Addicted Collection


A little party, never killed nobody!

We must say we had tremendous fun creating this one!

We played with new technologies and fabrics to create the best standing out party outfits for all those of you who are not afraid to be in the spotlight!
ADDICTED; It’s EVERYTHING but shy and this collection reflects just that. 
We made bold choices in matter of colours and designs to please all your tastes: We went from the iconic black and white to silver and gold and from mesh fabric to metals, furs and many more…

It’s a collection to go out for a night to be remembered, shining like a star in the night sky!

Tarek del Moreno

Enrico Lauritano
Allen King
Ruslan Angelo
Hugo Daniel Silva

Madrid – Spain

Secret Collection is an advance of the first part of ADDICTED’s new 2020 swimwear collection. The second part will be released in March 2020.

We understand Secret Collection as being a concept related to a trip to Africa, where Carmen Monforte found inspiration in the tribal motifs and colours of the Sahara desert. The secrets of these cultures revealed the cultural richness of the tribes, their mystical beliefs and projected iconography, to present a collection where aesthetics and colour take the lead.

We introduce this collection where nothing is what it seems to be, with 3D motifs and the incorporation of a new technology, the Dick-Up, part of the plot line to this collection. Immensely powerful and sexual, Secret Collection will accompany our clients through a very hot summer full of secrets.

It’s Fetish Friday! The day when we share something out of your box or maybe something you already love! More guys are having fun with their underwear and gear. Why not have fun on the wild side of things?

Addicted has released their new AD Fetish line for Spring 2019. This is an overview of the entire line of what is out. It’s too big just for one post. We will break down more of the collection over the next few weeks. But we wanted to show you what is new for the AD Fetish line.

This campaign is called “Dare yourself.” It’s daring you to step out of your box and try something new. Or it could be daring you to expand the fetish interests you have already. This collection consists of mesh, jocks, harnesses, and rubber looking fabric. It’s a really cool collection. I especially like the rubber looking gear the best.

Addicted has it’s own fetish site at AD Fetish ( Go check out the entire collection and get something fun for yourself.

There are two things that UNB readers love. The first is a swim bikini and the second is camo. One brand that has combined them is Addicted. They created these super fun and amazing camo bikinis. As, I have said many times, swimwear should be a lot of fun.

The Camo swim bikinis are more of a string bikini than a regular. The waistband is about an inch and that’s all that covers you on the side. You will get maximum exposure in this brief. Perfect for those guys who aren’t ready for a thong but want to show off a bit more.

One thing that should be mentioned is the fabric. Their site says it’s a thin material that feels like a second skin. The 80% polyamide & 20% elastane will feel great against your skin. Don’t worry this pair won’t fall down because the waistband has a drawstring you can tie.

Pair: Addicted Camo Swim Bikini
Color: Green camo or Grey Camo
Fabric: 80% polyamide & 20% elastane
Sizes: X=Small – XXX-Large
Price: 42 Euros

Are you looking for some new sportswear? Addicted has released a new collection. If you love their underwear, you definitely need to check out the Sportswear line.  Here is what they said about the line.

Addicted is pleased to present its sportswear & casual wear collection for this Fall/Winter. It is, without doubt, something you will not forget! Addicted presents a collection designed to be and to feel sexy at any time, for no brand will offer you what Addicted designs for you in each of its collections. All our 2018-19 Fall/winter ADDICTED campaigns were directed by the renowned photographer Alex Salgues (France) who has managed to get the spicier & smarter side out of ADDICTED

It’s been a while since we brought you some great undies from Addicted. The new collection is out and it’s called La Maison. I know we have quite a few Addicted fans out there. Here is what they tell us about the new line:

We are pleased to present the new 2018-19 Fall/Winter ADDICTED Underwear Campaign. Named Le Maison, on this occasion Addicted is inspired by the teleseries from the 80s where elegance, drama and, above all, entertainment were assured.

All our 2017-18 Fall/winter ADDICTED campaigns were directed by the renowned photographer Alex Salgues (France) who has managed to get the spicier & smarter side of ADDICTED.

If you love this collection make sure you check it out!! You can find it at the Addicted Website.