Lingerie is a lovely word. Consult a dictionary and it translates into intimate apparel, something to wear under clothes, to sleep in. But lingerie design embraces lace, transparency, sexiness, from boudoir to bordello via burlesque.

Deadgoodundies has always helped customers all over the world to indulge in the beautiful fit and feel of male lingerie… The enhancement, disguise and reveal of designs created to veil a masculine body with sheer or shimmering, translucent, see through or sensual fabrics. Now DGU has a Shop by Type section for Sexy Underwear ( for the latest and best products.

In the UK, there’s an uptick in ‘lingerie’ sales in men’s underwear towards the end of the year. DGU’s expert Adam Davies thinks some gents need an excuse to buy indulgent boxers, briefs and bodies.

“Halloween parties certainly provide an excuse for some of our shyer customers to experiment with daring looks. Others of course wear them whenever the mood takes, so we’re always on the lookout for new specials. The same applies in the run-up to the holidays when guys are looking for something dramatic to wear to a nightclub or festive party. Or maybe all that present buying for others triggers a ‘treat-me’ moment too?”

Adam has one piece of advice for anyone with a hankering for male lingerie, or perhaps a covetable collection already… Invest in lingerie wash bags and follow laundry instructions to the letter: “These designs should be handled with care, as you would with pure silk or cashmere – hand wash if you prefer and don’t dry this underwear on a source of direct heat like a radiator.”

Manstore M915 Hipster Short £41.00

This maxi brief men’s underwear is made extra special with silky lining panels that add to the glamorous retro effect. If you want to avoid transparency go for the Panty with the fully lined front or enjoy a bit of both in a midi Brief, both at the same price as the boxer.

Doreanse 3011 Full Body Suit £21.00

Something for the weekend… A strappy top and male boxer brief bottom. This men’s underwear one piece comes in fine, transparent decorative mesh. This is a brand to watch for neck-to-crotch male lingerie designs – have you see the Doreanse 3012 Body Thong (just £11.00), a silky masterpiece with an interesting opaque pouch design for ultimate comfort and sensuality.

Doreanse 1302 Thong £7.00

A very unusual fabric makes this sexy male string underwear something special. 

Don’t be fooled by the price, this men’s slip uses a delicately pleated translucent fabric sprinkled with shimmer – like rain falling against a midnight sky. Brief version same price.

Joe Snyder SK 03 Thong £25.00

True lingerie essence comes in the white or black lace versions of this minuscule men’s string underwear with the remarkable downward pouch. But if you’re feeling bright or shiny, there’s another option from Joe Snyder.

Sukrew Eagle V-Thong £16.50 

Lingerie entices with what is not visible as well as what is – a point proven delightfully by Sukrew’s new Eagle line of men’s underwear including this male string… with a difference. Enhancing Eagle male undies are also available as a Jockstrap £15.99 and V Brief £16.99.

Modus Vivendi Camo Marine C-Through Low Cut Brief £19.00

The model is just being shy! This net men’s slip is a real catch because it’s definitely transparent. The Camo Marine options are bright blue or khaki, and there’s a black version of the same design in the Animal range. If you love mesh male underwear don’t miss the other new arrivals from MV on DGU.

The gear was furnished by LED Queens. The review are my own and not influenced by LED Queens.

Rating: ​9.5/10

  •  Daily Fit: ​8/10
  •  Sizing: ​10/10
  • Construction: ​10/10
  •  Styling: ​10/10
  • Daily Performance: ​10/10

Pros: ​Vivid colors, great design and build quality, great compression and shape.

Cons: ​Pretty tight ankle so they can be difficult to put on sometimes. The crotch sagged slightly but I probably just needed a bigger pair so I could pull them up a little more. Sizing is a challenge.

UNB Jacob recommendation: ​I love the brand because it is LGBT-owned, and adore the product. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for mens tights but would be hesitant to recommend these to anyone on the thicker side.

As a personal trainer, I’m in the gym every single day, so being able to mix up my gym apparel and get away from my usual gym shorts and tank has been great. I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this brand for a while because they really are gorgeous products made by a queer-owned fitness brand. I received the LED Queens Rocket Compression Tights to review, their first compression product that uses a unique nylon/spandex blend to provide a high shine appearance.

The Rocket compression tight is just as “freeing” as most tights, while efficiently wicking away body heat. I mostly used them to workout in and on leg day they’re pretty flattering with a leg/butt pump. I wore them under shorts while I wasn’t at the gym and still received a lot of compliments on the really pretty stripe along the side.

The quality of construction and design is outstanding; comparable to Nike and Lululemon pairs that I’ve worn before. They don’t chafe and the stitching is strong and durable. The colorsand overall quality of the fabric is also something I love about the pair as they’re very vivid and shiny.

Overall LED Queens does really well with sizing and fit; this specific pair can be difficult to size though. The legs are pretty slim and while I don’t have particularly big legs, the size I would order based off of my waist size (28”, so small) would not come close to fitting because I almost need a large. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, just something to be aware of when ordering.

Overall I love the brand because it is LGBT-owned, and adore the product. I would highly recommend the for anyone looking for mens tights, but would be hesitant to recommend these to anyone on the thicker side.

PAIR: LED Queens Rocket Tights
COLORS: Black w/blue to red stripe FABRIC: Nylon/Spandex
SIZES: XS: Waist Sizes 22-24S: Waist Sizes 26-30 M: Waist Sizes 32-34 L:Waist Sizes 36-40 XL: Waist Sizes 40-44 2XL: Waist Sizes 44-48 3XL: Sizes 48-52
COST: $44.99

Rating: 6.4/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 3/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 9/10 (I’m rating this on quality of construction, not fit)
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 3/10

Pros: Styling is sharp and clean, legstraps fit well, visually appealing


Recommendation: I was disappointed in the purchase, I don’t recommend purchasing this jockstrap.

I purchased three jocks from which were the three color options offered, the black, yellow, and green. One of the main reasons for my purchase was the appearance. The color scheme has an athletic look to them, which is a feature I like in jockstraps and underwear in general. Not very many jocks offer wide legstraps, so I was wanting to try something a little different. This was my only purchase from 10Seven, and it was my first introduction to their underwear. Because of the appearance and styling of these jockstraps, I was really excited when they arrived; however my opinion changed after wearing and I will go into detail a bit later in this review.

My initiation of these jocks were the usual functions: lifting, errands, work, daily wear, even cardio. I probably gave each jock a half dozen tries as I really wanted to like them, however, the pouch never gave in and the sausage & meatballs felt more like minced meat. My theory on keeping at it was to see if the pouch would eventually give a bit, but no dice. Waistband and legstraps performed very well.

10Seven Sport Jocks have a material composition containing 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. Waistband is 2” wide and legstraps are 1-1/8”. Cut is a traditional cut with the legstraps connecting to the waistband at the side of the hips. From a structural perspective, these jockstraps are built really well. I like the legstraps as they didn’t fold or twist, the waistband fit well and didn’t roll. Even the pouch construction is good, just NO EFFING ROOM FOR THE SAUSAGE & MEATBALLS!!. My goal is not be become a countertenor.

All three jocks were a size large (L) and unfortunately, the 10Seven website doesn’t have a size chart readily available. I usually wear a 33” waist in jeans, so I went with the norm of Large. This was a good guess in terms of the waistband sizing. Currently, the 10Seven website has a disclaimer for the ‘Sport Jock’ reading “PLEASE NOTE: THE SPORT JOCK RUNS A SIZE SMALL. PLEASE BE SURE TO ORDER A SIZE LARGER THAN YOU WOULD NORMALLY WEAR TO ENSURE COMFORT.“ So, if you do purchase from 10Seven, keep the disclaimer in mind. Again, I struggled and didn’t find a sizing chart.

Now for the heartbreak, I gave up on the 10Seven jockstraps and threw them out. I REALLY wanted to like these jockstraps; however, I’m not willing to sacrifice the sausage & meatballs for fashion. Ironically, the 10Seven brand is supposedly designed by Rocco Steele, a porn star with an advertised endowment of 10” long x 7” girth. Makes me wonder how Rocco keeps everything contained. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose; in this instance I lost.

PAIR: 10 Seven Sport Jock
COLORS: Black, Yellow, Green. All with white legstraps and white piping
FABRIC: 95% cotton, 5% Spandex
SIZES: S, M, L, XL, and XXL
COST: $20

Height & Weight: 5’9” (175 cm) – 195 lbs. (88.5 kg)
Jean Waist Size: 32”-33” (81 cm – 84 cm)
Build: Athletic, squats are my friend, six-pack has some insulation
Sausage & Meatballs: hung like a horse, a seahorse, but still a horse

Reviewer is Jockstrap Junkie

by the Jockstrap Junkie

Rating: 9.6/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: Legstraps don’t fold or twist, waistband doesn’t roll, the pouch is supportive and roomy, color scheme

Cons: Runs a bit small, I’m convinced most clothing designers use tape measures that are calibrated differently.

Recommendation: I made three separate purchases in 2018 that included the C-Theory jockstrap in different colors. After my first two in June, I added a few more. By making repeat purchases, definitely makes this jock hard to not recommend, so…get it!


I’ve worn C-IN2 underwear since C-IN2’s debut in 2005 and worn a lot of different styles from them. Mostly, I’ve been a satisfied customer of C-IN2; which, is why I have kept returning to the brand. Over the years, there have been a handful of styles that didn’t work well for me, but this goes to the factor of C-IN2 cannot make every style for every body type. Now, let’s get to the good part, the review. The best way to describe the styling of the C-Theory jockstrap is taking old Bike jockstrap and upgrading it to 2019 styling. The waistband has a nice, blocked color scheme with a bold, contrasting stripe at the bottom of the waistband and the C-IN2 logo reverse printing into the stripe. If you like a large logo on the waistband, C-IN2 didn’t disappoint as the logo takes up almost the entire 2-½” height of the waistband and the logo is centered on the front & not repeated. Of the 16 color combinations offered, I purchased five of them and C-IN2 didn’t fail me on these jockstraps.

I purchased my first two in June of 2018. Immediately, the C-Theory jockstraps made it into my rotation of underwear with a C-Theory jock getting worn at least once a week. These are a great all-around jocks for everyday wear including routine tasks of mowing the lawn, lifting weights, cardio, and even lounging around. As stated above, the waistbands don’t roll, which is good for those of us with the ever popular ‘dad bod’. Great feel as the pouch has just enough support but also roomy for the boys. Another benefit of the single-ply pouch is breathability, in which I tested several times over the summer doing yard work in the humid Great Lakes region.

The cut of the C-Theory jock is similar to the old Bike No. 10 jockstrap with a 2-½” waistband and ¾” leg straps that attach at the side of the hips. Pouch material is 97% cotton & 3% Spandex, features a knitted, single layer with a center seam. Stitching is well done and smooth where the leg straps attach to the waistband, and the leg strap seams don’t dig into your hips like some jockstraps with lesser quality legs straps do. One requirement I have in a jockstrap is that the leg straps don’t cut into my glutes, which the C-Theory jock did not.

Large is the size I purchased which fits well. I normally wear a 33”-34” in my jeans which I like to sit on my hips to give you a general sizing perspective. With C-IN2’s sizing, if you’re in doubt, purchase a size larger as I feel C-IN2 runs a hair small.


If you’re a fan of the old Bike jockstraps, I think you’ll be a fan of the C-IN2 C-Theory Jock as the styling is a nice update to an old classic. I’m glad I added these five jocks to my collection and will be a good addition to yours.

PAIR: C-IN2 C-Theory Jock

COLORS: Sixteen color combinations
FABRIC: 97% Cotton / 3% Spandex
SIZES: Extra Small (XS) 25-27” 64-69 cm

Small (S) 28-30” 71-76 cm

Medium (M) 31-33” 79-84 cm

Large (L) 34-36” 86-91 cm

Extra Large (XL) 37-39” 94-99 cm

COST: $22


Jockstrap Junkie Stats

5’9” (175 cm) – 195 lbs. (88.5 kg)

Jean Waist Size – 33”-34” (81 cm – 84 cm)

Build – Athletic with a small belly

Twig & Berries – average size; grower, not a shower




We have a very special review by the Jockstrap Junkie. This is a review he submitte for the PUMP! White Free-Fit Jockstrap.

Rating: 10/10

Daily Fit: 10/10

Sizing: 10/10

Construction: 10/10

Styling: 10/10

Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: Colors and styling, pouch support, legstraps fit

Cons: Double layer pouch for cardio

Recommendation: Definitely one of the jockstraps I’m wearing on a regular basis. Great support for your bits & pieces and holds shape all day. If you like jockstraps, the Pump Free-Fit series of jockstraps is worth the addition to your underwear drawer.

Pump’s White Free-Fit Jockstrap is one of many Pump jockstraps that I own. I’ve had good experiences with Pump jockstraps over the years and appreciate their styling. Over the years, I’ve found that Pump’s sizing is getting more accurate and consistent with their jockstraps. I return to Pump as their quality is top notch as I’ve had some issues with other brands’ legstraps coming unattached due to poor workmanship.

This jockstrap got a full day’s wearing which included Pilates, errands, chores around the house, and a nap. No issues with the jockstrap not holding form thru the entire day and the legstraps didn’t dig into my butt and remained comfortable all day. I wouldn’t recommend this jockstrap for cardio days due to the double layered pouch not having a lot of ventilation; however, I’ve worn it while lifting and this jock performs very well for lifting.

Color scheme is a white pouch with contrasting black piping, black legstraps, and 1-1/2” waistband with contrasting white stripes and logo on a black background. Pouch has center seam, a double layer which is cotton lined with a mesh outer layer. There is room in the pouch and the pouch has great support for your bits & pieces. Legstraps are 1” black elastic and don’t cut into my legs. The cut of this jockstrap is traditional with legstraps connecting at the side.

I purchased a large which fit perfectly, which is consistent with the several Pump jockstraps I own. On jockstraps, their sizing is accurate; however, I have a pair of Pump briefs that the sizing runs small.

Aside from the lack of ventilation during cardio, this is a great jock. The Free-Fit Jock is in my regular rotation of jockstraps as is performs beautifully. You won’t be disappointed in having this jock in your collection.

PAIR: Pump White Free-Fit Jockstrap
COLORS: White/Black (Free-Fit Jock), Military Green/Black (Military Free-Fit Jock), Navy/White (Navy Free-Fit Jock), Orange/Navy (Varsity Jock), Orange/White (Creamsicle Jock), Military Green/Orange (Squad Jock)
FABRIC: Nylon 64%, Cotton 19%, Spandex/Elastane 17%
SIZES: Small 28”-30” (71cm – 76cm) Medium 31”-32” (78cm-81cm) Large 33”-34” (83.5cm-86cm) X-Large 35”-36” (88.5cm-91cm)
COST: $25

Reviewer Vitals
Height & Weight: 5’9” (175 cm) – 195 lbs. (88.5 kg)
Jean Waist Size: 32”-33” (81 cm – 84 cm)
Build: Athletic, thick thighs & butt, with small belly
Bits & Pieces: average size; grower, not a shower

Photo from Pump’s website,

Tim is also reviewing the same pair as Andrew. This review is the Tiger Heat Body Suit.

Pair: Sean Alexander Timeless Trunk
Color: Black
Sizes: Small – Large
Price: $28.00

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Sean Alexander furnished the Timeless Trunk for review.  All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Sean Alexander.

Rating: 10/10

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10


Pros: Style, Fit, Sizing

Cons: Tag construction/material

Tim recommendation: My overall impression of the Timeless Trunk by Sean Alexander is excellent.  It is a comfortable, stylish pair that performs well and fits great.

This is my first experience and review of the Sean Alexander brand.  I am excited about this review because my daily underwear of choice is the trunk. I find them the most comfortable for my active lifestyle. I am also excited that Sean Alexander donates a pair to charity for each pair purchased.

In testing this trunk, I wore it for my work as a massage therapist and personal trainer as well as my fitness routine and general activities of day to day life.  The pair is quite comfortable for my active lifestyle.  I will be adding this pair into my daily underwear rotation.

The trunks are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Both the main fabric and the waistband are very comfortable.  The construction is excellent, and the pair seems very well made.  The construction includes a nice pouch in the front that gives plenty of room and adds to the comfort of daily wear. The only negative aspect is the material and/or construction of the sewn in label.  The material seems a little harder and the corners tend to be poky and can rub the skin where the tag rests on the hip/low back. This might be resolved with washing and the use of fabric softener.

I received a size medium and it fits me perfectly.  The band is snug and comfortable.  The leg openings are also well fit. Since this is my first experience with this brand, I have no basis for comparison on sizing for other garments from this designer.

Overall, I really like this pair of trunks.  The quality, comfort, and style are superb. They fit well and perform fantastically for daily wear.  I would recommend this brand and pair to others.  I also love that the designer gives back to charity.

PAIR: Sean Alexander Timeless Trunk
COLORS: Black and Whiter
FABRIC: 95% cotton and 5% spandex
SIZES: Small, Medium, Large

COST: $28.00

UNB bought the Gruff Pup IMPULSE SINGLET for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Gruff Pup.

Rating: 8.8/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Fabric: 10/10


  1. Very well made
  2. Will show off your booty and crotch nicely
  3. The fabric has an excellent feel to it


  1. While the length was perfect for my body height, I found the thigh areas to be very restraining


This is my first time wearing gear from Gruff Pup, and wearing a singlet that is made from Polyamide/Spandex as my previous singlets are made from Polyester/Spandex. This is also a different style of singlet than what I’m used to wearing as I’m used to the traditional high school/college wrestling singlet.

While I did not have the opportunity to wear it out to gear night at any of the local bars or clubs, I did wear it around the house during housework and projects. I also wore it once out in public under a T-Shirt and sweatpants. This singlet can definitely be worn either at a gear night or just around the house.

This is my first piece of gear that was made out of this fabric. I really was surprised at how much I really liked both how the fabric felt on me, and how it actually looked. The construction of the singlet is very strong; it’s not cheaply done as you will see in the next paragraph. The fabric and stitching will stand up to a good amount of wear and tear. As someone who cherishes his gear, I can tell you that this singlet will be put to great use and I’m not worried it’s going to fall apart anytime soon.

As a bigger guy, I got the XL size. I found the straps to perfect length for me (5’10”.) As I was neither worried that I was pulling the fabric too much nor that it was too lose and looked sloppy on me. The problem I did have came from having very thick thighs. I found the elastic around the thighs to be very tight, almost uncomfortable. While the models in the pictures show them as a short boxer briefs type, I wore them as briefs. This made the singlet more comfortable. I will say though, the fabric held up well around my thick thighs. The fabric also stretched properly around my large booty.

I would recommend this singlet, but with caution that those who are a bit bigger and have big thighs will need to be ready to compromise a bit with wearing the legs as briefs. The sizes are S-XL with XL being 36-39. Like any gear, if you take care of it, it will take care of you, and I believe this singlet will hold up for a good long with normal to high usage. This singlet will definitely show off your booty and crotch area, and I believe would be great for a night at gear night, or just wearing it around the house playing video games, or doing housework. This singlet will remain in my collection and rotation.


PAIR: Gruff Pup – Impulse Singlet
COLORS: Black/Red
Fabric: Polyamide/Spandex
SIZE: Small – XL
COST: $29.95

Alongside leopard spots and camouflage, lace has become a fashion perennial in men’s underwear. Every year or so there are headlines about lace becoming a new ‘thing’, but it’s here to stay – and has been for a while at in the UK. Male lingerie made its debut more than a decade ago (remember HOM’s 3001 collection?) yet true lace designs, rather than translucent tulle or mesh, are still considered more daring, outré and, for some, risky. Fearless Brits are consistent buyers of lacy undies, from micro strings to long leg boxer briefs and leggings, skin tight t-shirts to wickedly wonderful bodies. Good job DGU sends everything in plain parcels!

Express yourself in lace from European male lingerie specialists L’Homme Invisible who also create great devoré and tattoo effect men’s underwear.

L’Homme Invisible Ocean Life V Neck T-shirt £84


An early arrival for autumn is the French brand’s subtle take on lace – an ultra fine leaf effect fabric. Part of a botanical inspired collection from HOM.

HOM Autumn Trunk £32


If you love lace, Manstore from Germany is one of the go-to brands on DGU. Their Cheeky Body in azure or apricot with a strappy front and racer back earns the name for sure!

Manstore M766 Cheeky Body £57


Did we say daring? Joe Snyder’s designers are maestros when it comes to combining minimalism with maximum impact – and enhancement. Their latest Bulge offering comes in black or white lace, tulle or lots of solid colours.

Joe Snyder Thong Maxi Bulge 06 £27


Dip your toe into the lingerie experience with a Doreanse short that adds an opaque pouch to luscious lace. This look is also available as brief 1353 (£13) and longer leg boxer brief 1953 (£21).

Doreanse 1952 Lace Boxer £17


Yes, a LACE jockstrap. Quite something isn’t it? Joe Snyder’s limited edition comes in black or white and one size.

Joe Snyder Lacy Jockstrap 16 Ltd Edition £22



Two recent UNB reviewers, Martin Taylor & Andrew Sullivan, jumped on an Atlantis cruise out of San Juan to the Southern Caribbean. They spent the week relaxing by the pool and dancing their nights away, all the while sending us some photos of their super fun outfits and swimwear. After some reviews and social media posts, we’ve had so many readers ask about the cruise that we’ve conducted a Q&A with Martin about his experience.

Q: Why did you go on the cruise?
A: This was actually our second cruise with Atlantis. We go for a couple of reasons. The primary reason is the environment. There’s nothing quite like being comfortable in your own skin when you vacation. As gay men, this is very hard for us in more traditional vacation hot spots, or where we run the risk of being around families. On the ship, you’re surrounded by thousands of gay men, of all ages and backgrounds, who are there for the same reason as you- to have fun, relax, and act and, most importantly, dress however you want. We also work very hard on our health, and have a bit of a gear/underwear fetish…so we like being able to show that off and dance.
Q: What gear did you get from UNB?
A: UNB provided us with some fantastic white harnesses and underwear from Garcon Model- which came in really handy for the white party. We also received swimwear that we rocked on the ship from Garcon Model. UNB also sent us some Cocksox swimwear, whichise very revealing yet comfy, that my husband, Andrew, wore a lot. They were by far his favorite pair. You can see photos on his IG- @andrewjs87 or at check out his review at UNB.
Q: Talk a bit about the creation of costumes and you’re favorite of the cruise.
A: Well…it was a lot. There are several official theme dances and a couple of unofficial. I was everything from a teenage mutant ninja turtle to an almost naked cowboy with nothing but a bandanna tied around my junk. My goal is to be virtually as nude as possible but still make very obvious references. Other people take it a lot more serious and construct some pretty magnificent costumes…makes one wonder how much luggage they had to bring. My favorite costume was probably either my custom white part outfit made by our friends Devin and Sal (cruise queens) or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume- the bottoms were blue Garcon Model swim briefs.
Here’s a list of my costumes:
  • White Party- 1st look: White harness with white mesh jock and white garter. 2nd look: Garcon Model white and gold harness and matching underwear.
  • Out there Space Theme: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  • Call of the Wild Theme: Boy Scout
  • Classic Disco: Our group did The Village People…I was the cowboy.
  • Dog Tag: We were sailors
Q: How much fun it was to be in an environment where it’s  encouraged to wear undies in public?
A: Umm…way fun. I basically wore a mesh jock or a thong the entire time. I like to show off my booty. But seriously, as gay men, we spend a lot of our lives hiding…at least that was my experience. This cruise and environment allows us to celebrate our body, our sexuality, and our unique cultural experience. And you don’t have to look like superman…I know i don’t. There are all body types out on the dance floor and most are in undies/scantily clad costumes. It’s fun.
Q: You’re going on another cruise, how early are you planning your gear? 
A: Next March, same cruise. We absolutely love it. We’ve already started planning. White Party is the big event, and i’m thinking a full-body reference to a black and white photo…in a jock of course

Beauty is, they say, in the eye of the beholder. The same applies to colour, especially for men’s underwear. This week the experts at in the UK are revelling in a carnival of new summer shades. As they say, perception is everything. One man’s crimson is another chap’s pink, while blues and greens can appear different depending on far more than just eyesight. Matt, silky or truly shiny, ultra smooth, finely or intensely textured, the effect of a colour is also influenced by the type of fabric. And once on the body, a colour can come into its own or fall totally flat.


The latest arrivals in the famous Manstore M101 collection are Hot Pink, Reed green and Surf blue, joining Chilli red and Royal blue, black and white. The brand is famous for strong colours which sell out fast on DGU.


Brilliant use of colour on the softest matt cotton. DGU hint that Modus Vivendi will be repeating these glorious spots in swimwear later this season…


RED ALERT! Just as beautiful Carrot and Rosso join the long list of colour options for Manstore’s bestselling M200 underwear for men, news has broken that the range is to be discontinued later this year.


Sometimes colour works best on a larger scale – on boxer briefs like these from HOM. Funky Trunks come in turquoise, navy, green, orange, yellow and bright pink. Another seasonal palette that won’t be around long.


In Pitch Black this new sporty long leg undershort for men is a classic – but in the brand’s new orange with a navy waistband, the effect is much livelier.



Colour and texture combine to express utter luxury in the marine blue version of Modus Vivendi’s knitted men’s underwear – feels like real mohair but made by man. The kitten soft fabric also comes in silver grey, off white and sand.




Women are jealous. It’s official. Insiders at DGU are used to hearing murmurs of approval from female admirers of men’s underwear and swimwear. But these days there is more envious muttering – complaints that male collections use higher quality fabrics, better colours and the best prints. So this week Deadgoodundies provides the inside track on patterns for 2018. Watch out for lush leafy looks, high fashion camouflage, variations on favourite animal themes, uniform tile prints and understated florals, with a smattering of curious photographic prints…

Never mind all the jokes about snakes… Reptilian prints are always popular on men’s swimwear and in this case men’s underwear.


Hit the beach in this men’s swim thong and make a statement. Zebra inspired stripes come in vibrant pink with black or blue-black variations.


Anyone looking for unique, unusual or wryly funny prints should examine the Bruno Banani collection very closely. These longhorns look very different in the black or red options of the male bikini slip.


Who thought electricity pylons would make an interesting print for men’s slip underwear? We did say that Bruno Banani have a sideways approach!


One print, two variations – a brilliant jungle print on a turquoise or blue background. Beach foliage at its best on a nicely shaped swimming slip.


The Doreanse collection is fast becoming a go-to brand for prints on men’s underwear, especially their bikini briefs. These zebra stripes have been joined this week on DGU by a great new khaki camo, a brushstroke print and one that looks like colourful fireworks, but close up reveals a leaf pattern.


Get all these pairs at Dead Good Undies.

Hello UNB world! I am so excited to for the honor to put my journalism degree to work here (Finally) at UNB! As your newest, trusted writer here at UNB, you can count on me to KEEP IT REAL. And I mean that I won’t steer you wrong and I will make sure I give not only honest reviews of underwear and swimwear but attempt to bridge the “SO WHAT GAP?” in my writing. But before we get into the ramifications and my world changing soap-box-speech… a little about me so you can frame WHO is exactly reviewing and sharing their, well fine literary and physical assets with you at UNB.

I am a late 20’s, single, straight male who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo (you may have gathered that by this point.) I thoroughly enjoy socializing in the sunshine near the water, exercise, and taking care of my body to the fullest. My underwear story started in High School. Back then in the beginnings of manhood, underwear became a focus for me. I wore boxers as a kid and moved to boxer briefs as I got older, but I don’t know what compelled me or how what exactly happened, but I became thoroughly interested in Men’s Thongs. I like the way girl’s butts looked in them so naturally…I was curious. And well I got several. I tried them on, they not only felt comfortable and functional but I felt sexy. So, this is what growing up is about, right?

Unfortunately, my fears of ridicule kept me from pursuing my thong preference. I was an athlete and I didn’t want to be caught in…gasp*…a thong in front of my teammates. The thought was too stressful for me to deal with and a few short months into my thong days, they were over… Fast forward nearly 8 years later and I had a near death experience far from home and safety. In my life, I am into high adrenaline activities and unfortunately this time it had just been too close…I mean TOO close. That moment marked a change in how and who I live my life for.

Since then, I quickly determined what matters in my life; What people think about my underwear or clothing choices quickly did not matter. Thongs were back in my life. It’s been over a year now and I have never looked back. My nearly 50 pairs of underwear are composed of 90% thongs today and 10% boxer briefs. Frankly, this underwear renaissance for me has been incredible, and surprisingly more accepting from friends and girlfriends over this past year.

A few close friends know and they could care less. The girls in my life who have been well, intimate enough to see my secret have ranged from not really caring to really into my thong wearing self! As a straight male, we often seek our companion’s approval, so far it’s been thumbs up for the girls who know about it!

It hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine on this journey. I have received snickers and ridicule for the thongs I wear at the gym, or even swim thongs on the beach. I am here to tell you it is completely worth it. You can’t put a price living your life day in and day out for yourself. Your underwear is a part of that. Consider me as an underwear advisor and life coach. The “SO WHAT GAP?” very much is about WHY you choose to wear your underwear/swimwear. Hopefully, it isn’t for anyone else other than yourself. SO, the “SO WHAT GAP” is bridging the concepts that this blog and these fantastic, creative, functional, and sexy underwear producers are REDEFINING what it means to be a MAN. Remember that. When you put on your underwear, you are not only supporting your goods but YOUR PSYCHE.

I have found that being true to myself and being in touch with who I am is contagious. Everyone wants a piece of you. Whether it’s in dating or friendships or family, you are making the world a happier better place, and people are naturally drawn to you. Help me and let’s keep these good vibes rollin’. Let’s grow this male underwear revolution and I thank you for taking to courage to join me and the rest of the community here at UNB!

Growing up I’ve always had a passion for cute and fun underwear. It wasn’t until I was about 17 that I realized there were much more options aside from Hanes briefs and boxers. The excitement I felt when I purchased my first pack of thongs is a feeling I will never forget. It was a brand Target used to carry called BVD. They were very comfortable and the fit was amazing. From that moment on I was hooked on wearing thongs and other sexy underwear.

Moving forward a few years I began to notice the cute patterns and fabrics that women’s underwear were made of. I wondered why I could never find men’s underwear in mesh or lace unless I went to an adult store and even then the choices were unflattering at best. It wasn’t until I met my fiance who also shared a love for underwear almost as much as I did. We would always talk about cute underwear and how women’s underwear and lingerie were always so much sexier than what was out available for men. On my birthday he surprised me with my first pair of panties and they were so sexy that I tried them on instantly. I not only felt so cute but also very sexy in a taboo sort of way. A feeling much different than I would get when I would wear men’s underwear.
For years I have always mixed masculine underwear with feminine lingerie and panties in the privacy of our home. It wasn’t until recently with the support of my fiance that I wanted to share this love of mixing the two with the rest of the world by creating my Instagram account. I was very nervous about putting myself out there like that as I didn’t know the reactions I would get. I was terrified that the feedback would be so negative it would make me want to rethink my love of underwear and lingerie.
I checked my phone constantly to see what reactions I would get and to my surprise the feedback was positive and people loved it.
To be able to mix fabrics such as lace, mesh, lingerie with everyday clothes makes me not only feel better about myself but it empowers me to want to continue to do what I love and be able to share that with others as others have shared that with me. I try to be unique by mixing my everyday geekiness into my photos to give a little insight into my everyday life. To put it plainly, I am just your average Joe. I love video games, movies, comics, working out, and above all else underwear. Whether it be men’s thongs, jocks or women’s panties, and lingerie.
I personally don’t believe that underwear should be confined to either sex but rather be embraced and accepted by both men and women. I personally love seeing other men in panties, lingerie, thongs, and jockstraps. I merely appreciate the male body in all its beauty but something about seeing a body in some sexy underwear just adds that much more to the beauty of it all.
I hope that anyone who follows my Instagram who is curious about trying something new and different should not feel ashamed or embarrassed but rather feel powerful and sexy. If we are confined to societies gender constraints about what masculine and feminine should be rather than what we can make of it than we are not living up to our full potential.
If I can inspire just one person to be able to embrace both their masculinity and femininity than I feel I have done my part.

Hi guys, UNB Ryan here-ready to jump in and introduce myself to everyone. I am also very excited to hear from each of you through email and comments on the site. For the quick intro, I live in Northeastern North Carolina, about as rural as you can get.  I am a straight married man with two kids and three small dogs. My wife and I have just sent our daughter off to college, so I will have some extra time on my hands now. Finding underwear and swimwear presents quite a challenge, but finding somewhere to wear it is another story altogether. I’ll start off by explaining how I came to love underwear and swimwear, talk a bit more about what types of things I like, and finish up with some of the prejudices I have faced through wearing minimal swimwear in public.

First of all, let me start by saying I LOVE THONGS! Both as underwear and swimwear, I wear thongs almost exclusively and look for any opportunity to browse and buy new ones. That being said I am not opposed to trying new styles of underwear and most recently bought a pair of Joe Snyder Bulge Bikinis in black lace that I was really unsure about.

I first discovered my interest in thongs in my early twenties. I bought a couple at a Fredericks of Hollywood store in a local mall probably back in the late 90s. I loved how they looked and felt, even with the less than optimal sizing and color options. My first wife, however, did not care for them AT ALL and ridiculed me for wearing them. I felt so belittled by the reaction that I completely stopped wearing them around her and really put it in the back of my mind for a few years. I occasionally pulled them out and wore them when I felt I could do so without arousing any attention from her but in the end resorted to wearing the 100% cotton boxer shorts that all “normal” men are supposed to wear.

Fast forward to a few years later after meeting my current wife. After some awkward jokes about man thongs on a beach vacation, I explained to her that I had worn some thongs in the past and enjoyed them. She suggested that we buy some more and I quickly jumped at the opportunity. We were able to find some speedo brand Swim thongs in a local beach store that I tried to wear out the first summer we were together. We frequently visited the beach together, and I was in that black speedo thong for every visit.

I was able to expand and bought various thong underwear and swimwear that I incorporated into my wardrobe. My wife supports my habit and accompanies me on multiple beach trips throughout the year. I now have a drawer full of thong Swim and underwear that I wear on a daily basis. I am thankful to have someone who supports, or at a minimum puts up with my love for underwear and swimwear!

To talk a bit about what kinds of things I like, I’ll obviously start with thongs.  I love thongs, and typically the smaller, the better. I enjoy wearing thong bikinis on the beach or to the pool whenever I can, and also wear them as much as possible when doing things around the house like washing our cars or doing yard work. I love the skimpy thongs and g-strings with tiny straps. The brightly colored suits are my favorite, and I especially like how pink suits look against a summer tan!

Some of my favorite swimwear designers include Arroyman and Jovana Design. I love the tiny tan lines I get from their micro, barely there designs. I also like some of the older Dore designs, and while Dore’s predecessor (Beach-n-Dance) is doing an outstanding job, I have been partial to the designers that offer suits with ¼” sides for tanning. This year I have started wearing some suits with wider straps such as Joe Snyder and Beachndance styles. I feel more comfortable wearing these when in more public settings and don’t worry that I’m going to offend anyone or get into any trouble wearing them around other people.

As far as underwear goes, I like thongs vs. g-strings and wear a lot of cheeky styles. I am most comfortable wearing styles with a wider back instead of some of the tighter styles I might wear when sunbathing. I like a lot of brands such as Cover Male and Daniel Alexander and am open to suggestions! I don’t mind the wider straps or sides on the underwear that I’m not going to wear outdoors to sunbathe in. I have a few pairs of either cheeky boxer or bikini styles that I wear on occasion.

Over time I have had a few people to find out I wear thongs. Mainly family, but a few friends as well.  Most have been indifferent to my choice of underwear, but I have had a few that have ridiculed me concerning my choices. Quite obviously my first wife was very negative about my underwear choices. I have also had a few friends that have found out by accident who didn’t really say anything directly to me about it.

Wearing thong swimwear has been another story altogether. I have heard dozens of negative and positive comments. When wearing thongs on the beach, I try to steer clear of the tourist destinations and head to the less populated beaches. When I have visited the more public beaches in the past I’ve obviously heard the “you’re gonna get sunburnt” or “is he wearing anything at all” comments and have been pretty fortunate not to be harassed on the beach by anyone concerned my swimwear choices. I have had a couple of instances where someone on the beach asked me (in a very sarcastic tone) where I got that suit because “they wanted to buy one” for themselves. Yeah, right-like you’d have the balls to wear it…whatever. I simply either ignore their comments or tell them to go to Wings. I have met some other guys on the beach who wear thongs or other minimal swimwear who complemented me on my swimwear and asked what brand I was wearing or where they could get some. I enjoy the positive interactions and try to ignore the rest.

In closing, I look forward to writing for UNB and hearing from you with any questions or comments you may have. If you have an experience wearing a thong, whether it be privately in your home, on a public beach, or maybe even to the doctor share it with me either in the comments below or through an email. I will be doing some articles in the future about where you can wear thongs, how do deal with negative impacts, and how you can be a positive image of male thong wearers on the beach. If you have any suggestions of things you’d like to hear me talk about drop me a line!

I have a problem:

I have a problem shopping online for underwear, which perhaps puts me in the bottom 5% of underwear shoppers. I am very lucky to be living in a city that has a good little underwear store and I’m close enough to a (paradoxically) smaller big city with a bigger underwear store. So yes, I am spoiled and I know it. Actually, Seattle has two places that sell top quality brands and styles that one would not find in a Macy’s (if yours has not closed) or a Nordstroms.

So, given my ability to shop in person perhaps it is not too surprising that I have an issue shopping online. However, it persists. This week I visited both the bigger store in Portland (Under U 4 Men) and their smaller store in Seattle. The two combined have been getting a generous percentage of my paychecks for almost a decade now. The issue that I ran into: I couldn’t find any thongs.

Yes, thongs. They are not my everyday style and I only get in “moods” to wear them a few times a month but none the less, when I want one, I want one. I have some great Thongs from N2N, Cockstocks, even Male Power but I like variety and I wanted more of them. And neither store had very many and the selections were fairly uninspiring. And I get it, they aren’t the hottest selling men’s style so it makes sense not to spend much floor space or inventory on em.

Thus, to online, I turned. But where? Often when I shop online I go to specific brand’s websites like N2N, Baskit, Timoteo, Garcon Model, etc. and hit up their SALES sections. But even after bouncing from a few websites I couldn’t get anything to speak to me. So, I turned to the mega sites, the ones that have EVERYTHING for discounts. And there I had another issue, TOO MUCH! I was paralyzed by choice.

Even just when doing a search on Amazon there were issues. Either I couldn’t get a good feel for the pair and thus couldn’t pull the trigger OR the seller seemed less than quality. I like quality underwear and I want them to last so when someone is selling a pair for $4.25 I’m basically counting that as a “Two wear pair” and I don’t want that.

Indeed, I have a problem. I tweeted about this a couple times (@underloverwear) and got some helpful thoughts from people (Thanks, @underweardude!) but still, I haven’t been able to order anything. I want that instore experience, I want to see and be spoken to by a pair. And therefore, it is really hard for me to shop online for underwear.

I imagine I will eventually either take a chance and buy something online or just stumble upon something that really does grab my attention online but until that day I’m going to enjoy being spoiled by my stores and hope that a pair finds me.

Do you have a fool proof site that you love? Let us know in the comments!


The UK is catching on to the hottest trend in male fashion… We’re talking ultra bright colours and lots of them. Deadgoodundies is proud to stock men’s underpants in a miscellany of shades all year round and Fall collections are starting to arrive already – and it’s looking LOUD! Some may be uncomfortable with bold coloured clothes but the experts at DGU think it’s a whole lot of fun to keep a favourite colour under your trousers – rather than your hat.

A well-loved ergonomic men’s underwear design gets a bright new twist. Renowned for their comfortable fit these cotton rich shorts have an impressive way of showing off your package – they’re called MAX for a reason!


Take it one step further and pair bright chequered boxers with a co-ordinating V-neck tee. Choose between three different colourful combos or mix and match.



Now this is the perfect brief for men who love loud undies. The sporty brand is known for sculpted show-off underpants, and with neon highlights and retro styling the POP range from Sukrew is ideal for drawing attention to yourself!


Stripes are such a staple in the fashion world… So why not try something a bit different? Wear super lightweight men’s hipster shorts in either red or green.


The cat’s out the bag with these wild printed gents’ shorts… A singular layer of sleek and slinky fabric makes for a totally sensual fit. Me-ow!


Take your love of bright colours to the beach with mesmerising men’s swimwear. This show stopping swimmer is fully lined with a hidden drawstring.


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I got interested in underwear in middle school when it was suggested that we get a jockstrap for gym class. I did not know what a jockstrap was but I was told I could find one at the drugstore. A short time later I asked my dad for some money so I could ride my bike down to the local drugstore and buy a jockstrap. He smiled and gave me $10.00. I rode my bike to the drugstore and found the jockstraps. My first one was an Ace brand, white with a red ACE label on the waistband. After I got home I tried it on in the bathroom and thought it was weird but I did find it unusually comfortable and supportive. Not all my friends bought jockstraps but some of us did and I was hooked. Until then I had always worn whitie tighties but now I was curious about this new undergarment. My family was pretty conservative so although I started to notice different styles of underwear at stores like J.C. Penney I was stuck wearing boring white briefs.

It was years later when I met my wife that my love for underwear was encouraged. My wife encouraged me to buy some “sexy” underwear and surprise her for our honeymoon. I didn’t know where to go so I ended up at the local adult shop and found plenty. I bought a pair of front lace up leather briefs and 2-3 pairs of thongs. We had a great time and my wife really enjoyed me in my underwear purchases. Over time my wife bought me thongs and we shopped for sexy underwear for her as well. Soon we began getting suggestions from one another as to underwear purchases. After children, I sank to colorful boxer briefs from Hanes and we kind of got into a rut. When we began to start searching for our “spark” again I started looking for great looking underwear again. I ended up finding the “Underwear News Briefs” website and that lead to “The Underwear Expert” underwear club. I started to get some great underwear and became a fan of 2xist, Jack Adams and Garcon Model and Obviously Male. In addition to this, I started working out. I had always worn jocks when working out and I had a couple in my drawer that my wife had never seen. One day I put one on and was getting ready to head out to the gym when my wife saw me. Her positive reaction surprised me and she thought they were a fun undergarment for me to wear. I had never considered wearing them as a sexy pair but she got me thinking about it. After reading articles on “Underwear News Briefs” and other blogs I recently started to purchase them as regular underwear. I just ordered a few pairs from Sukrew. Other jock brands I like are PPU and Safetgard but I am still in the process of collecting new brands.

I love underwear! They make me feel sexy and desirable and I really like the way my man parts feel and the support.

Fellas, for the love of all that is good, ditch the board shorts! Please? They look ridiculous. I mean, it looks like you’re wearing a parachute around your waist. Picture this, you’re getting some sexy-time with your lady. The lights are turned down or off, maybe you have a few candles lit. Some nice sexy-time music playing in the background. You go to take your pants off and BAM! Your lady is blinded by your color deficient legs and ghostly white bum cheeks. All she can see is this beaming phosphorescence that is your board shorts tan and she’s no longer in the mood.

Come on man, be honest. You know you’ve looked in the mirror after a nice long summer and marveled at the contrast in color on your legs. I mean they are straight up two very different colors. You know it looks bad but that’s just how it is, right? Hey guy pulling up your board shorts as far as you can to get some color on your legs, I see you. I mean maybe you can get some shorter shorts so maybe your tan can extend to a few inches above your knee. Yawn.

I kid (kinda). I’m not about shaming and some guys look great in board shorts. Usually taller guys, but I digress. I was just trying to make a point, that in case I’m right, that you have noticed that board short tan. And not liked what you saw or not liked the load that board shorts are, then you have options.

Look, our European brethren know what’s up when it comes to swimwear. They wear briefs (Speedos in American lingo even though Speedos is a brand) mostly and some even dare to bare more. Granted, they still get a tanline but it is a marked improvement from the train wreck that is a board short tanline. The entire leg being nice and bronzed like the rest of you is far more aesthetically pleasing. Then those tanned legs getting chopped in half by those super dope surf brand parachutes you wore all summer.

Allow me to drop some knowledge unto you about some options that you have for this summer’s swim attire. You can choose between a variety of different cuts: trunks, briefs, bikinis and thongs. Trunks have the most coverage of these options. They’re basically short shorts. The next option and slightly more revealing are the briefs. These are not like your childhood tighty-whities. There are some really great designs out there and some super sexy cuts. Most of them have full cheek coverage and a three-plus inch waistband. One more level of freedom and we’re at the bikini cut. The waistbands tend to be pretty skinny, one inch or less and the back coverage may be slightly less as well. Sometimes referred to as a three-quarter back or european cut. For the least amount of coverage and the most amount of awesomeness we have the thong cut. I believe the back coverage needs no introduction but let me address the pouch and comfort level. Men’s swimwear, that aren’t parachutes, are fitted. They are made for men with man parts. Like varying amounts of coverage in the rear, pouches vary as well. Most are fitted so that the gents fit into a comfortable pouch and are fully supported and covered. Some pouches even provide a bit of lift or bulge. Now let me blow your mind, thongs are not uncomfortable! They do not feel like a perma-wedgie. The feeling of the backstrap simply goes away after a while. All that’s left are the feelings of freedom and confidence.

I realize it’s hard to buck societal norms. Especially if you’re young and you are still subject to peer pressure. Let me just speak from personal experience here: I wore a bikini brief cut suit to the beach the other day and noticed that I was the only guy on the beach not in shorts. It was an insane realization. To be honest I didn’t mind that much. My wife hates board shorts and the unfortunate tan that comes with them and frankly, I don’t like the shorts tan either. My desire to look sexy to my wife and to have a nice tan was greater than any fear of what people might think of me.

Speaking of what people might think… what might people think? That I’m from Europe? That I’m a weirdo? That I shouldn’t be wearing those bikini briefs because I don’t have a six-pack? That I’m gay?

Who. Cares. You know what they say about people and their opinions.

If people thought I was from Europe. Cool. Fine. Whatever. If they thought I was a weirdo… well, I am so they’re right. We’re all a little weird and if you’re zero percent weird… that’s just weird man. I shouldn’t be wearing bikini briefs because I don’t have a six-pack… First of all, most of us don’t have six-packs. So the majority of us should still be allowed to feel sexy and good in our bodies. Second of all I’d be more worried about a good gust of wind that those parachutes might catch. And frankly, I don’t give a damn if people think I’m gay because of the swimwear I choose to wear. First, being gay isn’t a bad thing so I don’t find that insulting. Secondly, how ridiculous that a swimsuit is giving you some indication of my sexual identity! Swimwear and sexual identity are about as related as oil and water in reality. Though a good argument can be made for that relationship as it pertains to our culture.

Let’s briefly chat about confidence and body positivity. Confidence is dead sexy as any woman will tell you. More personal reflection for you: I, like probably a lot of you, have body image issues. I have a spare tire around my waist that I liken to a monster truck tire. Some gyno in my chest and my body weight fluctuates like the stock market. But during those periods of time when I’ve really got my diet dialed in and I’ve been killing it in the gym. I make sure I enjoy the fruits of my labor by not hating what I see in the mirror. It’s not perfect but I’ve worked damn hard for what it is. Once I ease up on myself it’s much easier to go out and enjoy wearing some sexy swimwear and a great tan followed up by a wife ready for some action.

Side note: I don’t want to put out the impression that eating healthy and working out are primarily for aesthetic results. Those things promote a healthy lifestyle so you can feel good as well as look good.

Don’t wait until you’re 60 to decide you just don’t give a hootenanny about what people think. Because that seems to be about how long it takes for our give-a-shitters to be completely non-operational. Thus allowing us to do the things we’ve been wanting to do for all those years. Hey, props to the… more mature gentlemen out there rocking it and demonstrating a lesson in confidence. The more of us men that get out there wearing what would really rather be wearing the more normal it will be.

By JayinCA

As we get closer and closer to the most wonderful time of the year your favourite UK-based underwear merchants bring you some festive Christmas crackers along with some of the best new arrivals taking us into 2017. From shimmering shorts and strings to cheeky briefs and unique bodies, there’s never been a better excuse to treat yourself… ’tis the season and all! Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year from Deadgoodundies!



These printed men’s trunks cling seductively like a second skin, whilst the double layered pouch really makes crown jewels sparkle.


This sophisticated men’s thong has a delicate yet super impressive pouch and comes in a beautifully array of shimmering colours.


Festive meets fetish, our full body for guys has a fully working zip that opens both ways – you can choose the unwrapping!


Now these are what we call party pants! Glittering mini shorts just perfect for NYE disco dancing.


This contemporary men’s underwear has recently had a colour update! Now available in a beautiful snowy white these anatomically correct shorts gives support and some serious shape-age.


With a detachable strap to give your package extra ‘oomph’ these bum baring briefs really are a joy to unwrap!

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For some reason wearing a thong created somewhat of an exhibitionist of me. Kind of like how when you get a new outfit or a funky new hairdo, you want people to notice and compliment you in the ways you’re trying to stand out from the rest of the pack.

On less than a handful of occasions, I’ve seen a guy on the beach wearing a thong. I’ve always wanted to go up to them to let them know how awesome I thought it was that they had the courage to wear one on a public beach for one and all to see. I envied that courage.  To date, I’ve only had the courage to bare my thong on semi-private beaches.

The first time I intended to wear one on the beach I wasn’t sure I was going to go through with it. I put on my blue Joe Snyder thong, one that doubles as both underwear and swimwear. Over that I put on a pair of gym shorts, which felt rather fantastic to wear over a thong might I add, and a light colored summery tank top. I loaded up my backpack with some water, reading material, and hiking boots (I’ll explain) and hopped in my car feeling both nervous and excited.

The beach I chose to go to was a nude beach called Black’s Beach in San Diego, California.  I figured this beach offered me the best opportunity of feeling comfortable enough to wear a thong since nearly everyone else would be stark naked. I wouldn’t have to worry about my peers judging me or scaring any kids.

Getting to Black’s Beach isn’t exactly easy.  You either have to go to the beach just North or South of it and walk there during low tide or you can hike down a rather steep and rugged trail directly above the beach.  Being in my late twenties at the time and in relatively decent shape I chose the trail and hence the hiking boots.

I got down to the beach and it was a perfect Southern California day. The kind of day that would feel real nice on bare skin. There weren’t too many people on the beach because it was still relatively early in the day so I found as private a spot as I could find and laid my towel down.  One deep breath and away my shorts went.

It was exhilarating really. My heart was beating out of my chest and I was smiling from coast-to-coast. I laid down on my stomach and just kind of took in the moment. I literally said out loud, “this is awesome!”. The sensation of the gentle breeze and the warm sun on my bum was amplified by the newness of the experience. I laid my head down, still smiling like a complete idiot, and began to succumb to the newfound comforts of sunbathing in a thong.

Oh my goodness, I can hear someone walking down the beach! They’re going to walk right by me! Stay calm. Quit freaking out. You’re on a nude beach for christsake man, relax. Just act cool, no big deal. You’re wearing a thong; showing some skin; so is everybody else!

My heart was definitely racing. I kept my head down but my ears had turned into NASA spec satellite dishes tuned to the direction of the beach walkers. I was just waiting for some kind of whispered comment remarking on how gross that guy is for wearing a thong.

They came and they went. No remark. No nothing. Just casual conversation between two people walking on a beach on a beautiful day.

Every person that walked by, my near heart attack lessened and lessened until my mind and body shifted back to that warm California sun.

It wasn’t long before I had the courage to get up and jump into the surf for a little while. Again, this new sensation of the cool ocean water enveloping my skin uninhibited by board shorts was simply amazing. It was freedom. It was joy. It was self-discovery.

So, I wore a thong to a nude beach. Kind of cheating right? I kind of feel like it is anyway. There is a beach much closer to my house than Black’s Beach. It’s the one I frequent most of the time when I go to the beach. It’s a gorgeous beach with the perfect amount of sandy shoreline in between some pretty cool beachfront properties and the Pacific Ocean.

It was the middle of a work week and I had the day off. I thought it a fantastic idea to hit the beach for a few hours because it was the kind of day where the ocean was calling to me.

Middle of the week. Day off. Sparsely populated beach.

On went the blue Joe Snyder thong. Over that, blue Joe Snyder briefs (insurance man), and over that, the socially acceptable board shorts. Let’s see how many layers I’ll peel off when I get there.

I got there and there were slightly more people than I was expecting. Can’t blame ‘em, it was a postcard day. I searched and searched for a spot I would feel comfortable in wearing a thong. The best I could do was a spot with a solo, 20’s – 30’s, female who was getting some sun in her bikini within about 30 feet. It wasn’t a thong. I’m not sure if it would have made a difference in the outcome, but I thought it worth noting.

Well, I got down to the briefs. I just couldn’t pull it off. It made a huge difference to me that there were more people than at Black’s and that they all had on “normal” swimwear. I agonized over my lack of courage for a little while. But then I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun.

Someday, I thought. Someday for sure, I assured myself.

So what would it take for that someday to be today?  It’s a great question really. I think for me the biggest obstacle is body image.  If I feel I look fantastic in a thong then I think I would have way less of an issue wearing a thong more publicly. So I have a lot of work to do, probably mostly emotionally, but also in the gym and in the kitchen. And to be honest, feeling ready to wear a thong on the beach, any beach is a pretty good source of motivation along with my desire to please my wife by wearing one.  My previous experiences at Black’s and wanting to see my wife excited about seeing my cheeks on the beach are powerful sources of motivation.  My weight fluctuates like the ocean tides and I have been in a leaner form before. So every day I grind to get back to that place of confidence and free-spiritedness that I enjoyed previously.

Am I implying that men shouldn’t wear thongs on the beach unless they’re underwear models? Of course not! This is just my issue.  I am straight up proud of any guy, any shape or size, who has the confidence to thumb social protocol and bare those cheeks on the beach.

I often think about organizing a beach day for all the guys, and their girlfriends or boyfriends, in my little corner of Southern California who want to wear a thong on the beach but just haven’t had the courage to.  Maybe we can all benefit from a collective source of courageous energy. What an amazing day that would be.  Someday for sure.

The thing with saying Someday about this or anything else for that matter is this:  Tomorrow, and thus, Someday is never guaranteed.  So YOLO man!  This goes for me as much as anyone else:  Fellas, if you want to wear a thong on the beach, do it! If there are obstacles in your path to doing so, destroy them, demolish them, annihilate them and feel that sun on your buns!

add-headingWe are showcasing some of our amazing readers. This post we ask Jayinca about his love of underwear. Here is his story on how he fell in love with underwear and some of his favorites currently.

Tell our readers about you:

If you saw me walking down the street I would seem unremarkable.  Just your average married 30-something business professional going about his daily business. And in part, that is who I am… in part. But just below the surface, literally, lies a stark contrast to the dress slacks and button-up shirt you see on the outside. Below the surface where one might expect to find your run-of-the-mill black/gray/white boxer brief that you got at Costco in a 3-pack for $20 you might find a ruby red Joe Snyder thong, or perhaps a funky designer Olaf Benz thong.

I’m a straight red blooded American man and I love men’s underwear. I love football, the outdoors and drinking beer as much as the next guy, but I also love underwear. And I’m perfectly ok with that.

When did you first discover underwear?

My discovery of underwear came at a time of great self-exploration.  I was in my late 20’s, single, freshly graduated from college with a job with good benefits. On paper, I was off to a great start to this thing called life. Checking all the important life checkboxes. But something was missing. It was during this time that I really put some thought into what I wanted from life besides a college degree and a job to pay the bills. What are my passions besides pizza and football? This question led me on a wild journey exploring things like kink, relationship dynamics, gender norms and open-mindedness.

My exploration into underwear began during this time period suddenly and without reason.  I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my laptop on my lap and suddenly I was struck with the curiosity of what it would feel like to wear thong underwear. So, I Googled “male thong underwear” and the rest is history.  I was introduced via Google to the many men’s underwear sites online and to all the designer brands that make them. I was completely enthralled.  My eyes were glued to the male models on my screen for hours as I browsed countless sites and the underwear within them.

The guys in the pictures looked awesome! I thought to myself, ‘their butts look amazing! Just as good as women do in thong underwear or swimwear.’ This was a concept I had to get comfortable with.  Is it ok for a straight guy to say that? Am I really straight? Over time I answered these questions definitely. Of course, it’s ok to say that and yes, I’m really straight. I do admire the male form almost as much as the female form. The big kicker is that there is no sexual aspect of my admiration. Then I wondered why I let a pair of underwear make me question my own sexuality? That’s just ridiculous, and so an exploration into society imposed gender norms occurred and so on.

What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair?

I knew I was looking for a thong. I wanted to experience one. I believe it was on that I found my first thong (actually it was a g-string). The brand was Gigo and it had a wide dark metallic blue waist that wrapped all the way around.  It subtly delved into the classic v thong shape in the back and became a string that attached to the pouch.

How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear?

I had been tracking my package all day and I knew it had been delivered and that it would be there when I got home. Would it be in my mailbox or would it be on my doorstep? What if it’s on the doorstep and my roommates get home before me? What if it says on the label? These questions started running through my mind and the thought of being discovered brought feelings of shame and embarrassment.

I got home and there it was, right on my doorstep and to my relief my roommates weren’t home yet.  I ran into my bedroom like a giddy child sprinting into the living room to see what Santa had left in the night. I ripped open the package and there it was. Wow, it was so small! Such a tiny amount of fabric were my initial thoughts. There was only one thing left to do; I stripped off my clothes, including the black boxer briefs I had on and put on my first thong (g-string. I was intensely excited, a) about finally getting to have this experience, b) it was just so damn naughty! And that was exciting to me. To clash against what society said I should be wearing under my clothes and to be ok with it. It’s my secret anyways and it’s nearly in plain sight, and finally c) the sensation of the string splitting my cheeks was hot. I looked in the mirror with the stupidest looking smile I think I’ve ever worn and was very happy with how the underwear looked on me. I had always been told by girls that I had a nice butt and the underwear just accentuated that.

One thing to note here: body image issues.  I have them. While I will admit I’m not fat, I most definitely look nothing like the male models who I had been staring at in the week prior to my special delivery. So feeling like I looked good was huge.

What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most?

My current favorite styles are the thong of course, followed by bikini’s and briefs. I guess I’m a minimalist when it comes to underwear. For one, I feel sexy in them and secondly, I find them more comfortable. I don’t like the feeling of the fabric from boxer briefs rubbing against the inside thigh of my pant leg. It makes things feel claustrophobic.

What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer?

My favorites are an Olaf Benz thong. I don’t know the particular item name, but here is a photo:

And my other all-time favorite is my Turquois Joe Snyder thong:

Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner do they encourage your love of underwear?
My friends do not know about my underwear preferences. I just don’t want to deal with them having to get over that fact and really, we never talk about what kind of underwear we wear so it’s not a difficult subject to avoid. Think football team type of guys.  Those are my friends. Oddly.

However, my wife loves me in thongs. In fact, she nearly demands that I wear them.  Most recently, she took advantage of a sale on and quite significantly added to my collection of briefs.  She then covertly got rid of all my boxer briefs (except the ones I wear to the gym).  Her enjoying me in sexy underwear really reinforces the love I have for them myself because now wearing them takes on a whole new dynamic.  Not only am I wearing sexy underwear for me, but for my wife as well.  All her comments on my sexy bum and the sweet swats she gives me on the butt feel amazing.

Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence?
Wearing sexy underwear has definitely boosted my confidence.  I feel a sexy swagger that I don’t feel otherwise.  Knowing that I am one of the few men who get to enjoy what wearing thong underwear feels like makes me feel grateful truthfully but the sexy under-secret is thrilling as well. I walk down the halls at work truly a man on a mission when I can feel that extra boost of sexy confidence.

Where can our readers find you on social media?

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Whats HOT In

It’s been an exciting month for our favourite UK specialist underwear and swimwear retailer Deadgoodundies. There’s been a bit of sunshine, lots of lovely new products and most importantly, a brand spanking new website! The experts at DGU have rounded up their latest and newest best sellers for all you underwear aficionados to peruse. From thongs to long johns, DGU have every inch of your manhood covered. Have a look what Brit customers are loving this month.

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HOM Plume G-String GBP 17.00
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Doreanse 1395 Aire Bikini Brief GBP 10.00
A darker pair of designer undies is timeless, versatile and effortlessly good looking – as these micros from Doreanse show how simple that can be.


Jockey Modern Classic 100% Cotton Long John GBP 17.00
It’s clear that DGU customers love the feel of soft high quality cotton and they want it for their long underwear too! Plus they’re such boy scouts, they’re getting ready for winter already?! Perfect for colder nights around the corner, practicality has never been so slick – check out these full length pants soon.

Find all these pairs at All bold titles are links but here are the pairs as well:


Bermuda MailChimp OrlandoAs the world comes together in support for our LGBTI community, in the wake of the terrible shooting this week in Orlando, Florida, we have seen many heartfelt messages and offers of support.

Both as a reporter of underwear news and brands in general it’s perhaps no surprise that the British LGBTI supporting brand with a cheeky name of Bum-Chums is at the forefront to offer their support. As well as supporting LGBT events and appeals directly, they have offered the following.

They have vowed to give you 15% Discount for this month and next and they vow to pledge 15% of any sale using the code: ORLANDO to the Orlando Victim’s appeal in Florida.

Speaking from the United Kingdom, Craig, the hands-on owner of Bum-Chums told us “I’ve just spoken with David Costa at Equality Florida in the USA today and pledged to give whatever support our small but proud gay-brand company can offer”.

Craig has not always boasted in the past of helping Pride events, nor of their charitable donations only recently supported the Tampa Pride event in Florida and continues to do what he can for similar events as far away as Johannesburg, South Africa. Bum-Chums is only a very small, independent brand from the UK, but with a big heart and lots of enthusiasm to make sure they operate ethically, including manufacturing in-house to avoid slave labour abroad.

“I offered David at Equality Florida that we would send to their Go Fund Me Account online. We vow to donate 15% of any sale using the code to their fund, as well as reward our customer for helping with 15% themselves. People can also see the link to donate without buying pants too. We just want to do our bit.”

Equality Florida as well as being an active participant in political work for equality in the USA are also coordinating and providing mush needed support including counselling for those affected by the tragedy.

On behalf of everyone here, we’re proud to be associated with brands who help and support others, and send our thoughts and prayers to those so badly hurt and devastated by these sad, sad events.


unnamedMalebasics asked could they share some content with you guys! After hearing what they wanted to share I said yes. Some of the topics we here at UNB had been talking about as well. The first is Spring Clean Your Undies Drawer. We hope you enjoy!
If you find yourself every morning pulling worn out underwear out of your drawer filled with things you can’t even remember you own (or that aren’t yours). Perhaps it’s time for a little spring clean. We, at Malebasics, believe that every man should have a tidy drawer filled with underwear fit for every aspect of his life. That’s why we got you covered with a plan to get it done. And hey — if it looks like a mess in a month, you will know that it’s filled at least only with wearable pieces.


First and foremost, choose an time where you won’t be disturbed. Blast out some music, grab a beer and get naked you’re going to be looking at yourself in the mirror a lot).


Go through your drawer and remove any underwear that can definitely go. Remove anything that is damaged, doesn’t fit, looks worn out, doesn’t fit your lifestyle, or no longer fits your personal style. Before you move on, toss damaged and stained garments.

Try it on
By this point, everything left in your drawer should be undies that you like and that fit you. Quickly try everything on and look in the mirror. Note items that you like but may not be right for your body type – you may want to search for replacements that are suited for you. Make sure you keep playful pieces like jocks and thongs for special occasions.

As you try on your undies, make a pile for ones that look great and fit your everyday needs, a pile for performance underwear, and a pile for the more frivolous. Note whether or not you have enough underwear for your everyday needs, and record what’s missing.


Now that everything in there is neat and tidy, it’s time to treat yourself to some shopping therapy. It should be super easy because you got a track record of what you need and what’s missing… oh yeah, don’t forget to another beer!

Guest Writer:

Benoît Gorez
Content Editor

We hope you enjoyed part 1 of the Straight Talk. Here is part 2

The Bottom Drawer: It looks like all of us but Steve discovered our skimpier styles more or less on our own originally. His discovery of the skimpy styles started as a joke with a thong purchased for him. It seems to me the so called “man thong” is typically perceived as a joke in society even the bikini could be grouped in there. You see lots of pranks, jokes, and lost bets related to them. Any thoughts on why? And how about ideas on how we can turn the tides?


Underweardude: The bikini is definitely grouped in with the thong. The only time i’ve ever seen it reffered to in pop culture is negatively, often leopard print and worn by a “player”. The most notable instance to me in my mind is how the wearing of such a pair is used to ridicule occasionally the character Quagmire on the tv show Family Guy. I think too many people are caught up on the inherit sexuality of skimpier pairs, believing them to only be fit for male strippers. I also think it has to do with how men and women are portrayed in modern culture. How is it I can go to practically any clothing store in the city and find women’s thongs hanging on racks out in the open for all to see, but not a single guy’s thong?


How to solve it? I’m not really sure. End the stigma, get women interested in seeing men in them, promote them as begin masculine, etc, etc. I’d still say that getting women interested in them. If women are interested in seeing guys in thongs, that will help make them become more accepted.


Steve: I agree 110%!!  Thongs, bikinis, etc have such a stigma to them.  Men think that only gay men wear them.  They also think that women won’t like them.  Well if that were true, there wouldn’t be so many companies making them now.


How do we change this?  I would say that we make it known in locker rooms, to friends, etc, but I am a hypocrite haha.  No one other than my wife knows what I am info.  A couple of my guy friends know I don’t wear boxers any longer…how can anyone anymore with the slim cut jeans now….but none of them know about my “skimpy” types.  Nor do they know that I have 150+ pairs.


This is the same as why guys don’t wear swim briefs.  Saying they are not socially acceptable.


Ron: Steve. Some good observations there. Thankfully I’ve always managed to repeal the boxers fad across here and men are mostly into the tight fitting trunks which is better.


I’m quite open at the gym about my bikini style underwear and have been introducing briefer swim bikinis and never had an issue with either so far. Though I guess being ‘older’ most guys of my age will remember wearing speedos and the younger guys will just dismiss me a silly ‘old’ guy in speedos!  I can’t quite compete with the number of skimpy bikinis you have though. My swim bikinis number around 10 I guess with a couple of things thrown in in addition but for underwear I guess I have about 20 or so and a smaller number of trunks to keep my wife happy; well since she wears tiny thongs and gs partly for me but also because she likes them!


Some women I know scorn at the idea that I wear speedos and a female friend of my sister even announced it publicly at a ‘party’ she was having in her house. Care I? Not at all. My sister also asks when we return from holiday’ was he(me) still wearing those speedos?’


The Bottom Drawer: It is very rare to see a guy portrayed in something other than boxers, boxer briefs, or briefs in pretty much any mass media that isn’t making a joke of it. I’ve seen a few places that I do not believe the bikini was portrayed as a joke for the most part, but there are a lot more instance out there where the thong and bikini are portrayed negatively for guys. Of course it gets the laughs that they were going for. I agree it has to come down to what is ingrained in our culture, which makes it a harder road to change people’s minds.


Definitely not something we can solve overnight. Steve, I agree we should wear and share them proudly, but I’m with you and find it something that I cannot easily do in person. Hence why I blog about it instead. Yes Sam, getting the ladies to like guys to wear them would be a great thing, which is probably more in the court of the manufacturers and retailers to change up their advertising, which leads into the next question I have.


What changes would you like to see in men’s underwear advertising?


Underweardude: The changes depend on whether or not you mean mass market undie advertising, or specialty brand undie advertising.


Mass market: more types of pairs, etc.

Specialty: Perhaps marketed more like cigarettes, beer, food, and other stuff marketed to men. Show an attractive woman interested in a man holding/wearing your product, and men will buy it.


The Bottom Drawer: Both I guess would be good to cover. My mindset is more specialty, since that is my preference and would like to see them be mass marketed. I’m in agreement that a woman in ads would help the straight guy consider the underwear being advertised. Think it would help with the stigma that guys only wear the select few standard kinds that are mass marketed. A little off topic of men’s underwear, but related to advertising. I don’t know if any of you have seen some of the recent Victoria’s Secret catalogs, but they seemed like they were marketing more towards men. My wife commented on some of the shots being some thing for Playboy (The one she pointed out was a close up of a model’s butt in one of their cheekie panties). They had several full page photos of the models in more seductive poses. I don’t know if women are more open minded or can see themselves in those situation with their man or what. Probably not marketing that would work for men’s underwear.


Ron: For me it’s down to what happens on the catwalk. If designers and those who ‘police’ what the mass market wear were to suggest or start displaying skimpier underwear as the way ahead then their popularity would rise with exposure in the media. Famous faces modelling would also inspire a mindset change; if David Beckham or whoever wears skimpy underwear then their devotees would catch on and it would become fashionable. The fashion police keep telling us with a sneer that ‘budgie smugglers’ etc are wrong and for ridiculing so the proletariat out there follow suit. With the olympics rapidly approaching you can bet that in e diving pool the guys will be wearing relatively skimpy speedos and not  derogatory word will be said by commentators as the skimpy swimsuit is a tool of their trade. I still remember such sporting events of bygone days when men’s swimsuits were very brief to say the least. In the uk the joke underwear for men is the Y front brief which is usually associated with a much older generation but is the butt of jokes. It’s going to be long haul but we can be pioneers. If you can just get that confidence to strip off in the gym or wherever and reveal skimpy bikinis or thongs en it’s a start. I mean, there are so many web sites selling them that someone must be buying them and wearing them!
As regards Victoria’s Secret, I think our only uk store is at Heathrow airport in London however I’ve visited their stores in Houston and Lafayette while on business and found the sales girls extremely helpful. My wife certainly loves their thongs.