And that’s what I love about underwear. Let’s get into this.

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My story begins when I was about 6.  In elementary school we didn’t have to change clothes for P.E. We would just do simple workouts in the clothes our parents dressed us in.  So of course when the school was offering sport physicals my mom signed me up so that she wouldn’t have to pay for a doctor’s appointment.  I had no idea that she had signed me up and had never had a physical done before.  So when I was called down to the nurse with 5 other boys from my class I thought nothing of it.  We all thought we were in trouble, but I was rational and figured if that was the case we would be seeing the principal not the nurse.  When we entered the nurse’s office she asked for us to go behind the curtain and strip down to our underwear.  Of course as children you are obedient; you don’t question adults so we asked no questions and went behind the curtains to begin undressing.  Once behind the curtains it became pretty obvious how awkward the situation had become.  Luckily a small but funny blonde kid was there for comic relief.  He began quickly undressing to reveal Batman briefs; he tied the sleeves to his shirt around his neck to make a cape. T hen he placed his hands on his waist and jokingly stated that he was “Batman”.  I stared in awe at his briefs; I had no idea that underwear was made differently than the white briefs I had grown so accustomed to wearing.  We all chuckled as he ran around the small space behind the curtain until the nurse yelled for us to quiet down.  As all the other boys began to undress I realized they all had the same pair as me, except one boy, my childhood friend.  He had light brown hair, olive skin, big brown eyes, and a soft speaking voice.  Like me, he was very shy, so we undressed together in the corner.  As he dropped his pants I again was caught off guard by the burgundy briefs that he had on.  I probably stared for longer then I should have, but we were kids so it wasn’t in a sexual way.  So many questions ran through my head as we waited in line for our physicals.  Like where did he get those from?  Are there any other colors?  Do they feel different from mine?

After the traumatic but enlightening sports physical, I began to wonder when my mom would go shopping. I  would walk through the men’sIMG_2190underwear aisle and stare at the boxes to see all the different colors and cuts.  Of course, I couldn’t possess any of them, so staring would have to do for now.  How does a 6 year old boy ask his mom to buy him colorful underwear?  The solution to my problem came quickly.  Christmas. When asked to make a Christmas list, I asked for Mighty Max, Rugrats, Pokemon, Power Rangers, and some underwear.   You know, the usual.  My mom quickly laughed after reading the last thing on my list.  She asked me what colors I wanted and I quickly began thinking of colors I had learned of in school that liked.  So Christmas day my mom surprised me with 3 packs of assorted underwear.  Some even had snakes and alligators printed on them.  I thought that I was so cool with my now colorful assortment of briefs.  I was too cool for plain white briefs and I wanted more.

Over the next couple months I would randomly ask my mother to buy me underwear at the store when I would accompany her.  After a short chuckle at how much I was blushing and how nervous I would get each time I made the same request, she would nod her head and ask me to pick out the pack I wanted.  This went on for months, until that summer when my mom came home from shopping and had a surprise for me and my older brother.  She gave us new swimsuits, but not like any we had ever worn before.  They were briefs that I could wear in the pool or at the beach.  I was baffled that I could even do that.  I quickly smiled, grabbing it from her hands without thinking, undressing in my kitchen and slipping them on shamelessly (my parents thought I was going to grow up to be in Chippendales).  The fabric was different, the feeling on my skin was new but I loved it.  I ran over to the mirror in our hall way and studied the design.  They were rainbow splattered in the front and all black on the back.  I rubbed my hands all over them wondering what fabric it was and why it was so soft.  My brother, un-phased by my reaction,  thanked my mom, took his pair and walked away. I wore those until I was about 10.

I kept them but I wanted more like it.  My mom couldn’t find any; she checked K-Mart where she found the first pair but was unable to find any others.  So I stopped searching for them and returned to swimming trunks until I was 12.  I was out shopping with my mom and sister in Newark when I stumbled across not 1 pair but 2 pairs of swim briefs in my size; one was black and yellow, the other blue and green.  I of course awkwardly pulled my mom over to the rack and asked if I could have them.   She smiled and grabbed them without responding and placed them in our cart.  I was ecstatic; I couldn’t wait to go home and try them on.  To say the car ride felt like it took forever was an understatement.  When I finally got home I ran to my room and tried them on.  The style was very nice but the fabric was off, it didn’t feel right.   It was rough on my skin and not at all pleasant.  Still I wore those until 14 because at that point I was entering High School and boys my age no longer wore briefs they wore boxers.

I remember being in the locker room for my first day of gym class and seeing all the upperclassmen strip into their boxers.  This might have been when I realized I liked boys (haha) but their underwear was so unflattering.  My first day of gym class I didn’t change because under my jeans I had on a pair of briefs and I didn’t want to be picked on.  So when I got home I asked my mom to buy me boxers and I wore those until I was 16.  I got my first job and start buying boxer briefs from American Eagle, which got boring fast.  My excitement for underwear had died with my childhood.  I wanted to be accepted so I did what I saw other kids my age doing and I wore what they wore.

After graduating high school I finally came to terms with being gay and started looking up pictures of guys shirtless; every few pictures there were guys in their underwear which quickly relit a flame once dead.  I started looking up brands I had never heard of and seeing all the different cuts and styles available.  I was like an addict surrounded by my drug of choice.  I began ordering online, starting with Joe Snyder which doubles as underwear or swimsuits.  I ordered 4 pairs in white, royal blue, black, and red.  Note to self: check transparency before wearing out in public because some are see thru when wet.  Talk about an awkward experience at the beach.

Right before my 19th birthday I stumbled across a blog called Underwear News Briefs,  which to say was a dangerous discovery is a bit of an understatement. I began to read their reviews of underwear and swimsuits.  This allowed for me to weigh my options and not blindly invest in random brands like I had done in the past, often times with regret.  A brand they often rave about is N2N Bodywear, so after much debate and a bit of saving up I went ham and bought almost 300 dollars’ worth of their products (thanks to the blog I knew they were having a sale, some for as cheap as 10 dollars).  My collection quickly grew; I started with briefs and gradually invested in other styles,  anything from thongs to a singlet I just had to have.  After realizing I was running out of space I started doing some cleaning out.  Not of my underwear but of my clothes.  Filling up 3 full drawers of just underwear.  Now I have 9 drawers, but each only filled with one kind of clothing not needing more than one drawer. If it did I would just hang it in my closet.

Now at 20, soon to be 21, I am an Andrew Christian underwear of the Month club member, renewing once a year.  I currently possess the brands Papi, Pistol Pete, N2N Bodywear, Joe Snyder, Aussiebum, C-in2, Male Power, Cocksox, Rufskin, Manus, Charlie, Stud, and Pump in all different cuts, fabrics, designs, styles, and collections.  I’m proud of who I am and what I love, which is underwear.  As I get older I hope that this love only grows as new styles and brands are introduced.  Who knows, hopefully I find someone who shares a love for underwear in the way that I do.  A boy can dream, cant he?  So I leave you with a version of song lyrics from my all-time favorite animated movie.

“Look at these briefs
aren’t they neat?
Wouldn’t you think my collections complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the boy
the boy who has everything?
Look at these drawers
Undies to fold
how many wonders can one bedroom hold?
Lookin’ around here you’d think
he’s got everything
I’ve got boxers and briefs aplenty
I’ve got jocks and thongs galore
You want swimsuits?
I got twenty
But who cares?
No big deal
I want more…”

Hope you enjoyed reading my underwear discovery.   I know I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, giving me a chance to reminisce 🙂

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I was 11 or 12 years old when I began to take an interest in men’s underwear. And let’s be honest, for me it was just as much about the men wearing them as it was the underwear itself. Underwear felt like a safe way for me to explore something I wasn’t quite sure of yet.

One particular memory sticks out in my mind though.  While being dragged along with my mother on a “quick” stop to the nearest department store, I was able to slip away to the men’s section.  I don’t think I need to tell you where I immediately wandered over to.   In the midst of tall shelves filled with glossy boxes covered in underwear clad muscle men, I was overwhelmed by the discovery that there were more choices than just boxers or briefs.  Sure I’d heard reference to a thong before but I had assumed they were just for women.  But right there in front of me was a perfectly normal looking man wearing a light–blue cotton Hanes thong.  It was at that moment I realized I knew very little about the span of male sexuality.  I couldn’t help myself.  I needed to know what it felt like to wear something like that.  I knew it would make me feel much more than the basic annoyance of having fabric stuck in my butt cheeks.  Men could be sexy, I had proof right here.  I certainly couldn’t ask my mother to buy them though. In desperation I did what any 11–year–old boy would have done.  I stole them.

3 2

I’ve since started paying for my underwear,  but my interest in them has only grown over the years.  For me, underwear is so tied to my emotional and sexual self that I could make a journal that merely showed which pair I wore each day and still be able to go back in time as if I had written pages of description.  That very idea sparked a broader goal to share my passion (and partly justify the extreme expense of my addiction) by starting Underwear Obsession.  The goal of Underwear Obsession is to show what a normal looking chap (that’s me) really looks like in the latest styles and trends of men’s underwear.  The photos are accompanied by a fun mix of underwear stories, reviews, tips, sales, and even some news.  In just the same way I found that light–blue thong to be so astonishing when I was 11, I’ve found that the community of fellow underwear lovers is larger and more vibrant than I could have imagined.  My only problem now is figuring out where to store all this underwear.  It would be weird to have a dresser filled just with underwear, right?


I admit it, I am an underwear addict. If there were a meeting for Underwear Anonymous I would probably be the president of the local chapter.  But, I don’t think it’s a problem. I mean I have over 400 pairs and love getting new underwear.

I would say my love of underwear went back to childhood. In second grade I remember getting this pair of blue briefs with bright red trim and loved them. There was something about them that from that day forward I wanted to have different underwear.

Growing up I was really shy. I mean painfully so, that I rarely talked to people I didn’t know. This progressed into my teens as well.  This is when I discovered bikini briefs. The first time I saw Jim Palmer wear them I knew I had to have a pair. Here was a mainstream jock in undies that weren’t tighy white. It really turned me on to go by the first pair on a family-shopping trip. I got all the courage I could to get a pair, go to the register and pay for them. My heart was racing, what would the cashier think, what if someone saw me with them, how would I get them home?

I ran to my room and put them on and they felt amazing. I was wondering where had this underwear been all my life. It felt so amazing. I would let my collection grew to about 10 pairs before my family found my stash. It seemed the world ended but no one in my family cared and from them on it was up to me to get my undies.

As I said during this time I was super shy. One reason I think I got different undies was to express myself.  Most guys were still in those tighty whities, that you get six to a pack. But I was sporting red, green or pink bikinis on a regular basis. It made me feel a bit more confident. However, I never let anyone see them in HS for fear of the hazing in gym class. Which looking back no one would have said anything? There were several guys in the locker room that wore bikinis and it was a non-issue.

These were the days in the gay world I could be called a Twink. Which is I was a tall thin kinda preppy boy. I was 6’4” at 165 with a 31 waist. I could wear anything. That changed and when I hit 27 my metabolism slowed and I went form 165 in my 20’s to 302 in my early fourties and a 42 waist. I was super frustrated that I rarely got great undies. I made up my mind to change that, over the course of the last year I have lost 75 pounds and kept it off.  My goal is to go down to around 200 pounds. My current waist is between a 36-38. I can wear great undies but my undies still make me feel awesome.

Flash forward to today. My confidence and underwear companies are up. I turned my love into a blog that is showing guys undies are fun and always should be. I’ve always been the go to guy my friends talk to about what undies they should buy, even before UNB. I love giving advice and hope to be doing the blog for many years to come


My name is Tim, I’m an editor of an underwear blog, have over 400 pairs of underwear and an underwear addict.


By hotguyntown

Looking back, it all began with a quick glance through People magazine – briskly skipping over the standard Hollywood gossip puff-pieces and by chance opening to a full page ad for Jockey underwear with Jim Palmer.  I was transfixed and energized by the image of the all-American jock in a pair of skimpy Elance briefs.  For a second I wondered if anyone would notice if I tore the page out of the magazine, but I couldn’t resist.  I knew I had to study this style, so different from my plaid boxer shorts and superman underoos.  It showed off his package and firm round ass and I wanted to see more and know what it felt like to wear those briefs.

Going to the Y was a weekly event in my family;  my dad would workout in the weight room and I would head off to the pool.  I started noticing that guys were wearing something other than briefs or boxers when working out.  Most of them, including my dad, were wearing a standard bike jock that started off white and quickly began to fade due to sweat and age.   When I went off swimming, I saw the older boys practicing their laps in their speedos.  And at that moment, I realized this was the perfect way to show off an athletic man’s body – tight gloriously round butts encased in spandex, bulges prominent in the front.   I couldn’t help but stare, and definitely wanted to wear one of those as soon as I could.

And then finally, the momentous occasion, the first time I received an issue of the International Male catalog.   The old joke held true for me – somehow I.M. knew I was a gay boy before I did.   I don’t know how they knew, but I loved it, studied it, and spent way too much time planning which styles I had to have.  I never ordered anything, but it was nice to know there were other guys out there who were into the same thing I was.  Plus I knew where I could order pirate inspired fashion if I wanted to.  A lace front ruffly shirt was always in-style in the I.M. catalog.   I started out with CK, then moved on to 2xist and then moved on to Andrew Christian, Timoteo and all those fun brands that make up my ever growing collection.


My love for underwear began at a young age. I remember the very first time I was in awe. I was 7 and saw an older cousin of my change clothes. He had on some bikini briefs and I just couldn’t take my eyes off him.  From then on I began to wonder what every guy would wear. I, of course, wore your typical Hanes and Fruit of The Loom briefs.

I used to love going to P.E in junior high and high school. Knowing that I would see so many types of underwear and the guys that wore them. That always got me just excited.

At the age of 16 I began working, and with my very first check I remember buying some trunks, which where fairly new at that time. From then on my curiosity about every type and cut grew bigger. Luckily I worked in a retail store so it made it easy for me to just buy something new when I could.

Now with so many brands, cuts, styles, prints and fabrics these days, I get excited. My collection is around 560. I do own a little of everything; briefs, trunks, boxerbriefs, jocks and thongs. And from many brands. Yet I must admit that I am more of a brief guy.

Now why do I own such a massive collection?   Well it’s simple.  Underwear sets my mood for the day.  Just knowing that I am wearing a fun style or print brings a smile to face.  I mean come on, a guy can also feel sexy;  whether you’re straight, gay or bi, I know that the underwear you wear helps.  Also knowing that as I go on with my day there is a guy who is wondering what I have on under my jeans.

XXX BJH_6315By @billiesoniq

My story starts in a small town just outside Seattle, back in 1990. I had just moved to a new town, starting a new school. There isn’t much to say about this backstory – my mother started a new career, and I was the last child still young enough to live at home.   As a single mother, she felt it necessary to get me exposed to as much ‘guy stuff’ as possible. This meant that I was supposed to at least ‘try’ sports, boy scouts – anything and everything that would supplement her idea of what I was missing without a father figure in the picture.

Up to this point, I thought it was torture. I didn’t want to go out for sports, I didn’t want to chase after a ball, or learn to light a fire with steel wool and a rock. I wanted to read books, write stories, and learn about these new computers that the last few schools I had attended now had. That was, until Joe Joe came along.

Soon after we moved to this little no-name town, my mother befriended one of the local neighbors. He was an athletic man, about 28, with a permanent tan. He choose a bicycle as his only means of transportation. At the time, he played it off as a way to keep fit; adulthood now leads me to believe that he had no other options at the time. Regardless, I was immediately drawn to him. He was a guy’s guy. He swore without regret, and went shirtless to the grocery store. To me, he was the exacting idea of what a real male should be.

Which leads me to my first inkling of interest in men’s underwear. At one point in the summer prior to my first year at my new school, my mother and I were invited to a local swimming hole by Joe Joe and two of his buddies. We packed up our swimming clothes, hopped in the car, and Joe Joe lead the way to a secluded lake, about 15 miles away. After a quick unloading of the vehicle, mother and a few girlfriends met up and started to drift towards a cabin. Confused, I started to follow. No one had told me what was going on. Joe Joe, noticing my confusion, called me over. I remember this part pretty much like it was yesterday. He tousled my hair, pointed to another cabin, and said, “Hey little man. The men’s cabin in that way. You’re a guy, you come with us.”   Honestly, this was the one of the first times I was included as ‘one of the guys’. Not willing to miss this opportunity, I followed the other guys, and Joe Joe, into the small cabin.

Once I was there, I was unsure what to expect, and certainly not expecting what I saw. I walked in, and there were at least 6 guys, all different ages and sizes, in varied states of undress. Obviously, seeing a bunch of guys in that state was rather embarrassing for a 10 year old, especially since my brothers and father were not really around for me to be accustomed to that.

I started to stammer. I didn’t know how I was supposed to react, and Joe Joe, who had now become sensitive to my confusion on this whole situation, reacted in probably the most constructive way any father figure could have ever done. He pulled me aside, and simply laid it all out for me. His words, as best I can remember, were simple, and flat out honest. “Billie, here’s the thing. Guys change in front of each other. Everyone looks, and everyone has the same junk. Don’t be shy, don’t stare, and don’t worry if people peek at you. It’s all out of curiosity, and that’s ok.”

At the time, it really helped. I wasn’t really into it for the sexual part, at the time; what really fascinated me about the situation was that all these different guys were all wearing different underwear than me. Until this moment, I had only known of ‘tighty whities’ that my mother had been buying for me to wear.

Older guys were wearing what I came to know as boxers; the teenagers that were there had on briefs, like me, but wait – they were in different colors! How cool was that? It was then that I saw my first bikini brief, colored brief, and even a makeshift boxer-brief. I didn’t know what they were called at the time, of course. I did know, though, that I wanted to see more. I wanted to try more.

Over the next couple months, both goals came to fruition. Between soccer practice, baseball, and physical education in school, I was a casual observer to almost every brand, style and type of underwear available to the 10 to 16 year old age group. I gained a sense of courage from the experience as well. It was that year that I convinced my mother how I was old enough to buy my own underwear. I decided in my mind that this was something special to men, and that as a man, it was up to me to decide what I should wear under my jeans, and what I needed for sports.  It was also the year that I had to find out what a jock strap was, how to wear it, why we needed them, and how attractive they actually were. Believe it or not, Joe Joe was helpful in that area too, since he was the only man in my life that was willing to tell me how things were. With a bit of fear in my mind, but a sense of manliness, I was able to walk over to his house, sit down in his living room, and tell him that school needed me to get a jock, and ask how that worked. Thankfully, he was just as cool as before. He offered to go with me, but in the end, I was able to man up and get one on my own. I even figured out the sizing of the waist and cup, all without help.
After that shopping experience, I was pretty much hooked. By age 16, I had easily 30 favorite pair; I was confident, unashamed, and completely interested in any store that carried variety. Of course, by then, I had also realized the attractiveness that comes from the right guy in the right set of undies, and the appeal and feel of certain styles and brands… but that’s another story for another time.

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I think my fascination with briefs and the hotties that wear them began when I was 7 or 8 years old.  I remember going to my grandparents house and thumbing through their old Spiegel and Sears catalogs.  And those old Jim Palmer Jockey ads.  Woof!!  Seeing his tight muscular body, the  bulge in those ever so skimpy bikinis; it was the start of a beautiful obsession for me.  I have always worn briefs.  During my youngest days I wore good old fashioned Fruit of the Looms.  Fly front tighty whities.   I wore those and Hanes all through middle and high school.  It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I dared purchase what I really wanted, some of those striped Jockey Elance that I had drooled over in catalog after catalog.   And I never wore them on days when I had gym class, for fear of what the other boys would say in the locker room.  Most of them wore boxers, which I never understood.  My dad wore those, and they always looked so uncomfortable to me.  Seeing these hot football players and soccer jocks wearing them in the locker room just turned my stomach.  I mean, all those athletic bodies wearing droopy old granny panties.  Yuck yuck yuck!

I currently have over 200 pairs of underwear.  Some I wear, some I don’t.  They include briefs, bikinis, jocks, and even a thong or two.  I have a few pairs of boxer briefs and trunks, though it is the rare occasion that I wear them.  I don’t like the way they tend to ride up on the leg, and much prefer the contour and lines of briefs.  2xist, Calvin Klein, N2N, Obviously and CIN-2 are among the favorite brands I own.  I have several pairs that I have never worn, other than trying them on when I first bought them.   Some don’t fit right, others have different cuts that I am not used to, still others I just don’t like the way the color looks on my skin tone.   But I don’t regret having any of them.

I’ve always thought that the underwear makes the man.  And can set the tone for your day.  One of my biggest decisions each day is what underwear I will wear.  So many things to take into account;  cut, color, what my day’s activities will be.  I rummage through my underwear drawers until something strikes my fancy.  Sometimes there’s even a weekly theme; by brand, by style, by color.

So to all my fellow underwear lovers out there, we’d like to hear from you.  Tell us your story of how you developed a passion for underwear.  It’s your chance to tell the world!